Timing is key when it comes to dropping a good meme, you need to have an ear to the ground and a handle on your delivery with a great sense of humor. 

Most of the time it is as simple as knowing your memes and how to source them quickly, via a quick google and a convenient share. But, as this Wired article suggests, the best memes are often those that are edited to fit the moment perfectly. Be it a few words tweaked or an entirely new composition. True some can be painfully awkward at the moment but they are also generally the funniest and who knows perhaps you’ll even go viral?

Once you feel inspired to create some memes, you have to know that they are actually really easy to build. There is not much of the artistic skills needed but only your idea and a good timing, of course. 

Either you’re on your computer or your phone, here is a list of some handy apps and tools that will help you start with meme-building. 

Easy graphic edits: Canva

There are a lot of customisation options in Canva, though it is very easy to use it.
There are a lot of customisation options in Canva, though it is very easy to use it. Image credit: wired.com

Canva offers a wealth of useful graphic design tools for everyone from Whether you are a total beginner or an industry professional, Canva has plenty to offer. It is chock full of useful tools for convenient graphic designs. You may not know that it also features a built-in Meme Generator. You have to register for a free account if you want to save and export your design but if you’re just checking the functionality – click Create a New Meme and you’re up and running.

You can easily adapt a pre-existing meme under the Templates tab. Or, you can upload an image of your own to get creative with and start something brand new. Once you have an image as a starting point you just use the Text tool to drop some words on top of your selected picture: Canva gives you a bunch of different options when it comes to text font, effects, color, and size. This is basically one of the best options around for taking full control over how your meme looks. You can get Canva both on Android and iOS.

Easy generation and sharing: Imgur

Imgur sticks to the basics but does them well.
Imgur sticks to the basics but does them well. Image credit: wired.com

Imgur is a highly popular image-sharing platform. Although people share personal pictures and photos a lot o the content and commented content responses are in meme-form. Imgur is likely responsible for the origins of many of the staple memes we know and love to share. Unsurprisingly Imgur has its own integrated meme maker to keep life for the community simple. You just open up the Meme Generator and once again you can choose between uploading an image of your own or click the Select a default meme to browse the extensive library. It has a handy search bar function to help narrow it down as Imgur has hundreds of the best meme images in history.

Once you’re done with that, now it’s just about clicking on the text and editing it to make your meme. Imgur has fewer formatting options than some of the more creative graphic sites and apps but you have some basic controls. They allow you to resize items or drag and position things on top of the underlying image pretty freely. What it lacks in options is more than made up for by the fact that you can share your created content immediately on the platform with millions of active users who will then up or downvote your content. You could feasibly wake up to find your latest meme has gone viral. You can use it on the web and on Android and iOS.

Ideal meme interface: Imgflip

Imgflip with free templates.
Imgflip with free templates. Image creddit: wired.com

If you want something very quick and easy to use then Imgflip also offers a Meme Generator as part of its sharing platform. It is far from polished but more than adequate for knocking something up in a hurry before the moment has passed. If you want to see some of the memes that are currently trending online to get some inspiration, you may want to opt for this option, as you don’t need to sign up for an account to create a meme.

You have plenty of options when it comes to building your meme. The size and color of your text for one. There are stickers you can add on top of your creation and a few extra features such as the ability to scribble directly onto it with a handy drawing tool. So it gives you a lot of options for something truly original.  There is a mobile app, but only for Android.

Step by step coaching: Livememe

Easy to make a meme with Livememe
Easy to make a meme with Livememe.

If you aren’t super artistic or particularly technically-minded then Livememe could well be more your style. It provides easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions you aren’t left to your own devices like some graphic designing apps. You literally can’t mess it up.

Upon loading, you can choose from some of its currently popular memes. It will then assist you in altering the text. You can search through previously trending images or upload your own instead.

The formatting is pretty nominal with this one to help keep it user-friendly the text is one size fits all, so to speak. You just type your above image text and then below image text where indicated and you are good to go. The software adjusts the font size depending on the number of words used and the space limitations for you. If you need to generate a meme as quickly as possible, this is definitely something you may want to check out.

Creative freedom: Photoshop

Photoshop is the best free-hand meme generator.
Photoshop is the best free-hand meme generator.

If you are artistically inclined or already paying for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription then Photoshop is a great piece of software for creating your own memes. Although running out to purchase it just for meme generation is probably overkill and not to mention pricey! It is a comprehensive art and graphics design suite with updating cloud library access. If you are only looking to get a few thumbs up or give a friend a laugh then you won’t benefit from its advanced features and a subscription is probably not worth considering.

Once you have your meme image open, click the T text tool in the toolbox window, then click anywhere on the picture to start typing—use the handy options that appear at the top to set the text size, color, and so on. If you want to add an outline to the text, select Layer, Layer Style, and Stroke, and make sure the Position is set to Outside the text.

Great Photoshop alternative: Spark

Spark template
Spark template. Image credit: wired.com

If your artistic pursuits venture a little further than tweaking a funny meme but you don’t have the cash for Photoshop, then the folks at Adobe also offer Spark as an easy-to-use image editor. It functions in the browser so you don’t have to get any software and it is also available on both Android and iOS

It requires account creation to be able to use the software but with an email address registration, you get quite a few handy features to benefit from.

Spark’s Text and Photos tabs are probably what you will utilize for strict meme creation. You can switch between each to put your idea together. But under the Templates tab are many images in the library that include some iconic existing memes that you can adapt very easily.