How Android apps get to the top of the library? Image credit: androidark.com

When you download any app, you automatically become a part of a chain reaction. No, this article isn’t about a regular conspiracy theory, though I want to show how developers get to the top of the Play market library.

Thanks to technological progress, we can see how irrelevant jobs disappear, but their place is occupied by other more fresh jobs. If you ignore the fact that technologies have been made by people, you can see a circle of life. Nothing disappears forever and it’s wonderful. 

Tech haters will say that technologies lead us to chaos; machines will rule the world. Probably, they are right, but only in some sci-fi books. What we can see now is that the digital sphere is the most in-demand sector in the world and new professions appear every year. 

For example: SMM managers appeared when marketing relocated to social media platforms. The market was in need of specialists who know social media algorithms and can manage sellings on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. Algorithms literally pushed people to study a new sphere and adapt to changes. That is how new services appear on a market, and how people get new, never seen before, positions. 

One such service appeared when developers understood that they need help with their apps — Android Installs. 

What is this cheap Android installs? 

Android installs is the indicator you don’t see in the Play Store but developers are dependent on. When you download an app and open it, it gives a plus one to the install rate of the app. Algorithms can see that and they start working. In easy words, algorithms roll your app up the list so you can jump over your competitors and users will see your app in the top list of Play Store.

“Cheap Android installs” is the number one search request among android app developers. Installs are a core part of the acquisition cycle. Cost per install (CPI) advertising is the most popular driver of mobile user acquisition, making tracking and quantifying install numbers essential.

Developers and apps do need Android installs!

Some might say that it’s not fair to buy cheap Android installs, but such a notion doesn’t fit in the marketing sphere. If it works, then it is fair. You see, spending a lot of hours developing an app is only half the success. If you’ve successfully uploaded your app to Play Store, you’re one of those lucky developers who’s approaching fame. 

Rather than loosen knots, you should probably tighten them up, because your app can become a dust catcher somewhere in the darkest places of the Play Store. Algorithms can determine your success, but they need some food to do that, and I am talking about installs. 

However cheap Android installs can become nails in your app’s coffin. You can’t just release your app, pay a sum of money, and get millions of installs. Of course, Google will see that something’s wrong and will remove your app and account off the Play Store. The way out is to wait some time and do it step-by-step, so algorithms won’t mistake your profile as suspicious.  

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be afraid of that, because all companies that provide such service will consult you on how to do it properly. The more responsible task is to find a company that delivers organic installs and not fake installs.

Organic installs are people who’ve found your app in a library, downloaded it, and successfully launched it. 

There are a lot of ways to achieve organic installs:

  • App store optimization (ASO)
  • Localizing an app
  • Find an Android install service

ASO is the thing that generates organic installs by increasing an app’s visibility in the store. That means you should write relevant tags, description and a title for your app. Don’t be afraid of this process, because there are a lot of guides in the internet on how to optimize your app as much as possible, or the more painless way is to buy some ASO tool and rely on it. 

Most used Google Play tags in the Puzzle Category. Image credit: appweak.com

Localizing an app means you need to launch it more globally. That will increase your audience and you’ll find more users abroad.

You can search “cheap Android installs” and Google will give you a ton of links to different companies. You’d probably be best reading feedback from other people to choose the right one. 

Wrapping up

When your app gets a high number of installs, it’s the success you were waiting so long for. There is a dark side to this moon. Money can buy a service that’ll increase the install number. What quality are these installs? Perhaps in a week, you’ll lose all your traffic because it was paid for. 

You need to know where the service gets its installs from and whether they’ve delivered the necessary user quality on behalf of the business.