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Blank walls? The best TVs to fill the emptiness on the wall.


Purchasing a new TV set stands somewhere between deciding which vacuum cleaner is better and what fantasy book to read about elves and dwarves. There are no definite criteria and even the process is not automated until the end, as compared to buying a new pair of jeans or another smartphone.

A new TV set is like a family member that doesn’t disturb you and you’re always happy to see it. To my mind, a TV is the last thing you buy because it shows constancy and stability. Knowing this, be sure you are making the right decision because unlike the new smartphone, it is too expensive (I will squeeze every drop out of the metaphor), to buy a new wall family member. We have several options for you, we hope they’ll help you.

TCL 4-Series 2019 Roku Smart TV

Image credit: cnet.com

As a budget TV, the TCL 4 Series 2019 Roku Smart TV is more than enough for a student to play their video games on their PS4. If you are not picky and you need a TV to fill the space a la feng shui, it is the perfect variant. Purchasing this device, you will get a decent picture quality but sacrifice brightness. Despite a good reflection, handling bright spaces or the sunny side of the room could be a real challenge for it. But, TCL 4 Series seems to choose the dark side because in a dark room it displays deep due to its native contrast scale.

It is like a snake eating itself; the lack of brightness means the HDR can’t deliver content with saturated colors and bright highlights. The model will please gamers with its response time and the almost absence of a blur trail. Unfortunately for the same gamers, there isn’t any support for FreeSync advanced gaming features.


  • Perfect for playing games, especially at night
  • It has everything you need in a budget smart TV


  • The brightness can’t be adjusted more

TCL 6 Series/R625 2019

Image credit: rtings.com

The older model, and the better one, the TCL 6 Series/R625 2019 impresses as much as a well-made vegan burger after the first bite. It’s a 4k TV for people with a low budget and the great quality of the picture is a bonus. This variant is even more suitable for gamers. The ability to provide deep blacks in a dark space has us chasing shadows again. Solid responsiveness will get rid of freezes during the game, but sometimes you can notice motion patterns. HDR does its job and shows great color performance; you can adjust SDR and make it very bright, it’s not OLED but it’s still worth mentioning.


  • Fast response time
  • Almost without delays
  • Excellent color rendering


  • The blurring of images can be noticeable during dynamic motions.

Hisense O8B OLED TV

Image credit: TechRadar.com

This is a packed device with the task of opening up premium OLED  technology to everybody, though the price still can bite your pocket at around £1,399 for the UK model. Hisense confidently occupies the position of the cheapest OLED TV, moving LG B8 to the lower bar. With a higher price comes better display resolution, faster responsiveness, and smoothness without any lag using the smart TV platform Vidaa U.

Plus, the OLED display brings you a comfortable feeling of sufficiency. A complete full-color performance and enhanced contrast is honest work of the OLED display. But, the picture feels uncomfortable and dip under the processor, which in turn affects motion and light responsiveness. These issues are not as noticeable as the accuracy and purity of color and digitalization on display.


  • The cheapest OLED TV
  • Makes honest work of color accuracy


  • Still costs a lot

LG C9 Series OLED TV

Image credit: rtings.com

It’s so interesting to check out this model because LG has become the company to punch through the market as lightning punches through clouds with its OLED displays. LG faced problems when nothing more could be added, moreover, the market is fulfilled with LG’s displays, and almost every corporation, except Samsung with its quantum technology, can show off a wonderful LG display. As a result, the main characteristic which somehow creates a notion of change is in the form of the new Alpha9 processor.

The LG C9 is a vivid example of quality images thanks to OLED display: brilliant color reproduction, excellent coal blacks, and outstanding contrast ratio. The great advantage is that it can produce colors as close to natural tones without sacrificing motion quality.

The Alpha9 processor influences the picture quality a lot, with a new AI algorithm that analyses a database with a ton of content examples to create a picture based on the type and quality of content.


  • OLED provides a high image quality
  • AI boost


  • Lack of brightness that you’d expect from OLED

Sony Bravia A9G OLED TV

Image credit: TechRadar.com

To my mind, this set is the ideal combination to connect; PS4 exclusives and the A9G OLED. It is like a puzzle that fills the empty space with a whole picture. Sony’s task is to gain the upscaling results with SD and HD images. The result looks enhanced, the picture is well polished, and the efficiency of the 4K is another contribution, plus this mixture accompanies the impressive color rendering and contrast ratio operation. The OLED screen is a great item to experience a high-level gaming process because video games can show all the advantages and disadvantages, features, and blank spaces.

Sony has managed to corner a big section of the audio and video sphere so it is not a surprise that the A9G has Sony’s Acoustic Surface+ Audio technology, excluding the usage of the panel and emitting audio out of rear-firing speakers. The lack of HDR10+ support leaves an unpleasant feeling in the background, but in general, the whole emphasis is put on HD/SDR and the HDR brightness scale does its best.

If you need to be impressed and you need to see the amazing crisp and color-rich HD/SDR images, then be sure to buy a TV priced the same as several used cars. The A9G is available to buy in several screen sizes 55-, 65-, and 77-inches, and the price is $2,800, $3,800, and $7000 respectively in the US.


  • It is Sony
  • Sophisticated 4K images


  • Wallet destroying price
  • No HDR10+ support
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