The internet has disrupted a lot of industries, and how inventions and creations get from idea to shop shelf is one of the biggest revolutions to come from the web. Crowd-funding sites now let inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs pitch their projects online and get lots of small investments to get their project off the ground. Kickstarter and its ilk have become a mainstay of creative industries, with ingenious gadgets getting off the ground after starting out on the site. 

Here, we’re going to look at some of the coolest, most useful, and groundbreaking inventions that are currently featured on Kickstarter. Let’s kick off….

Woojer Edge Surrounds You with Sound

Gamers, movie geeks, music lovers; this one for you. The Woojer Edge gives you a fully immersive sound experience, allowing you to feel as well as listen to the audio. It beats your normal headphones hands down, giving you a progressive sensation that puts you right at the centre of the sounds you’re listening to. 

Woojer Edge. Image credit: Kickstarter

There’s a lightweight option in the form of the Strap Edge. It’s an 8.5-ounce oscillating frame, called an osci, that you strap to your body and pair via Bluetooth or a cable. Once it’s connected, you’re able to feel the bass, great for keeping time whilst working out for example. Gamers can go all out on this immersive experience with the Edge Vest. With six oscis embedded into a vest, it weighs 4.4lbs and is going to move your computer or VR gaming experience to new levels. Watch out for big explosions at high volume – respawns only happen in games, not when your Edge Vest propels you out the window. 

The Woojer Edge can strap around your hips, chest, or cross body and is great for amping up a workout, getting you vibe going as your stroll to the office, or putting you right in the middle of your gaming rig. Once you’re done with it, it just folds up neatly to put away in your bag. It’s the perfect gadget to submerge yourself in sound with hi-fi haptic feedback thrown in. 

Retail price on the Strap Edge will be $179, but you can get it for the Early Bird price of $99 and the Vest Edge comes in at $499 retail and early orders get it or $299.

LIFESABER is Your Newest Outdoor Companion

Going out into the wilderness and getting back to nature are great fun. As much as we don’t like to admit it, it can be full of risks too, so having a LIFESABER on hand could be the difference between life or death, or at least whether you’re going to be wandering aimlessly for hours.

The LIFESABER is battery for charging your cell phone and other custom gadgets that you can charge by cranking your arm or twirling it like it’s a jump rope. By twirling the LIFESABER for fifteen minutes you can get enough juice into the 2200 mAh battery to restart a dead phone battery, or have enough energy to check out your route on maps, find the nearest shelter, or make a phone call. 

As well as charging your phone with your physical motion, the LIFESABER has a bunch of cool attachments that could get your out of a bind when on a camping trip. There’s a UV water purifier add-on that can sterilize up to one liter of water with a germicidal light, after just three minutes of cranking. Another handy, snap-in gadget is a plasma fire starter, which is sold separately. To get sixteen ignitions you just need to crank your LIFESABER for three minutes and it will produce a 2,000F degree arc that will get a fire going no matter how windy or damp your situation may be. 

LIFESABER. Image credit: Kickstarter

For extra lighting, you also get a 31-lumen flashlight that you can keep charged as you’re walking, and there’s even a strobe to help you call for attention, even from above, or to deter an attacker. 40 minutes of strobe is possible from just three minutes of hand-cranking on the LIFESABER, and there’s a handy emergency siren built in too.   

This gadget is a game-changer, and potential life-saver for hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen, boaters, and anyone who spends time away from civilisation and wall sockets to keep things charged. Its initial Kickstarter target was $30,000 and it’s achieved pledges of $148,591, with the LIFESABER starting to ship in November 2020. The first round of the tool sold out at $49, but you can still pick up your LIFESABER including a mini USB charging cable and nylon carry bag for $79. For the full kit, including the plasma firestarter, water purifier, charging cable and carry bag you need to pay $126.

ChopBox Will Change the Way You Chop

The ChopBox is everything you never knew you needed in your kitchen. It’s a chopping board with a difference, combining five stand-alone gadgets into one nifty piece of kit that you’ll not be able to live without. It comes with an in-built UVC light which is a gamechanger in kitchen sanitisation. You can kill germs on your knives and chopping surfaces safely and effectively, without having to reach for a cleaning cloth each time. 

There are two cutting surfaces included, so you can avoid cross-contamination issues when working with meat and veggies in one dish. Added to that is a set of scales right on the board, on the left-hand side. No matter what measures your recipe calls for, the ChopBox obliges, with grams, ounces, pounds, and kilograms catered for and able to weigh up to 6.6 lbs at a time. A super long timer is another great feature. Instead of the standard 59 minutes you get from most kitchen timers, this one goes up to 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, perfect for slow cooker meals and cooking big joints of meat. 

ChopBox. Image credit: Kickstarter

Along with keeping your knives clean, you also get two different types of knife-sharpener in the ChopBox. You can pick your level of sharpness by using either the diamond-edge or ceramic stone. The design is well thought through too, with a groove around the perimeter of the board that stops juices from flowing onto your worktop or floor while you’re working. 

There’s fast charging, high capacity battery, storing up to 3,000 mAh and it’ll give you up to 30 days functionality with normal use. It’s also IPX7-rated, meaning it’s perfectly waterproof and you could even submerge it up to 3-feet without damage. The first production run is due on November 2019, after it raised a staggering $1,484,208 off a target of just $10,000. On Kickstarter you can get one for $99, as compared to the $199 standard retail price, and for priority shipping to land in early December, you can pay $159. 

Wrapping Up

There are tens of thousands of projects that have got off the ground thanks to them being featured on Kickstarter, even though some of them didn’t go on to be roaring successes. There aren’t a whole lot that actually end up being worth your money and patience, but these three gadgets we’ve featured are definitely worth a look.

They bring innovative ideas to solve long-standing issues or design problems, whether it’s getting the best out of your audio experience, staying safe whilst adventuring in the forest, or harmonising your kitchen tech into one piece of kit. As ever, you can follow us for our updates to learn about all the tech news and innovations!