“How to kill an hour or more? What to do?” – maybe the most common questions that are unobtrusively floating in the air at the moment, like you can feel the growing pressure of an annoying song in your head that won’t go away and you can’t figure out. YouTube is actively replenishing its stock of educational videos, online schools and private teachers are sharing their materials with students for free. Our team is catching up with them, and we’re making our own contribution which is designed to impress you.

Ladies and gentlemen! We are honored to introduce to you, our top websites which will engage you for a couple of hours. The aim is to achieve, bewilderment, delight, a bit of irritation, and a wide smile that’ll compete for the honor to live upon your face!

Cat Bounce!

Image credit: imgur.com

When somebody asks you which is better, dogs or cats? Just send them a private message with this website that speaks on your behalf. Actually, I haven’t decided whether I personally feel annoyance or like the cat in Shrek 2. However, I am pretty sure I’m not the last person who’ll experience such mixed feelings.

This website will self destruct

Image credit: zdnet.com

The philosophy of this site is similar to the philosophy of existence from ancient Greek gods; it’s alive when you remember it. The core idea is not to beg for your attention and visits but to show you that it is the ideal diary. You can write whatever you want and it will accept it like your best friend and without any convictions. Be sure to spend some time there, perhaps you’ll find another useful function for it.


I have an assumption that this website is the practical task of some high-school IT student. I hope the student received their “A” for creativity. Just press the button and nothing else.  


A live show for airplanes, you can watch where thousands of planes are flying every day. It’s a global flight tracking service that shows you real-time information about airplanes and their routes.

Amazon Dating

To tell you the truth, I haven’t got enough courage to order a person. It looks like a dating website, but is it for real? Only the developers know that! 

Endless Horse

I reckon a description will be unnecessary. Okay, here’s a hint: *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound* *scrolling sound*

Staggering Beauty 

Image credit: freevector.com

Remember how I’ve mentioned that some websites could get irritating? Maybe that refers to this one, but at the same time, you’ll continue doing what it demands. (Warning: this website contains flashing lights and images) 


Image credit: serioslyfreshmedia.com

It’s definitely the best one from this list. The idea is to test your accuracy and attention; to challenge your geography knowledge and intuition. You are teleported to a random place on Earth and your task is to guess as accurately as possible where you are. Landscapes and small details will help you with this task.

Is it Christmas?

Is it Christmas? The answer is to be found on the website!

Try Pap

The site is charged for passive aggression and encouraging aura. If you don’t know which password can protect your TikTok account, you will find the help right there by clicking on the link. 

Little Alchemy2

Try yourself as a real alchemist. Everything you need is right there on the table, which is your instrument to make discoveries and be closer to the cognition of nature and the structure of the world. This game is wonderful to develop logic and irregular thinking.