Black Friday seems to have morphed itself into a whole week of online buying frenzy, and Amazon have just announced their Black Friday sale will run from Friday, November 22 through to November 29. Yup, they’re giving you a week-long run in before the official day the world goes bargain crazy. 

Before Black Friday lands, Amazon is testing the waters with their HoliDeals hub, a place filled with huge savings on stuff like TVs, Fire TV streaming kit, Echo branded smart speakers, and plenty more besides. There have also been some teasers for pre-Black Friday deals on their own tech like Fire tablets, Kindles, Ring and Blink smart devices, Fire TV sticks, and Echo speakers that will be going live during the big week of deals. 

Being avid bargain hunters and renowned tech lovers, we’ve scoured the deals that have been announced, so here’s our pick to drop into your basket as the sales-mania begins.

Amazon Echo Show 8: $99.99 Saving $30

Even before it gets its official release, Amazon are showcasing their Echo Show 8 with an opening discount. The new speaker is the bigger brother to the massively popular Echo Show 5, currently going for $80, so needs to sit somewhere like your kitchen where you can take advantage of the 8-inch screen for watching recipe videos for example. 

Amazon Echo Show 8. Image credit: Amazon

Second-generation Echo Show for $179.99 saving nearly 1/3

The second-gen Echo Show refined the design of the first model and offers better sound quality and a 10-inch HD screen. It combines the functionality of a smart speaker like the Echo Dot with a touchscreen you can use for video calls and controlling your smart home with a tap. We like the Echo Show 5 a little better, but at $150 for the full-sized Show, which is the lowest you can probably expect it to go, it’s certainly tempting. 

Second-generation Echo Show. Image credit: Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet: discounted $50

Coming in at the top end of the size range in Amazon’s tablet lineup is the Fire HD 10. The 2019 update saw it get a faster processor and the charger make the switch to USB-C. The standard price is $150, but they’re giving a huge 33% discount, down to $100 for Black Friday.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet. Image credit: Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite: $85 save $45

Comfortable reading is guaranteed with the thinnest and lightest Kindle Paperwhite on the market. You get the glare-free Paperwhite display with the signature 300 ppi, and storage space has been doubled from the last iteration. One charge of the battery will have you reading for weeks, rather than simply hours. The best e-reader from Kindle that you can get is knocked down to $85 from the standard $130 during the sale week.

Kindle Paperwhite. Image credit: Amazon

Echo Show 5 for $59.99: Discounted 33%

The standard price for the Echo Show 5 is already lower than it was on sale for on Prime Day, and now Black Friday is upon us. It combines a smart speaker with a 5.5-inch display and works great as a bedside buddy or as a kitchen helper for cooking along with your foodie videos or making video calls to ask mum for help. There’s going to be a further $10 knocked off this already bargain price if you can hold your fire until Thursday, November 28, going down to $50.

Echo Show 5. Image credit: Amazon

Third-generation Echo Dot for $29.99 Down 40%

Going back down to the price it sunk to on Prime Day, the Echo Dot without clock combines everything you want out of Amazon’s assistant, Alexa. At the normal retail price it’s a steal, so knocking it down to below $30 is an absolute bargain. You can use voice commands to control your smart home devices, search for things on the internet, check the weather, stream music from your collection or online, and plenty more besides. The compact size does compromise slightly on the sound quality, but it can connect to other speakers to compensate.

Echo Dot. Image credit: Amazon

Bonus: Gift Cards

Playing safe and opting for gift cards from Amazon this festive season? Get writing your list of who to buy for now and you can get a $15 credit when you buy at least $50 of gift cards. Just note, you can only get this offer if it’s the first time you’ve bought gift cards off Amazon.

Here’s a full list of Amazon’s branded products that are going into the Black Friday sales:

From November 22:

Fire HD 8 | $30 off – just $49.99

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition | $50 off – just $79.99

Fire 7 Tablet | $20 off – just $29.99

Fire 7 Kids Edition | $40 off – just $59.99

Fire HD 10 Tablet | $50 off – $99.99

Kindle Paperwhite | $45 off – just $84.99

Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Echo Show 5 bundle | $149.99 off – just $189.00

From November 24:

Fire TV Stick with 4K with Alexa Voice Remote | $25 off – just $24.99

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | $20 off – just $19.99

Fire TV Cube | $30 off – just $89.99

From November 27:

Blink XT2 3 Camera Kit | $65 off – just $184.99

Ring indoor cam 2 pack | $40 off, just $99.99

Amazon Smart Plug | $20 off – just $4.99 when purchased as a bundle with Echo Dot, Echo Dot with Clock, Echo, Echo Show 5, or Echo Studio

From November 28:

Echo Dot With Clock | $25 off – just $34.99

Echo Dot | $27.99 off – just $22.00

Echo Auto | $20 off – just $29.99

Echo (3rd gen) | $40 off – just $59.99

Echo Show 5 | $40 off – just $49.99

Echo Show | $80 off – just $149.99

Over at Amazon HQ, they’ve said that early holiday discounts will still be running up to November 21, and then Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will kick in. With a promise of “new deals all day, every day, throughout the holiday season”, this is a great time to get buying that tech you’ve been promising yourself for so long, whether you deserve a new Kindle or want to finally bring Alexa into your home through an Echo speaker. Make sure you follow us for more updates!