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We’ve already been in touch with you for 4 months and now it’s time to introduce ourselves and let you take a peek behind the scenes of 4promedia.

So, who’s writing all those awesome reviews? Where do we get all these gadgets from? Let us tell you our secrets.

The core idea of 4promedia is to keep a finger on the pulse of the tech business, gadgets, and innovations and share all the updates and tech news with you. 

We aspire to be the first site to share unbiased reviews and the hottest tech news from all around the world. 

What’s trending? What can we expect from Apple this year? How is tech going to change our lives? With all this in mind, we work closely with tech geeks and masterminds, and also get our hands on the best gadgets from the top companies to review. We aim to bring all innovations and tech news at one point! And this is the whole point 4promedia.

Our writers are the type of guys who live and breathe tech, attend top tech exhibitions and conferences around the world, monitor latest innovations, and put the best gadgets on the market through their paces.

So, here at 4promedia we basically start our day with testing some new gadgets, getting our hands dirty for you, all to find out its strengths and weaknesses. Isn’t it awesome? 

Because of this routine, our office is literally stacked to bursting with smartphones, monopods, segways, and even electric surfboards. Sadly, there is no ocean around 🙂

At this platform you’ll find:

  • Unbiased reviews of all kinds of gadgets, from smart home devices to robots
  • The latest news from the world’s top tech exhibitions
  • Insider information on the hottest topics
  • Prototypes of different gadgets

And lastly, meet our team! Alexander, the founder of 4prototypes (read his interview and expert opinion on Apple’s big event due this fall); Ihor, chief editor, Apple fan and tech geek; and Anna, who works on the gadgets’ reviews and puts a spotlight on the latest tech trends (read her review of Top 5 Electric Vehicles of 2019, The Best Fitness Trackers and Why You Actually Need One, and iPhone 11 Release Date, Price Rumours and Leaks).

Igor Fomenko
Igor is our Editor in Chief and he’s is a true tech geek. He’s got more than 8 years experience in copywriting, marketing, and strategic communications, and he’s always got his nose buried in the latest tech blog. He’s an avid attendee at some of the world’s largest technology exhibitions and turns into a kid at Christmas whenever he gets sent new gadgets to put to the test - no one else can get a look in. Until the rest of the team at 4promedia pry them out of his hands so we can actually get some work done! His enthusiasm for all things tech and innovative keeps the team motivated and hyped to bring you the best tech content on the market. In his blog posts he shares about what gets his electrons flowing, so follow him for updates!

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