Apple WWDC is a massive event to show off upcoming software and hardware transformation. It is some sort of induction for developers to demonstrate new features to which they should adapt their applications and programs, though consumers can glean what is coming too.

WWDC 2020 didn’t have an aim to demonstrate any hardware modifications, but we have prepared the most interesting software changes coming with to Apple’s lineup of devices.

iOS 14 is coming with a new software update

Apple has shown iOS 14 features for the first time. We will see the new software update later this year when the new devices will be revealed. The first eye-catching thing of the new iOS 14 is the old fellow widgets that you can arrange on your home screen as you wish. I remember when I’ve been trying to organize my desktop using widgets on Samsung Star 1. The telephone home screen looked rough but I was pleased. Apple will deliver a sense of nostalgia with this feature. Apple users will be able to adjust widgets through Widget Gallery.

First look iOS 14. Image credit: ixbt.com

In addition to the topic of the arrangement, with new iOS 14 you will be able to add App Library. It is a function that scans apps’ categories and puts them in the order.

Picture-in-picture is the other function you will get through the update. It is not a novelty but Apple polishes this feature, so in case you want to swipe a video away you can change the size of the PiP so it will not disturb your eye. The function will help you not to interrupt one process to open the other app.

Apple’s devices are, finally, chipset relatives

The family is unit! Image credit: keddr.com

Apple quits from the usage of Intel’s chips in their desktop devices and replaces them with Apple-designed silicon. IT is a meaningful change because the company now is not dedicated to the Intel’s progress, emphasizing on its own development. It is a time-consuming process, but Apple CEO Tim Cook said that in two years the full device lineup will use Apple chipset. The new Mac chipsets are aiming to boost performance and connect Mac line into the entire SoCs family.

Interesting Soft improvements

Apple Maps

iOS 14 will provide you with a big update to Apple Maps. You will get new cycling navigation with advanced options such as notifications of not cycle-friendly places.

If you are an e-car owner you will appreciate new signs showing where chargers are.

Unfortunately, from the very launch of iOS 14 this feature will be able in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. More places will come during updates.


Memoji will have a new update providing with more age options, face masks and new emotions.

NFC car key

NFC car key. Image credit: itc.ua

BMW 5 Series owners can test digital car key to unlock and start the car. You can register a key in your Apple Wallet, synchronize all the necessary data and start using it. But if you want to remove it, you can open the cloud and delete it. You can share the key with your relatives or trusted person, the only thing you have to create a unique driving profile for iPhone users so they can get permission.

Improved Apple Pencil

Scribble is a new feature aiming to convert things you write with the Apple Pencil in text fields (like, say, Safari’s search bar) to text. This function detects the information you write, like a phone number or address, then direct you to the correct app when it’s tapped.

Apple Scribble. Image credit: it-here.ru

AirPods will become smarter

Apple ecosystem is the best thing you can get purchasing Apple’s devices. A new upgrade of software will improve automatic switching between Apple devices.

The AirPod Pro will get the accelerometer which supposes to simulate directional surround sound using algorithms. This feature should provide a more immersive sound experience by making you feel like you’re inside of the audio mix.

Apple Watch will have the update too

Face Swappin is a new feature that allows you to change a watchface to your Apple Watch. Find a desirable watchface on a developer’s website and download it to set up.

After the update, your Apple Watch will be able to recognize and track several dance types. Machine learning will help you to track your sleep. And what is more interesting, Apple Watch will track the time you spend on handwashing. WatchOS7 is getting a feature for machine learning to switch on the mic so it can listen for the sound of splashing water to ensure you are washing hands.