Now that Amazon’s 2019 hardware event is all wrapped up, it’s time to bring you the most exciting launches that are coming your way. A total of 15 products were showcased by the tech giant, including new wireless headphones in the shape of Echo Buds, an Echo Studio speaker with Dolby Atmos, and Echo Frames which let you chat with Alexa through a built-in microphone.

Some of the news Amazon gave was minor updates and revisions: the Echo Dot is getting an integrated clock and the Alexa Smart Oven is getting convection bake and air fry options added to its microwave functions. Amazon did, however, pull some rabbits out of the bag with an Echo Loop smart ring, an affordable mesh Wi-Fi router called Eero, a pet tracker called Amazon Fetch, and a few other surprises. For some wildcard action, you can now get a twerking bear to pair with Alexa, and even your toilet is going smart with Amazon. 

Here are our favorites from the showcase of new tech, which should all be ready to go just in time for Black Friday.

The full range of Amazon devices. Image credit: Forbes

Get your hands on an Echo Loop

The titanium chassis of the Echo Loop fits around your finger and comes with haptic vibration when you get calls or messages. There are also two microphones inside for phone call capabilities. It’s exclusively available on an invite-only basis, for now, priced at $129.99 and after the initial period you’ll be able to pick it up for $179.99

The Echo Loop. Image credit: Forbes

Looking for some Echo Frames

These are not the child of Google Glass, although the concept is strikingly similar. There’s no display or camera, the big things that saw the Glass go nowhere. They do, however, have some well-hidden microphones to keep you chatting with Alexa without needing your phone in hand. Again, these are starting out as an invite-only piece of kit and are priced at $179.

Echo Frames. Image credit: Forbes

Listen out for Echo Buds

The rumors from some months ago have proven true, with these new truly wireless earphones. They’re packed with Bose Active Noise Reduction tech and give you hands-free Alexa access by just saying her name. You’ll be able to pick these up for $129.99.

Echo Buds. Image credit: Forbes

Cook up a storm with the Amazon Smart Oven

Last year Amazon gave us a microwave that Alexa could control, and this time around they’ve given us the Alexa Smart Oven. As well as standard, microwave fayre this kitchen kit can now do convection and air fry cooking. Scan the barcodes of your food and Alexa will even give you suggested cooking times. You can pre-order one here, for just $249.99.

Amazon Smart Oven. Image credit: Amazon

Going miniature with an Echo Flex

From today, you can pre-order the Echo Flex: the smallest of all the Echo devices. It’s mains powered and includes a microphone to interact with Alexa. The price comes in at $24.99 and an extra $14 gets you a nightlight and motion sensor attachment.

Amazon Echo Flex. Image credit: Forbes

The child pleasing Echo Glow

Bringing Echo technology direct to children, the Echo Glow is a cute and colorful lamp. It has a “campfire” mode, which surprisingly enough will make it look just like a campfire! There are other patterns available and you can pre-order now for $29.99.

Amazon Echo Glow. Image credit: Forbes

Watch out for the Echo Show

The latest smart display from Amazon is the Echo Show 8. As the name handily suggests, it comes with an eight-inch display and is a nice mid-sized piece of kit that fits between the Echo Show 5 and 10, giving another option in the range. Pre-orders have started and you can get yours for $129

Amazon Echo Show 8. Image credit: Forbes

Listen up, it’s the Echo Studio

The newest smart speaker from Amazon is the Echo Studio, with Dolby Atmos and 3D audio built-in. The company proudly boasts that it’s their “most innovative speaker”, being able to change its output based on the acoustics of the room its in. Pre-orders have started and you can get yours for $199.

Amazon Echo Studio. Image credit: Forbes

The Base Echo Speaker gets an upgrade

Neodymium drivers and new fabric design with more colors form the main upgraded features of the newest generation of the Amazon Echo speaker collection. Pre-orders have already started.

The New Echo Speaker. Image credit: Forbes

Make some new friends: celebrity voices come to Alexa

The man we all want to narrate our lives is coming to, well, narrate our lives. The king of cool Samuel L. Jackson is lending his voice, expletives and all, to the Amazon smart speakers. Jackson is the first in what will be a range of stars using Amazon’s “neural text-to-speech” to give you the full gamut of vocals, no matter the question you ask.

Security in the form of the Ring Indoor Camera

The Ring Indoor Camera is super small and can be powered by a wall outlet or battery, adding to your home security array. There’s a “home mode” activated by Alexa which will automatically stop any recordings.  By itself the Ring is $59.99, and for $199 you can get the retrofitting kit to integrate it into your existing security set up, including getting it to match up with your window sensors. 

Amazon Ring Indoor Camera. Image credit: Amazon

Perfect timing for the Echo Dot

The single most commonly asked question of the Echo Dot is “what time is it?”. To make things a little easier for users, the new Dot will now come with a clock face that’s integrated into the speaker surround. The older version of the Dot will remain on sale, but the up to date version retails at $59, you can get yours here

Echo Dot. Image credit: Forbes

Stay private with Home Mode

Now, you can already switch off microphones or cameras, depending on your current Amazon device, and to increase your privacy you’ll soon be able to go into “home mode”. This new setting will stop the device from recording any and all audio or video around it. 

You’re also going to be able to delete your voice recordings from Alexa with a simple voice command. “Alexa, delete everything I said today” will automatically purge all of the inputs from that day. 

Summing Up

As we’ve come to expect from Amazon, the press conference of their new kit was full of cute and affordable tech. There’s plenty of variety ready to spark imaginations of all ages and no doubt there’s something in the new line up that’s going to appeal to everyone. This has been our pick of the bunch, follow our updates to know more from the tech world. We bring all tech news and innovations at one point!