You may not know it, but your smartphone is a professional gaming platform and you’re a gamer. In 2020, you don’t need to worry about the expensive hardware for PC setup because you’ve more options for how to get charge out of gaming without paying a pile of money. I’m talking not about consoles, but mobile gaming. Yes, mobile games today are more complex than they used to be ten years ago, and so are smartphones. 

Smartphones and games are like best friends who were studying in the same school and now joined the same university. Phones today have more complex hardware and software that have allowed mobile games to become more advanced and polished.That’s why it’s dull to leave them aside and not take them all into consideration. 

How to become a mobile-gamer? Easy – you need to have a smartphone, download the game you like, and enjoy. If you want to raise your experience level and show how passionate you are about Fortnite Mobile, you need to fill your setup with these accessories: controller, headphones, power bank, phone clips, and more.

Mobile controllers

While playing on your phone, you’ll notice that your hands don’t feel comfortable. Besides, phone’s ergonomics are kinda lame – fingers are too sweaty, misclick rate boosts to the sky – these are reasons to buy a mobile gamepad. There are a lot of controllers for mobile phones that will expand ergonomics and comfort.

Xbox One Bluetooth Controller

Image credit: amazon.in

The Xbox One Bluetooth controller is a perfect fit for almost any gaming platform. You can link it with a PC, Mac, gaming laptop, or Android device. This controller should be the first on your purchase list. That’s because of the authority of Microsoft, delivering the best user experience. All the buttons are situated naturally and comfortably, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time getting used to it. The design plays a huge role too, because it is the controller you WANT to play with. 

The Xbox One Bluetooth controller needs two AA batteries that’ll give 40 hours of usage.

8BITDO SN30 Pro 2

Image credit: aliradar.com

This retro controller is actually a modern controller that can serve many gaming platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, Windows, macOS, and Steam. It’s got everything you’re seeking in a Bluetooth controller. 

You can connect the controller to your phone via Bluetooth. A set of buttons has got a home and screenshot buttons. Despite its look, it feels wonderful to click those buttons and move the joysticks. If you’re looking for a small but well-packed controller, grab this one.

Razer Kishi

Image credit: amazon.com.au

This device works like additional hardware for your smartphone. The Razer Kishi transforms your mobile phone into a Nintendo Switch-shaped gadget. 

The controller fits almost any smartphone device. You should simply stretch and clamp it on your phone. This controller will give you a more stable connectivity because you connect it directly to the charging port of the device you have. 

However, this gadget will be less productive for people whose phone doesn’t have a Type-C port. When your phone has a low battery while you are playing, you can attach a charging cable to a controller and go on playing. If your smartphone has got Type-C port, this one is your perfect variant.

Razer Raiju Mobile Controller

Image credit: amazon.com

Razer Raiju Mobile Controller feels, looks, and plays as a premium device. When you touch it for the first time, you understand why it costs $120. Razer Raiju has got every feature a gamer wants in a controller. There are hair-trigger locks to shorten trigger travel and a mobile app where you can adjust the sensitivity for thumbsticks. You can play it both wirelessly and with a Type-C cable, and the lucky thing is that there’ll be no difference in connection. 

Additional mobile-gaming accessories

Emish mobile game triggers

This variant is for those who don’t want to dive into mobile gaming so seriously, but still want to boost the gaming experience. These triggers will increase your skill in PUBG, Fortnite, and CoD Mobile. You just stick them to the top of your phone and now you can shoot and move without annoying finger moves.


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Game controller finger sleeves that are sleeves for real. Sounds awkward, but in practice are very convenient to use. These finger sleeves can isolate hand sweat and screen contact, are non-slip, anti-drop, oil-proof, anti-fingerprint, can improve your game feel, and avoid misclicks.