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CES 2020: AI is among us with Neon and a new era of service


Neon is like ‘Detroit Become the Human’ in real life, but it’s the virtual beta version. Don’t be afraid of it, it will not replace real humans, at least not in the near future. Here’s a company that makes people around the world talk and chatter about them. At the conference, they said that their product is ‘a computationally created virtual being’. Yeah, it does look like a real human, moreover, it can show emotions with the ability to behave like a human.

The company has created a virtual avatar also called Neon. What it is for? It is not a separate smart assistant, it is more like a real person that acts like the people around it, but with a small detail – Neon is virtual. As the company state – avatars are not AI assistants for asking the weather forecast or to play Despacito, that would be the wrong way to use them. They are a solution to create a self-teaching artificial being, which will become a new era of service. They could become the ideal bank consultants or just a friend. The machine learning process will be automated to the level of self-evolution.

However, how has Neon been able to achieve such results? Neon was trained on people’s interactions; it was “inspired by the rhythmic complexities of nature and extensively trained with how humans look, behave and interact”. Also, they used Neon proprietary technology called Core R3 which stands for ‘reality, realtime, and responsive’. And that is true; the avatar’s reaction is quick enough to impress us.

Image credit: Samsung / Neon

The modern world has got enough technologies to recreate a person’s appearance and behavior, but Neon is not the same. As the company mentioned, the R3 is based on privacy and trust, they secure data with “state-of-the-art protocols”. It means that the only person to have access to the Neon will be you, the owner of the avatar.

Neon cannot replace real people, but they can be one of us. They are unique and each avatar has its own personality. At the moment, the responsiveness is not as accurate as we would want. Rough actions and a robotic voice reminds us that they are too far from human beings. The beta-launch of Neon will be later this year. And we ought to stay in touch and spectate the results of the real tech boom.

Hennadii Kotov
Hennadii will proudly tell you that he’s a dreamer, floating in the ether, surrounded by ideas and the dreams of others. He connects with the idea of water; being part of a bigger ecosystem. Even as a kid, he immersed himself in the realms of others; growing up with video games and computers, knowing them to be cool even back then. Writing is cathartic, even meditative for Hennadii; a dip in the chaotic stream of innovation that flows forth from the world of tech. This virtual hippie is here to tell you about the latest gadgets over a cup of marshmallow filled chocolate.

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