Although many of us casual readers are happy enough to just use a multipurpose tablet or smartphone in a pinch, a true reading fan can’t beat a dedicated e-reading device like the Kindle. They bring the added advantage of preventing you from getting stuck surfing the web or doom-scrolling social media. Great if you are a procrastinator who has something academic to get through for Uni. If you are strictly reading then an e-reader trumps the rest. It provides an easy access virtual library and non-complex functionality.

Although several competitive models are fair to say that most of us agree Amazon is at the top of the list. Having pioneered the niche field the giant has dominated it from day one with its Kindle lineup. With limited functions, it should come as no surprise that the range of models is concise. There are just 3 current and up-to-date models to choose from but each provides something slightly different. They also each have their benefits as well as shortcomings.

In this write up we have listed the details of the current models available and some of the best deals you can get your hands on to make sure bookworms are breaking the bank feeding their habit.

Granted the deals are subject to changes and aren’t always available when you want them but we have kept it current and what we have to say should help you to be able to spot a good Kindle deal in the future.

Before we get started; Taylor Lyles (TayNixster) had a recommendation in an article for The Verge that is worth repeating. “Thankfully, there’s often a promotion going on, which will almost certainly be the case when Amazon Prime Day arrives on June 21st. Until then, these are the best Kindle deals available.”


10th Gen Kindle

At present the 10th Gen model is Amazon’s most affordably priced e-reader, typically retailing just below the hundred dollar mark. Granted it is an older model first released in 2019 that sports the same 167ppi resolution as its predecessors but it has a few little upgrades that make it a commendable option if cash is tight. The base model has 8GB of storage and is available with or without ad support. There is a handy front-facing light and the contrast is much improved when compared with models that came before it. 

A 10th-gen Kindle with lock screen ads will cost you $90 or you can for out an extra twenty to get rid of the advertisements at $110. Both ad-locked and ad-free Kindle models come with three months of Kindle Unlimited to enjoy for no additional fee.


If you really want to make the most of it you could opt for Amazon’s Kindle Essentials Bundle for a further $10 (* because it is currently discounted by $15) that will give you access to some accessories including your choice of one of three available printed covers as well as a power adapter for just $110.

10th Gen edition Kindle (2019)

Why we like it: It’s an affordable e-reader with better contrast and a handy front display light to boot.

Price at time of publishing: From $90



Kids Edition Kindle
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If you are shopping for a younger user then you may want a little extra control as a parent over what they can read. In addition to upgrading their base model Kindle in 2019 and revamping the Oasis models, Amazon announced a Kindle Kids Edition Bundle. The bundle provides age-appropriate content and doesn’t cost a lot more than the starter model highlighted above, retailing at $110 which is $20 more than the 2019 base Kindle but the same price as the companies current essentials bundle price tag.

You actually get a fair bit more than just peace of mind with the Kindle Kids Edition. Aside from the device itself, you get a case and a two-year extended replacement guarantee that is practically invaluable given that kids are prone to accidents. They also offer another big selling point in the form of a one-year subscription to Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited service. This service essentially ensures that the parents have to grant permission of access to the child’s library so you can keep a tab on what they are reading. They can choose from a huge library of child-friendly books like Percy Jackson and The Hobbit with no hidden costs on top of the initial $110 outlay.

The Kindle Kids Edition Essentials Bundle is not priced too much higher ($128). With that, you get everything we have already covered alongside a  screen protector and power adapter.

2019 Kindle Kids Edition

Why we like it: The complimentary one-year membership to FreeTime Unlimited makes it well worth the extra cash and the guarantee is essential with younger users.

Price at time of publishing: From $110



Fourth Gen Kindle Paperwhite
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Released back in 2018 the Kindle Paperwhite starts at $130 but provides a lot more options in terms of storage configurations if your budget allows. You can choose between an 8GB Wi-Fi model and a 32GB Wi-Fi model which is also available without lock-screen ads for the right price.


The biggest selling point of the Paperwhite model is its six-inch, pin-sharp backlit display. Arguably much better than the base model provides for less lethargy if you like to read for hours on end. It also offers a few extras over the flagship Oasis model with its water-resistant material properties and modern Audible audiobook support, making it an appealing option for many.

Although there are no specific deals at the moment for this model it is worth a mention for its storage and cost balance. The 8GB model with ad support sells for $130 or you can pick up the ad-free edition for $150. The 32GB Paperwhite retails for $160 with ads and $180 without. 

That said, Amazon is currently offering the same three months of Kindle Unlimited deal as they are promoting with the base model for no additional fees.

The Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle has also seen a recent discount. So you can scoop up an 8GB e-reader bundle for $170 or a 32GB version for $200. The deal gives you a cover and power adaptor. There are some cool covers to choose from and any Hunger Games fans will be smitten with the Mockingjay-emblazoned one. There are presently two ad-supported configurations and colors to choose from; The 8GB version priced at $160 and the 32GB version for $190. Either deal could save you $20.

8GB, Ad-Supported Kindle Paperwhite

Why we like it: It is a durable water-resistant e-reader, with a better display and improved battery life available with much larger storage options.

Price at time of publishing: From $130



Third Gen Kindle Oasis
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Last on our list and the most expensive of the bunch is the 3rd gen Kindle Oasis. A brilliantly upgraded flagship model that is available in 2 different storage configurations. You can once again purchase it with or without lock-screen ads. The model starts at $250 and you can either have an 8GB or 32GB variant depending on your budget and needs.

It has a deceptively similar design to its previous-gen model and indeed sports many of the same features but it benefits from a yellow-toned display. The yellow tonality makes reading in low-light much less tasking and is the ideal option for a diehard reader. Like its predecessor, it is waterproof and features the same seven-inch, 300ppi E Ink display. Like the Paperwhite you can use the Audible audiobooks app which works via Bluetooth.

Though on the pricier side you can get a good deal if you keep your eyes open because the price tends to fluctuate a lot. The 32GB Kindle Oasis has been known to drop as low as $200.

Unfortunately at the time of publishing this, there are no current additional deals or discounts on the device itself but you do get Amazon’s complimentary three months of Kindle Unlimited free with configuration purchased.

For the time being the 8GB, ad-supported Oasis is $250 or  $270 with the ads removed. The 32GB version is only slightly higher at $280 with lock-screen ads or $300 without which is pretty good value for money.

Again you can buy the Oasis with Amazon’s Essentials Bundle. It is currently on offer with a $30 discount. This means you could choose an 8GB ad-supported Oasis for $280 with a durable, lux leather cover and a power adapter or the 32GB configuration for $310 (Just $10 extra). Both again come with three months of Kindle Unlimited.


Why we like it: It is Amazon’s flagship model and can’t be faulted. The yellow-tone high-quality display gives it wider application of use, it is durable and water-resistant and you have storage options to play with.

Price at time of publishing: From $280

(currently 13% off)