What you need to know about coronavirus

How to protect yourself from coronavirus and what is it? There are a ton of different articles gliding around the internet, awakening panic wherever they land. A lot of swindlers are selling their false, anti-coronavirus vaccines, and even that is less terrible than people who believe in this blatant lie. It’s a pile of panic-stricken news where everything is bad and we are all going to die. A real way out from this fear is to isolate yourself from scam rumors and news. Believe only trustworthy sources and check any information thoroughly. There is also a special coronavirus map where you can check the current situation about the virus.

Coronavirus map. Image credit: fox8live.com

Everybody should be acquainted with the basic information. First of all, coronavirus is not the worst or the most fatal virus. It is spreading very fast indeed and, as a result, a lot of media platforms are trying to speculate on the topic. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets from person to person, only in case of close contact. The virus has not got any specific symptoms; it’s just like the regular flu but with a high chance to harm your lungs badly. If you keep your hygiene up to scratch and wash your hands often, try to avoid crowded events and mass gatherings, you can probably save yourself from coronavirus.

Unfortunately, this is a piece of badly-timed advice for the tech world, just when different geek and tech events were becoming so popular.

Panic around coronavirus and the event cancellation trend

“FIRST BLOOD” — this phrase could be heard in the background when the world’s biggest phone show, MWC, got canceled. Was it necessary? Yes. Samsung had its fingers crossed before the event, maybe because of ideal timing or just good luck, who knows. Like a domino effect, one by one: Google decided to cancel their annual developer conference, GDC 2020 managed to postpone their event until summer 2020, PAX East 2020 faced a problem with mass visa denials due to the spreading coronavirus. I think we should be ready for more such news.

According to the Verge, six more cases of coronavirus have been detected in Santa Clara County, California and it won’t disappear without any effects. Companies based in this area — which include Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and San Jose — such as Google, Tesla, Apple, Netflix, and more, can feel a tense pressure like dark clouds gathering around them. That’s why they’ve all insisted their employees avoid mass gatherings and to work remotely when it’s possible. Technical support helps us to allow for such luxury recommendations, as we can use different apps to stay in touch with our colleagues and not have to leave our homes unnecessarily.

Amazon is staying firm on its recommendation to isolate its employees from working in the office after a Seattle-based Amazon employee tested positive this week for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

LinkedIn has ceased all non-essential business travel and migrated all job interviews onto a virtual platform. 

Google has insisted its North America-based employees are to work remotely. Of course, Google’s offices are not sealed and workers can visit the office if it is important to be personally present.

Reddit is a safe haven for real communication, but distantly

A Death Stranding plot seems not as strange as it could be at first sight. People will hide in shelters and communicate with each other through a “Chiral Network”, and a special courier, let’s make it the FedEx guy, will take orders and deliver them to the customers. Just joking; everything is not as bad as it could be. But, Italy is looking to be the first country that will go on lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus spread, the country’s prime minister said. 

The coronavirus zone is expanding very fast, and according to The Verge, there are more than 9,100 confirmed Italian cases, up from 5,883 on Saturday. More than 460 people are dead.

Reddit is a safe haven for real communication from a distance, where people can support each other and demonstrate real composure. AskReddit is one of the most famous threads on Reddit, where people ask awkward or interesting questions and Redditors can demonstrate their creativity, logic, or simple storytelling skill and gain upvotes to come out on top. Recently, I’ve seen questions from Italian citizens trying to keep in touch with Italian news and understand the current situation there.

“We are community”. Image credit: redditblog.com

Italian users say that the situation depends on the region, a person’s behavior, and even their personality. Life goes on as it was before, though they have special identification cards to show to police officers if they “get stopped while going from one commune to another” — an Italian Redditor says.

Wrapping up

Coronavirus is an external factor that’s knocking us out of our comfort zone. It is high time for us to focus on overcoming the challenge. World-leading companies are trying to implement remote working processes with the aim to stay just above water, to be allowed on the floating door with Rose, and not to lose their usual income.