Live streaming has never been more important than now’ it is not just YouTubers that rely on it. Nowadays, teachers, gaming enthusiasts, personal trainers, and many more professionals depend on live streaming daily.

The common denominator for every aspiring streamer is the equipment they use. For most of them, that equipment is supported by a high-speed internet connection featuring reliable upload speeds. A laptop that can handle multiple tasks during the live stream is another must-have. 

If you’re looking for the best laptops for live streaming in 2020, then your search ends here. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – Best overall

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. Image credit: cnet.com

The Microsoft Surface 3 laptop can come with either the Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor. For this review, we’ll be looking at the i7 model, which features an Intel Core i7 10th generation processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. That’s more than enough to handle everything you need for a great streaming experience. 

There’s the 13.5-inch display with 2560 X 1440 resolution, which is truly marvelous. Furthermore, the battery can support up to 11.5 hours of video playback, which gives you the confidence to stream your content for a long time without any interruption. 

The bottom line is that the Microsoft Surface 3 packs enough hardware for an amazing streaming experience. The only real downside is the selling price, which is almost $1500. 

Dell G5 – Ideal for gamers

Dell G5. Image credit: pcworld.idg.com.au

The Dell G5 is a gaming laptop featuring an eight-generation Intel 6-Core i7 processor supported by a 126GB SSD, a 1TB HDD storage, and 16GB of RAM. On top of that, you have the 4GB graphics memory with its Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphic card. 

Its 15.6-inch display features a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is another plus. On the other hand, the Dell G5 weighs 6.2 pounds, making it one of the heaviest laptops on our list. The Dell G5 sells for $1,959.99, which is considered a budget price for a gaming laptop.

ASUS Chromebook C101PA-DS04 – Budget-friendly

ASUS Chromebook C101PA-DS04

The Asus Chromebook comes on the other side of the spectrum regarding cost. Even though it costs only $385.99, it can still deliver a great streaming experience. It runs on a Rockchip 2.0 GHz processor and has only 4GB of RAM. That’s still more than enough to run its ChromeOS and all the other apps you need to for smooth and comfortable streaming.

This ultra-lightweight laptop is much regarded for its super-bright, 360 degrees HD touchscreen display. 

LG Gram Series 17” Laptop – Excellent battery life

LG Gram Series 17”.

A few years ago, LG Gram laptops took the market by storm thanks to their lightweight design and great performance. The latest LG Gram version packs an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, a 512GB SSD, and a 16GB DDR4 RAM. Plus, you get a superb battery life that lasts 18 to 20 hours, which is quite impressive. 

All in all, the LG Gram is a thin, lightweight (2.95 pounds) laptop that’s loaded with enough hardware to support each app while you’re running a zillion tabs in your browser. Its $1,579.97 asking price is a bit of a downer, but it is within industry standards.

HP Pavilion X360

HP Pavilion X360. magzter.com

The HP premium flagship Pavilion laptop is the perfect combination of design, performance, and price. Its beating heart is an eighth-generation Intel Quad Core i5 processor, which can be clocked to up to 3.4 GHz. Buyers can choose from 8/12/16GB of RAM. You can also choose the size of the hard disk, starting from 128GB to 1TB SSD.

Even if you choose the most modest variations, that’s more than enough for your windows 10 to run super-smoothly, as well as the most commonly used streaming apps. The Pavilion X360 doubles as a tablet, which makes it unique. 

Apart from that, the X360 uses UHD graphics 620 and has a 15.6-inch display whose resolution is capped at 1336 x 768 pixels. Overall, the HP premium flagship Pavilion is a well-rounded computer that’s very portable, fast, and can help you make all of your streaming aspirations a reality. The $771.69 asking price doesn’t hit the pocket as heavy as other laptops on this list do. 

Buyers’ guide

We’ve listed a few great laptops for streaming, each worthy in its own right. If you’re not tech-savvy and on a limited budget, you might want to know what to choose that doesn’t make a hole in your pocket. 

Here’s our take on the separate hardware parts that matter most when choosing a laptop for live streaming. 


When it comes to video streaming, the processor’s speed matters most. If you have a slow processor, regardless of the internet speed, your video will buffer. For the best streaming experience, anything below i5 is not enough. If you can afford the i7 series, it is even better. 

Random access memory (RAM)

The second most important factor that contributes to excellent live video streaming is the RAM. RAM matters most when you’ve got multiple programs open and running simultaneously, which is common with streamers. To that end, anything below 8GB of RAM may negatively affect the entire streaming experience.


A HD camera is as important as the processor and the RAM. Don’t settle for anything less than high definition. 

Cooling system

The cooling system is something that can’t be ignored as it can make or break your streaming experience. If you don’t have a decent cooling system, your laptop can overheat, and the laptop will automatically shut down. Most live streamers use a laptop with two fans to keep the working temperature at bay. 

Battery life

Battery life is important if you plan to stream somewhere outdoors or someplace where there isn’t any access to electricity. The more battery life you have at your disposal, the better. 

Graphics card (GPU)

If you’re not gaming and live streaming it, you might get away with an integrated graphic card. However, most live streamers prefer to use a dedicated graphics card. 

Other than what we’ve gone through, it’s advisable to buy a laptop that can be upgraded. That way, you can add more RAM when needed, more storage, or replace your old graphics card with a better one. 

Bottom line

Consider the points we’ve discussed when you go hunting for your next laptop. They can help you choose the best possible laptop for live streaming, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Plus, you have a list of pretty solid laptops, ranging from very affordable to those on the higher end of the scale.