“You can’t wait for the inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” 

— Jack London



In the 18th century, business clubs were a shelter for old gentlemen who liked to debate their ideas. They were also a checkpoint for young, ambitious, and enthusiastic men to start their careers. By the way, clubs were not actually clubs at the very beginning. Their former name was “Coffee House”, and their number rapidly increased from 1670 to 1685 because they were a perfect environment to promote political ideas. 

The business club is a vivid 18th-century social phenomenon, and perhaps, the best thing to have happened in the UK during that period. Yes, the first iron bridge in the world is wonderful too, but business clubs stretched their hands out to young men with the aim of raising an honorable, educated, and respectable business community. 

The other name of business clubs was gentlemen’s clubs. Traditionally, they used to be a social shelter for British upper-class men who, on a permanent basement, suffered from their henpecking wives who had a plethora of spare time in their innocent existence. Men could give a free rein to their desires and gambling addiction, plus exercise their free will to drink a glass of whiskey with friends and more importantly  — to omit fulfillment of their marital duty.

Society has faced a lot of changes since the 18th century. Everything related to people should assimilate with these changes. Business clubs of the 21st century reached some kind of accord with social demands, though their concept stays stable — networking is a key point of their success. According to business clubs’ rules, any person can become an honorable member of the club.

For example, Young Business Club co-founder and Ukrainian businessman Andrew Ostapchuk, says that the current commerce climate is based on the connection between young entrepreneurs and experienced business bears and bulls. Andrew believes that his club is a place where any person is equal in their desire to become successful. Seniors distribute their knowledge to younger members. On the flip side, it’s also where the youngsters teach their elder how to implement modern trends in order to increase the value of their businesses.

We’ve asked seven YBC members from different countries: the UK, the US, and Ukraine, how it feels to be a part of the strong business collective; here are their insights.

7 People = 7 Reasons

Tools for Brokers company “provides a full set of tech solutions and services for MT4/5 to cover all the technical needs of any brokerage company”. Their offices are situated in five countries: Russia, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, China, and Thailand.

“London is love at first sight. The atmosphere here is very engaging, and you want to become a part of it. The only dilemma that I’ve faced after moving here is the lack of connections and networks. It is common  when you change your habitual lifestyle and the place where you live. London is a club capital, and the drive and energy here are very close to me. That’s why I started my search mission to find a club. The first community I found was a club for startups, for the most part. Participants there tried to find a way to raise the position of their companies. It was indeed very interesting,; I’ve received a lot of insight into how my employers feel, though they were too young for me. Lately, I’ve decided to leave that community.”

“When I saw YBC for the first time, I was skeptical because there was no English language at all. In London. No English. That sounded pretty strange. But soon, I saw that  it was the place I’d been looking for.Lots  of meetings, contrasting entertainment, and like-minded people: this is what you will find  in the club. I’ve been around for seven months, and I can confidently say that a club is a place where people motivate each other, provide different sorts of advice, and answers your questions. You can see how people work in other spheres and learn useful insights that can help you as a person and your business. Moreover, one piece of advice helped me to launch a new product for our company.”

“I became a member of YBC one year ago and I am still an active participant. I try to visit clubs at least one time per fortnight. The club offers a lot of meetings, but I usually attend the most relevant for me. The reason why I’ve decided to become a member of the club is very simple: you see, when you are alone in a business environment it’s a pretty tough challenge to build your business. When you’re spinning in a narrow sphere it is wonderful, but you can’t see what’s going on over the wall. YBC is a place where I expand my professional skills and people inspire me to move further. The business club provides you with new business solutions and possible potential for further decisions. I’ve met a lot of people I want to work side by side with and also be friends with them.”

“Solutions Plus is a company that provides other companies with custom software development. In easy words, my team helps other companies to create solutions that will help to put their businesses on the feet. Right now the company is developing an app which will help medical workers to diagnose early-stage cancer cases. Thousand of doctors in the UK are using the app we developed right now. “

“I don’t visit the club frequently. I prefer to stay in touch with some of the participants who share the same interests as I do. The main reason why I became a club member was my natural curiosity. I’m curious about people who like to create something for others in bigger scales than me. The club opened me up to the path to different insights from more experienced people. Networking is a piece of costless jewelry when clever advice from elder people are precious stones in it.”

Mihai Stipanov

Executive Vice President at JCI

“Basically, right now I am focusing on two main projects. The first one is a dashboard for traders where we provide our customers with alternative data in order to help them take basic decisions in the public markets. The second project is called Dreamsups. It’s an online accelerator. We are working in a remote format. We help founders who want to launch startups at an early stage. The idea of our program is to connect them with more than 30 mentors around the world they provide founders with a different kind of advice. Also, we give our customers access to our e-learning platform, so they can use all materials to launch their startups.”


“Sadly, I am not that involved in the club life because I haven’t got enough time. The lack of time resources is connected with my projects, where I take active participation in developing them. But you know, whenever I have free time I won’t miss a chance to visit one of the big meetings.”


“One friend of mine, who is a member of YBC London, insisted on me joining the club. My answer was yes, why not? I am always looking for bright-minded people. I can see that the club is full of unique characters who’ve worked hard for their business. They can teach me a lot. New connections feedback from the club. Every meeting, I get to know new people, to create connections with them.  This club is an opportunity for me to put some time in. Recently, I’ve had a talk with one of the members — Alexander. He’s leading four different projects right now, and it was interesting to hear how exactly he manages to do that. My core aim is to stop doing the operating work and lead the company, that is why I am grateful for that talk.”

Igor Goldenberg

“A business club is a must-have place for me. I try to get to almost every meeting, occasion, or event. When destiny gives me a chance to swallow as much positive information as possible, why would I miss it? The business club is a recharger for me. Club members give me the energy I’ve been in need of.”


“I was hesitant to attend the club but I’ve changed my decision after visiting the anniversary of YBC. I like to compare it with an old metaphor: it is easy to crack a stick, but when it is a bunch of sticks you should probably step aside. The business club is a bunch of sticks where every member is happy to oblige. YBC invites interesting speakers; you can partake in different entertainment and activities which are not only about business, but also about normal life. Going on a picnic together, gather for special occasions, or just to hang out in a bar. The business club provides me with people I can trust, I can rely on, and, most importantly, can be friends with. Every person, at least once in his life, has faced a situation when you can barely speak with a friend you used to spend all your time with when you were 20-years-old. This is because you are both have changed but in different ways. The business club is an environment where you find people with the same questions, concerns, and troubles. We are all equal here and our annual earnings don’t matter here because we share the same ideas and interests. I feel like I can rely on any person in the club.”

“I try to visit the club as frequently as is possible. I like how much space the business club gives me and my business. YBC 100 provides us with various kinds of events: business content, creative meetings, and access to networking. The business club is my outlet for relaxation. I feel like every time I visit the club, I can refill my vessel. I like to communicate with self-motivated, educated, and energetic people. They can help my business with an outside perspective but, what is more important, they can help my personal troubles.”

“I became a member of YBC 100 as soon as it had been founded. I wanted to watch the changes in my business. Stability in business doesn’t come alone, its best friends are regress, boredom, and constantly evolving competitors. People in the club inspire me not to give up and choose the right direction for me and my business. YBC 100 is a perfect environment for harmonic development and self-improvement. What’s more important — time is the most precious currency for an entrepreneur and it is necessary to spend it well and with the right people.”

“The business club is about circulating experience among its members. It’s helped me to evaluate and cover all my social activities. I am grateful for the people who are surfing the same wave as I do. People in the business club share their knowledge with you so you can implement it in your business or find a possible solution to how to solve the challenging question. Thanks to the business club, I’m pushing myself in three different business directions, which are all upping their game.”

Rayton is a company that distributes solar energy tools. We combine two types of business conduct – B2B and B2C. That means we provide both companies and customers with solar panels, inverters, and peripheral equipment. From my perspective, we want to transform other companies into receiving energy from the sun. Plus, we are developing new products for investments into solar energy such as crowdfunding – when a lot of investors can’t afford to purchase solar energy station on their own, they combine with other investors and divide the share from the general station.”

“I became a club member three or two and a half years ago, already. My friend recommended me to become a participant. There is always enough free space for the business club in my busy schedule. That is why I visit the club pretty often. I believe that nothing in our lives happens without purpose. YBC 100 helped me out when I could feel a ceiling in my habitual environment. The lack of perspectives was the most terrifying thing in this situation. I was seeking something new, a way to work better, trying to answer “how can I work more productively?” The club is a place of the force which keeps me evaluating and working. People in the club give me insights you won’t find on the internet. They share their valuable experience with others, and perhaps someone’s word can help you to put your business on feet.”