Looking for the latest and greatest gadgets to surprise your loved ones? We have your back! In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for all the tech junkies in your life!  From a night speaker to a mini projector — there is some sweet gear for all budgets; from $22 to $399. Read further and get your loved ones the gadgetry they actually want! 

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

This nice device serves both as a night light and a speaker. It offers an array of 6 color modes and an option to set color changes every few seconds or transform the brightness from a dull glow to a bright one. 

The device is 4.76 inches tall and 3.15 inches in diameter, which makes it suitable for most bedside tables. Besides being a lamp, it can also play music for up to 10 hours until it needs plugging in again. The sound is clear, with vocals and guitars remaining crisp even at high volumes. It can be easily programmed to automatically shut down in 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, or 100 minutes, which lets you enjoy a smooth sleep.

The gadget is compatible with most Bluetooth devices and for what it costs it’s a great gift for someone who loves warm light and relaxing music before going to bed. If that’s what you’re looking for, get the Night Light Bluetooth Speaker for a competitive price of $26.99. The best thing is you also get an 18-month, hassle-free warranty with friendly customer service.

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker. Image credit: Amazon

Anker USB-C Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly popular these days. Yet, not all phones support this feature at the moment. So, before you buy Anker as a gift for your friend make sure their phone is compatible with it. To give you some examples, Anker works with most of the latest smartphone models including iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/Note 8, and more. 

The manufacturer claims that the pad reduces charging time by up to 40 minutes compared to other chargers. If you’re a city slicker who values every minute — Anker is the way to go. On top of that, it has both USB-C and Quick Charge inputs, so if your friend needs a quick charge you can come to their rescue, too. 

Besides, it’s pretty lightweight and small, weighing only 3.84 ounces so it’ll nicely fit into any backpack or luggage. The thing that we love most of all is its anti-slip surface and soft protective edges that keep the phone from falling once it’s placed on the charging pad. Because who wants to have their expensive smartphone smash on the ground, right? Finally, there is no need to take the phone out of the case to charge it, as long as the cover is less than 0.19 inches thick. The only drawback is that there is no cooling fan, so you gotta be careful while charging your phone in the heat. 

All in all, the Anker USB-C Fast Wireless Charging Pad is a great device, both good looking and highly useful, and we think it’s totally worth the $42 you need to buy it.

Anker USB-C Fast Wireless Charging Pad. Image credit: Amazon

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Film Camera

Polaroid Originals Film Camera is reminiscent of the classic, square-shaped pics that we all remember from the 80s. With this camera, you’re able to capture a moment and basically hold it in your hand a few minutes later. It’s a great gift for someone who is fond of photography or simply loves the vintage vibe. 

The camera weighs only 14.4 ounces and it measures in at 6.8 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches. It uses 1 lithium battery which powers the device for 60 days until the next charge is needed. Also, there is a powerful flash and a self-timer function, useful if you need to take pics when no one is around.

If you decide to gift the Polaroid Originals to someone, also get them a pack of color film, and bear in mind that the Originals Camera is compatible with both i-Type film and 600 film. The camera costs $99.99 which puts it in the valuable, yet budget gift category.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Film Camera. Image credit: Amazon

DBPower Mini Projector

Do you know someone who wants a home theater? The DBPower Mini Projector is the perfect gift for movie lovers: it’s small, portable, and lightweight – it weighs less than 1lb. It’s a great tool for movie nights outdoors; simply connect the projector to your smartphone or tablet via a USB cable to project the video. It’s 10% brighter than the previous DBPower models and is equipped with upgraded LED technology, which makes the light softer for a better visual experience.

The projected distance is 4.9 – 16 feet and the screen resolution is between 32-176 inches, which gives you high-quality visuals for your viewing pleasure. On top of that, there is a remote control included in the package, so you can switch videos without leaving your comfy couch. Yet, keep in mind that the projector’s on-board loudspeaker is not enough for good audio, so you’ll have to connect an external sound system to get a full cinema-like experience.

What’s more, there is a dual-fan cooling system and a fan sound cut, so that you’re not disturbed with any unnecessary noises. Basically, a DBPower Mini Projector gives you a top home cinema feel for a reasonable price. Starting at $89.99 this device makes you feel like you’re at your local multiplex whilst in your living room, so why not gift it to someone and make them happier?

DBPower Mini Projector. Image credit: Amazon

Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset

The Quest VR Gaming Headset is the best gadget gift to enjoy a whole new level of gaming. There are no wires to distract you from the experience; all you have to do is install the manufacturer’s app on your mobile and enjoy a VR session from anywhere in the world. The headset can track your position in space, so there’s no restriction on movement. You can even play games from your smartphone or download them directly to the headset.

Another amazing thing about Quest is that the audio input feed is based on your position, meaning a teammate coming from behind is easy to detect – and you don’t even need to wear extra headphones. The sound is loud and immersive, providing you with a realistic experience.

The price point starts at $399 and for that you’d get an Oculus Quest Headset, 2 touch controllers, 15W power adapter, AA batteries, and a frame friendly spacer. Opt for either the 56 or 128gb edition and get it for your dad or any other man who likes playing something like Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series. They’ll love it!

Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset. Image credit: Amazon

Editor’s Choice 

We love all the electronics here,  but there’s definitely a clear winner! Meet the awesome Lifeprint 2×3 Photo and Video Printer, bringing your best moments from the digital to the physical world! 

Lifeprint 2×3 Photo and Video Printer

This device immediately pops into our minds when we think of the best new tech gifts on the market. Firstly, it’s adorable: that’s the main reason we love it. Secondly, it’s highly functional. Just imagine ⁠— printing any picture you loved from the internet or a video that you can watch with augmented reality technology. Lifeprint photos are also stickers that you can use to decorate your walls, photo albums, or your laptop.

Suitable for both iOS and Android, this tool is a nice gift for Christmas, to print heart-warming photos from the family celebrations and share them with relatives. Teens will especially enjoy the option to share real photos directly to each others’ Lifeprint printers around the world. Even better, they can make pictures come alive using the printer’s app!

The printer doesn’t use ink, instead they use a heat-based printing method on special Zink paper- the color is already in the paper and the printer simply activates it. It’s super easy to use and maintain and the price compared to the amount you’re going to use it is spot on. Get one for yourself and another for your loved one and share printed pictures in real-time even whilst apart!

Lifeprint 2×3 Photo and Video Printer. Image credit: Amazon

Wrapping Up

We love technology because it’s fun. That’s why we’re showcasing quirky and useable things like portable printers, projectors, and VR headsets rather than the old staples of mugs and novelty socks. We truly believe gadgets are here to make our lives better, so choose the ones you love most and gift them to the people you care about. In our blog we share the latest gadgetry, so follow our updates to find the necessary tech products easily! ‘Til the next time!