Netflix is a goldmine of good content – be it drama, period thrillers, or action. Where the streaming giant really shines through is the sci-fi genre. Over the years, Netflix has amassed a mind-blowing collection of sci-fi tv shows and movies that are both well made and extremely enjoyable. 

The Netflix originals of recent times are focused on creating a quality slate of sci-fi shows while the streaming giant itself has brought iconic and classic sci-fi tv shows to bolster its catalog. Considering the sheer quality of its offerings, choosing the best sci-fi tv shows on Netflix is no easy task. That’s why we’ve taken up the mantle so that you can just get on with watching whenever you’re in the mood for some sci-fi tv shows.

Let’s check out the five best sci-fi tv shows on Netflix that you should keep on your wishlist.

  1. Stranger Things

Back when Netflix was slowly foraying into the streaming industry, it was riding high on House of Cards. Quality TV was limited to HBO, CBS, and NBC, but House of Cards brought Netflix into the prestigious TV club. Why are we talking about House of Cards here? What House of Cards did a few years ago for Netflix, Stranger Things is doing right now. Stranger Things is the poster boy of Netflix’s slate of bingeable content and it’s one of the most popular sci-fi shows in the world right now. 

Stranger Things is an attractive package of teenage thrills and sci-fi elements, driven by 80s nostalgia. It borrows elements from multiple pop culture sensations of the 80s but it never loses its own voice in all these influences. It’s both Stephen King in its treatment of creepy sci-fi tropes and Steven Spielberg in its E.T-like approach to teenage adventures. 

It takes time to flesh out the characters and they’re also given enough room to develop as the seasons progress. This makes us invest in their lives and the perfectly crafted monster is just the cherry on top. Netflix has marketed Stranger Things as the epitome of the popular and it shows. With the neon red accent, the eerily enjoyable background music, lovable cast, and a whole lot of fun, Stranger Things is one of the best Netflix originals that you have to check out. 

  1. The Twilight Zone 

From a modern-day sci-fi show, we move on to the classic that started it all. The Twilight Zone was a groundbreaking project that kickstarted the sci-fi genre as we know it today. Stranger Things has a habit of blurring the sci-fi boundaries with horror elements, but no one will ever be as daring as The Twilight Zone in its attempt to break away from traditional tropes and dip into new avenues. 

The show doesn’t limit itself to the tickles of sci-fi tropes. It dares to go beyond and connect humankind within the grand scheme of things. The Twilight Zone soars in the subversion of genres and exploration of overarching themes. 

The show features men in outrageous situations, trying to come up with extraordinary solutions. Sometimes thought-provoking, oftentimes bizarre, and always entertaining, The Twilight Zone pushed the limit of human imagination when its contemporaries were restrained by limitations of the age. 

Rod Sterling’s anthology series came out back in 1959 and it’s still equally relevant today thanks to its experimental approach. By moving away from the realistic settings, Sterling could exercise his freedom of exploring controversial things by bringing aliens and robots into play. Because of the anthology format, you can pick any one from the collection of 150+ episodes on Netflix and you’ll find something to keep you hooked until the end. 

  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Speaking of classic sci-fi tv shows on Netflix, you must watch at least one Star Trek series. Browsing through Netflix’s exhaustive catalog of sci-fi shows, you’ll come across multiple Star Trek titles such as Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and even the newest Star Trek: Discovery. 

Each show is a solid sci-fi entertainer in its own right – maybe except Enterprise – but we’ll go with Star Trek: The Next Generation and say sorry to The Original fans. 

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced a whole new generation to Enterprise and its journey. It’s longer than The Original, giving it more scope to develop the characters. TNG came out much later and improved on the story, depiction of moral ambiguities, and visual effects. The show takes time to build characters in the first two seasons and then becomes braver as the seasons go on. 

The stoic persona of Captain Jean-Luc Picard was aptly portrayed by Patrick Stewart and the clever use of special effects put it way ahead of its time. The nostalgia will hit you hard if you’ve seen it growing up but if you haven’t, there’s no better time to watch this iconic sci-fi show. 

  1. Black Mirror

Another anthology series, Black Mirror takes up the number two spot. While most shows we’re looking at a venture into sci-fi fantasy, Black Mirror revels in its pessimistic depiction of an impending dystopia. Each episode of Black Mirror stems from a close observation of the society that we live in, the human condition, and the invasive presence of technology. 

The show satirizes the now, makes fun of human shortcomings but, most importantly, it serves as a warning to the pervasive assimilation of technology into human existence. Created by Charlie Brooker, it breaks new ground with each episode. In fact, the very first episode, “The National Anthem”, is one of the best of the series and perfectly sets up the tone of the show. 

In a way, Black Mirror has emulated the impact that The Twilight Zone had in the 60s. The highly conceptual nature of the show isn’t just limited to behind the screen, it also aims to tap into the voyeuristic exercise of watching something on screen. “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is one such experimental episode that actively incorporated viewers in determining the outcome of the story.

The interactive format is going to be the future of media consumption, which is another trend of the future that the show has managed to imagine in the present. Black Mirror is a visionary sci-fi show. It’ll morally outrage you, make you think, make you face your deep-seated fears, and it’ll change your perspective of the world. 

  1. Dark

If you’re looking to binge-watch a sci-fi show on Netflix, you can’t get a better deal than Dark. At first glance, Dark can seem a bit similar to Stranger Things. Both the shows have teenagers as the focus, both of them deal with extraordinary events, and both of them are Netflix originals. That’s where the similarities end. 

Once you actually get on with the show, you’ll see how vastly different the content is. The time-bending narrative and the absurd connections of Dark make Predestination look like a walk in the park. Dark focuses on the nondescript town of Winden and its people who are cursed to live in a convoluted loop of time. The nuclear power plant holds secrets that transcend the regular human understanding of time, space, and dimensions. 

Stuck in this mega web of tragedy and endless suffering, some want to break the chain and a few want to master time itself. Dark gives a supernatural spin to biblical origins; the story of Adam and Eve and the creation of man itself. Don’t be intimidated by all the religious and philosophical connotations; Dark, at its heart, is an out and out sci-fi thriller that never loses its complexity or intriguing factors. 

It edges ahead of Black Mirror because the show is conceptualized as a grand narrative told in three parts and all three seasons are flawlessly structured. On the other hand, the anthology format of Black Mirror inevitably faces a dip in quality, especially in the most recent season.

Honorable Mentions

The sci-fi aficionado in you will be more than satisfied with these sci-fi titles. Since Netflix has quite a lot of good shows, we figured it’d be unfair to not suggest a few more deserving shows. If you’ve finished watching the top five sci-fi tv shows, you can venture into these. 

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is Netflix’s attempt to infuse some X-Men-like content into its library, and it’s a good attempt at that. The sci-fi show features a group of superpowered siblings overcoming their differences to unravel the mystery of their father’s death. 

As a show highlighting CGI action and special effects, The Umbrella Academy doesn’t give character development a miss. The second season dropped a few months ago and it outdid a stellar debut season. The Umbrella Academy has a good mix of young energy, superpowers, and dysfunctional relationships, boosted by an amazing background scor.

Love, Death & Robots

David Fincher’s second Netflix project after Mindhunter is an engrossing sci-fi animated series. As an anthology series, Love, Death & Robots explores uncharted territories. From cyberpunk to supernatural, from graphic violence to nudity, Love, Death & Robots doesn’t hold back. 

The show acts as a gateway to a fantasy-filled world that legitimizes the wildest imagination of man. The animation is groundbreaking and they empower Fincher to give voice to the darkest desires. Each episode tells a different story, set in a different style, but all of them feature love, death, and robots. 

Lost in Space 

Netflix’s remake of Irwin Allen’s classic Lost In Space is a visually stunning sci-fi drama that broadens its horizons in terms of themes and contemporary issues. The Robinson family is stuck on an alien planet and they need to survive both the unfavorable conditions and an unexpected enemy. 

Lost in Space not only focuses on a futuristic plot but also carefully explores the familial bonds and survival instincts. The show has its merits and is one of the most beautiful available today.

The Witcher

When Superman Henry Cavill himself steps up as the Geralt of Rivia,  you sit up and watch. The Witcher is the Netflix adaptation of the beloved fantasy series and it’s started off the right foot. It has a serious production value and jaw-dropping action sequences boosted by a reliable script.

However, the best part of the show is the Witcher himself. Cavill brings his brawny persona to the table and absolutely nails the character. The sci-fi show is projected as the next epic fantasy series, a place that’s been left vacant with the conclusion of Game of Thrones. Will Netflix be able to replicate the success of other medieval fantasy series is a question only time will tell, but so far, everything points in the right direction. 


As a genuine superhero show in this list, Daredevil deserves an honorable mention. Before its untimely cancellation, Daredevil was Netflix’s coolest sci-fi thriller by a long shot. Marvel, on the small screen, took a different approach than it does to movies and it’s visible in Daredevil. 

It’s gritty, it’s raw, and it’s totally entertaining. Blind lawyer Matt Murdock dons his vigilante persona at night as he patrols the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. As a show featuring a crime-fighting antihero, Daredevil doesn’t preach morality, neither does it try to be a flawless series. But in doing so, it becomes all the more enjoyable.