Alexander Rozhanskyi has been a fan of the technology industry for more than 13 years and has sold and repaired aviation equipment for over a decade.

Now, he owns a company that matches people with new gadgets that make their life easier. The 4prototypes website has been in operation since 2016 and offers its visitors the latest devices that help users to sleep better, keep on top of their calendar, and maintain a work-life balance. Besides that, there is also a regular overview of the latest technological innovations.

In this interview, Alex shares about his daily habits and what helps him to maintain a balance between work, rest, and play. On top of that, he talks about the role of gadgets in his daily life and why he’s remained an Apple fan for so many years.

Let’s take a closer look at the mastermind’s mindset.

A Work-Life Balance

Alex wakes at 7am on Monday and makes his plans for the whole week, making sure to fit in a visit to the gym 3 times a week. We asked him how he maintains a work-life balance whilst juggling multiple business projects at the same time.

I practice meditation two to three times per week, purposely tune into a positive day, make certain affirmations that cheer me up and give me the strength to do things.

When I was younger I wanted to do everything by myself; I saw an idea of perfection and I aspired to it. With time, I understood that I can’t do everything alone, it’s all about delegation and optimization. 

So, I moved a part of my aviation business to an outsourcing company. Now I am a mediator and handle the organizational process, sometimes I deal with repairs and other times with logistics.

I believe that everyone should do what they are capable of. For me, I am good at communicating and connecting. 

Lifestyle in a Big City

We asked Alex what a lifestyle as a concept means to him and what is his lifestyle in a big city like.

Lifestyle is when a person lives as efficiently and comfortably as possible. It’s kind of a pattern of you waking up, doing exercises, meditating, and doing lots of other stuff. Lifestyle is when you enjoy life.

I wake up early, while my wife likes to sleep in late. If she doesn’t get enough sleep the day is screwed (laughs). On top of that, I love active leisure and my wife loves to hang loose. So, when we go somewhere together we try to combine activities for both of us to enjoy them. This is a lifestyle.

If we are talking about expressing yourself, I think that a person’s style should have certain attributes. Everyone evaluates each other materialistically and you either consistently choose a life of simplicity or complexity.

For example, I like the Apple Watch 4 because it works longer, looks better, tracks my heart rate and is integrated with various apps for sports. Now, this watch has become a part of my style.

Gadgets in Daily Life

On average, we check our phones more than 50 times a day, and that’s without  even mentioning the other gadgets in our arsenal. Here, Alex shares about what devices he uses during the day and why there are interactive toys and robots among them.

There are lots of gadgets for kids and, sometimes I think that I fall back into my own childhood when I’m playing with my son. 

To Work

I have a MacBook that is always with me because I have to manage business processes all the time. I can work for one hour per day when I am on vacation and I need a computer to check on data. At the same time, I constantly need my phone, iPhone XS Max, where I watch lots of videos, read reviews, and interviews. It has a big screen and it’s convenient for checking emails and reading articles. We live in an era of massive consumption of information, so the larger the phone screen, the better. I also have an iPad but that’s mostly for the kids to watch Netflix.

I didn’t buy an iPad Pro because it’s huge and I don’t need the tools for graphic design. It’s for people who work in other fields; I like management and analytics better.

The laptop and phone are enough for work but an iPad is the best thing for downloading movies and watching them on planes. Especially when you want to watch a long-awaited season of the TV show that you never seem to have the time for. 

To Listen to Some Good Music

For headphones, I now use AirPods 2. They don’t have the charging stand for you to charge and continue listening to music, but at the same time, they are convenient to put into a small bag with your keys and all the other usual stuff. Before that, I’d use Monster Beats and some Chinese-made bluetooth headphones that were cheap and the quality was comparable to the price. 

Since I do a lot of sports, I also have Bang&Olufsen headphones that sound amazing. A few days ago I bought some new wireless headphones from Apple and Beats.

They are very heavy with the case and it’s not comfortable to use them compared to AirPods, which are light and inconspicuous. For me, the benefits of Bang&Olufsen are that they have a charging case, the incredible deep bass sound they produce, and the fact that they have their own app where you can control the volume, kinda their own equalizer. The AirPods don’t have all of that. Still, they are perfect for using in the car or during a hardcore workout. Also, for me the best speakers on the market are JBL, especially the smart-speakers.

To Watch Movies and Check Forecasts

I also have a Google Home in my apartment and my kids love asking it questions. It has a great function — it tells you the schedule in the morning so you won’t miss anything and it also lets you know the weather forecast. 

Other than that, I have Amazon Alexa but Google is better adapted for the Russian language. My kids love asking questions in Russian and Google can make some jokes or read fairy tales to them. For me, Siri is the most awful voice assistant and in general, this niche has a long way to go and will be developing for a long time into the future. 

I also have the latest generation of Smart TV. The LG is a good one but Philips has a great app and better screen quality. I have been at the exhibition in Hanover and they had a whole area dedicated to Philips models; there were special marquees where they invited people to test their equipment. 

To Ride at Home and to Film the Outdoors

The Girobords/scooters and mini, light Segways are really cool things for riding around the house with kids. Besides that, I like drones. A quadcopter is a cool toy but it is more for professionals working in the filming fields like video blogging. You should find a use for this toy if you want to buy it just for a bit of fun. Bear in mind that it might hit a tree, crossroad or lamppost. A drone needs someone to control it and create video content. Recently I bought the Aura drone, mostly for my son. You need to wear a glove and you control it with kinetics. 

To Go Back to Your Childhood

There is an interesting robot that is controlled by your smartphone and a cool robot that can mimic and is able to recognize faces, names, and its owners. 

The company that created Anki has an awesome track for cars. You can build the roads, buy the cars, and control them all with a smartphone. Every car is unique; some of them have weapons and some have super speed and you can play together with your friends. Lastly, there is a robot which I bought for my son, but it’s too complicated for him. It has a large vocabulary, can speak, joke around and talk non-stop like Spiderman — you have to talk a lot with him. But only in English!

Apple VS Other Brands

According to statistics, Apple sells 18% of smartphones globally and earns 87% of smartphone profits. But what’s their secret to winning customers’ hearts?

Apple wins with its ease of use and intuitiveness. Their gadgets are so simple that even kids understand how to use them.

I mostly use an iPhone and MacBook and always have headphones in my ears because I need my hands to be free. 

I am the kind of person that needs to understand how things work. There was a time a few years ago when I had a computer that operated on Windows 10 and the latest Samsung smartphone. I tried to catch up with the market and understand how to use different devices. I figured out that Samsung has a different and more difficult communication model with people than Apple. 

Besides, Apple has reliable hardware. The world has become faster and everything simplifies.Personally, I use gadgets to be more productive and to aid recovery. For instance, I have a folder full of apps for breathing and certain music. 

For me, the simpler the better. We have enough complicated things in this world. Apple understands and handles it better than other companies. So, I advise people who need gadgets that can be operated intuitively: buy an iPhone. Invest your energy into other things rather than into complicated devices.

What Apple is Missing 

Being a big fan of Apple devices, Alex shares what’s not there to fully satisfy him as a customer.

The biggest disadvantage for everyone is battery life. How can you create gadgets that discharge so fast? We need a recharger for the charger’s recharger (laughs).

On top of that, Apple had a great idea to launch a TV. It could be a TV with the cool Super AMOLED or Retina and all their applications. The Apple TV device isn’t the same.

Also, drones and robots are not Apple’s specialization. Every company should focus on developing their own field. Yet, Apple managed to create a cool gadget for the market of tablets and watches. There were the guys who launched a Kickstarter scheme with the first smartwatch ever, but it never succeeded; it simply wasn’t perfect enough as an Apple watch is.

Smart Glasses didn’t become popular on the market. The system of presenting the information was not thought out well — it was too close to the eyes. The human eye still can’t adapt to the number of gadgets out there. As an example, Google glasses were created in a way that you had to look up to the right. This could cause a lazy eye. 

Finally, the market might need something like chips getting embedded in the human body that can monitor health. For instance, Apple would be able to do them.

What to Expect From Apple this Fall

According to the Apple rumor mill, we can expect new hardware for Apple devices, subscription services, and exciting products to come. Here, Alex shares his own predictions about what might appear at the next Apple launch event.

I’ll never stop loving them, no matter what.

Personally, I expect an iPhone breakthrough. The bugs that iPhone X and XS have been unbearable. So, they might work on them. Other than that, iOS must update the camera, battery capacity, and the iPhone’s design improve. For instance, there are already phones with great cameras on the market like the Huawei P30 Pro. But Apple is a big company, and if they launch something new that isn’t successful, they will lose lots of money. 

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