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CES 2020 and the beginning of the foldable laptop


At CES 2019, Intel revealed to us project Athena, a cool name and an innovative program in computers designed for portable usage. What does it mean for you? I’ll explain in simple words. Imagine a laptop with godlike performance. When you are on the go, these laptops will provide you with excellent responsiveness. In addition, it seems they will be sleepless because it takes seconds for the laptop to wake from sleep, battle-ready from lid lift with fingerprint or face recognition. The battery life looks like it’s inexhaustible; the laptop can run at least nine hours in working conditions, and sixteen hours of local video playback.

This is the power of Athena. A new year for people and a starting point for developing trends. Intel, like the Mayor of the city solemnity, cuts the red ribbon thereby giving a green light for all other companies. During their conference at CES 2020, they demonstrated 25 unique devices based on project Athena, but it is not the only feature for you to wonder at.

HP Dragonfly Elite G2

The first model to impress you will be HP Dragonfly Elite G2, a premium class business laptop. As a super thin and very light computer, with 360 degrees hinge, it could become your support wherever you go. Moreover, it is the first model to be made of recycled ocean plastic.

This laptop comes in blue, which looks very meditative. HP Dragonfly Elite G2 is an updated version of the original model HP Dragonfly Elite with the 10th gen Intel Comet Lake-U Core i3, i5, and i7 options all being available for consumers. Plus, Intel is aiming to integrate vPro support for its Comet Lake series because of business relations to provide higher quality security support.

I like HP Dragon Elite G2 because it accompanies you with some kind of intimacy and privacy. A special option can blur the screen and it will be inaccessible to read for people around you. For example, when you are on the go, and you have a curious neighbor, you can switch on the blur and your files can hardly be read. The other reason to like this computer is a tracking tile which is inserted in the body of the computer. These special skills support you and your business and you can fully rely on it.

HP Dragonfly Elite G2. Image credit: zdnet.com

Lenovo X1 Fold

This model is unique and the only one of its kind. Lenovo X1 Fold is a combination of portable smartphone and powerful computer, as it is supported by project Athena so there is no question about the performance of this model. Also, the laptop will gain optional 5G capability.

The new trend of construction could create some sort of discomfort, but it is only when you first start using it. It is much better when you don’t need to jump between laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, the laptop looks very big and clumsy to use it as a smartphone, although it is very comfortable to switch between laptop and tablet. The appearance of the Lenovo X1 Fold could be deceptive, it looks like a rough notebook but truly it is very thin and light; it weighs less than 1 kilo and could be easily be hidden in your bag. The built-in stand will hold the desktop ultrabook securely, allowing you to connect an optional keyboard, the Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard. The device does not have a pre-order date yet, but the price has already been announced – $2499.

Lenovo X1 Fold. Image credit: whooptous.com

Wrapping up

The new trend in laptop design is only the beginning because Intel, in collaboration with Google, has shown us the great work of two companies. This means all the leading security, manageability, ease-of-use, and nearly 3 million applications in the Google Play Store will be available for users of the new project Athena devices. Furthermore, all these models will be optimized with 5G modules inserted. Such a brilliant move solves the problem of storage, as it gives fast access to files or to cloud storage. 

Hennadii Kotov
Hennadii will proudly tell you that he’s a dreamer, floating in the ether, surrounded by ideas and the dreams of others. He connects with the idea of water; being part of a bigger ecosystem. Even as a kid, he immersed himself in the realms of others; growing up with video games and computers, knowing them to be cool even back then. Writing is cathartic, even meditative for Hennadii; a dip in the chaotic stream of innovation that flows forth from the world of tech. This virtual hippie is here to tell you about the latest gadgets over a cup of marshmallow filled chocolate.

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