Next in our exploration of all the neat gadgets you can find on Kickstarter in 2019, we’ve got three great pieces of kit. Whether you’re an astronomer, a green-fingered chef, or just in need of an extra limb, these gadgets are going to be the perfect addition to your life. Let’s whiz through the details, dig into the specs, and wrestle with the shipping dates for these fascinating inventions!

NANO1 is shooting for the stars

In 2016, astronomers could first get their hands on a TinyMOS Tiny1 camera, and this year it gets some serious upgrades. The NANO1 is readying to take astrophotography mainstream with shots of the Milky Way, auroras, constellations, planets, and other cool universe stuff all possible on a handheld device. Measuring at less than 2.5 inches long, and weighing in at about 3.5 ounces, plus a lens attachment, this camera is perfect for capturing the stars on the go. There’s a tripod for the camera, but even added together the total weight is a mere 8.8 ounces – a market leader in this respect.  

Tiny1 camera. Image credit: official website

The coolest thing about the NANO1 is that it will sync with a smartphone app and give you an augmented reality map of the sky so you can easily find your way through the cosmos and capture the exact piece of sky you want. Even for daytime shooting this can be handy, and it will work in the same way as any other camera or GoPro. We’ve all seen amazing videos of star trails, showing the progress of the stars through the night sky, and now you can create them yourself with the time-lapse function. The camera comes equipped with a dual-lens mount system, meaning you can switch up your lenses between M12 or the bigger C-mount lenses, as well as Cine and adapted SLR models. To perfect your shots further, there are patented algorithms that are designed to reduce image noise and give you amazing shots every time.

If you want to show off your astrophotography in real-time, the NANO1 will share your shots immediately on social media if you pair it with your Android or iOS phone. It comes in galactically themed black or silver and there’s a telescope adaptor that you can add to your package when you buy one. There’s other packages on offer through the Kickstarter campaign too, such as mounts and adaptors to make the camera compatible with Canon and Nikon lenses. Launched in December 2018, funding has hit over 180% of target and preorders are being taken at Tinimos.

OGarden Smart is Ready to Grow in Your Home

Most of us now live in cities, which aren’t exactly conducive to veggie patches and cultivating your own herb garden. And some of us are just plain useless at it, even when we try. Whatever your excuse has been until now, the OGarden Smart is ready to make your fingers green with their indoor gardening system that can grow up to 90 types of plants, 20 of which you can eat at the end. 

In the lower cabinet, there are 30 growing cups where the seeds germinate. After sprouting, they need moving to the next level which is a rotating wheel and takes up to 60 plants at a time. From seed to harvest takes around 30 to 40 days, depending on what you choose to grow. The whole thing waters itself and has LED lights on timers to make sure your plants get the right light no matter the season. All you have to do is plant up the seeds and top up the water tank each week.

OGarden Smart. Image credit: Kickstarter

If you want to move to a plant-based diet or ensure your food is all organic, this is going to save you a fair amount of cash in the long run. OGarden reckon you’ll save up to 80% on your veggie costs, lightening your grocery shopping bill a fair bit. Take kale for example: if you buy a bundle of the non-organic stuff you’ll pay on average $2.50, but grow it with OGarden and your costs are a paltry 45c. 

It took six minutes for the OGarden Smart to get fully funded on Kickstarter and you can still get your orders in for a pledge of CA$859, around US$645. For the price, you get the OGarden Smart in any color of your choosing, 30 seed pods, plus a few different seed packs. The Kickstarter campaign is giving backers a decent 41% discount off the standard retail price, keeping your vegetable costs nicely under control.  

Hexbot – Modular, Entry Level Robotic Arm

Do you like the factory production line aesthetic? The Hexbot is perfect for you – you get the look of an industrial machine that can fit snugly on to your desktop. The size of this gadget belies its usefulness; it’s ready to change your cubicle into an assembly line. 

The Hexbot’s design means it has interchangeable modules that are easy to swap and mean it can perform a whole host of cool and useful tasks. Some of its skills include drawing, writing, laser engraving, and 3D printing, among plenty of other functions. Whether you’re a hobbyist, designer, or just want to get creative with putting life into your ideas, this is an awesome piece of kit. Adding to the versatility, you can even use it for playing games like chess and checkers. This thing is seriously multi-talented.  

Hexbot. Image credit: Kickstarter

Hexbot has an amazing degree of precision and repeatability thanks to its patented decelerator design, and the noise from the motor is so minimal that you could easily take a snooze while you leave your robot running. It’s compatible with loads of different control methods that are intuitive and interactive, such as the kid-friendly Blockly. Making it super easy to interact with, there’s a 3.5-inch touchscreen so you don’t even need to get it matched up to your computer. 

The initial $50,000 funding goal was smashed out of the park and the campaign wrapped up on March 9 2018. Hexbot is now shipping to the lucky backers who got in there quick on Kickstarter, where there were a few different kits going, starting at $350. If you need to get your hands on this, you can still place orders on Indiegogo where there’s discounts from 22 – 47% available.

Wrapping up

We personally, absolutely loved all 3 of these products; they’re cool, innovative, and genuinely useful additions to your travel kit, kitchen, or workspace. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with the best and coolest gadgets featuring on Kickstarter, make sure you follow us to get the updated first!