4promedia is in a stage of strong growth. We influence the decisions and passions of tech enthusiasts and innovation-seekers. Each month we see over 100,000 unique visitors with a strong upwards trend. Over 80% of our current audience is UK-based, with the rest hailing primarily from the USA and Netherlands.

Our topic base is expanding. Gamers love our heartfelt reviews and TV fans appreciate our advice on what’s up next to binge. Our staple is the latest technology coming on to the markets, with gossip, previews, and reviews about trending gadgets.

The most popular content on the site relates to:

Hot news and
cool innovation.

Web and mobile app

Gadgets from home security
to the latest phones and
everything in between.

Kit for gamers like the latest
gadgets and add-ons.

Changes and trends
in cinema and streaming

Reports on industry events
and exhibitions.

As well as geeks, we’ve got a creative set of readers that love keeping on top of the latest gadgets and innovative products. We’re also gaming experts; our team has high levels of expertise and we present our own content on the floors of some of the biggest tech expos around the world. We’re here to offer you a collaboration. Come create content with us, we want to make things even more engaging for our readers. Be a partner with us and join in the journey.

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Pricing plans

Basic plan

$180per article
  • • One article, supplied by you and edited and proofed by our Editor-in-Chief.
  • • A single backlink to your website homepage with a “no follow” tag.
  • • Facebook promotion with a basic budget.
  • • The article featured on the landing page for two days.
  • • Promotion tag added to your featured article.

Pro plan

$400per article
  • • One article, written by our top content creator in any format.
  • • Facebook promotion of your article included in the budget.
  • • Link back to your website including a “do follow” tag to improve your SEO and without a promotion tag.
  • • Featured on the landing page for four days following publication.
  • • Cross-post the article across our social media channels.

Quarterly plan

Bespoke price
  • • We write three articles for you in your chosen format to publish monthly; interview, review, listicle, video review, etc.
  • • Links back to your website including a “do follow” tag, to improve your SEO.
  • • Facebook promotion of your content included in your personal pricing structure.
  • • Featured on the website’s landing page for four days following publication.
  • • Published as general content with a tag for promotion.
  • • Working with a personal business manager to develop premium content and marketing with access to extra partner channels.

Annual plan

Bespoke price
  • • We produce 12 articles under your instruction, with a choice of interviews, reviews, and video content published monthly.
  • * Unlimited relevant links back to your site from your content with “do follow” tags to improve.
  • • Paid promotion of your content on Facebook included within the price.
  • • Article sits on the landing page for four days following publication.
  • • Assigned a personal business manager to develop a premium marketing strategy across additional partner channels.
  • • Article or content piece is published without a promotion tag.

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What we’re not going to touch…

– Dangerous or illegal gadgets
– Business sectors that are against the law
– Topics that go beyond our editorial remit, depending on the source

Aside from that, we’re open to talk!
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