Over at DC FanDome, the day has been filled with joy and amazement. We’ve had some amazing new footage from The Batman, The Justice League Snyder Cut, and Wonder Woman 1984. After a great launch, you can expect the second half to come on September 12. 

With online panels, cosplay, fan submissions of art and comics, and kids’ events, FanDome was made with the fans in mind. As a DC devotee, you can get excited about the new comic books coming down the line too, according to Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and Sean Keane for cnet.

What is FanDome?

Think of it like DC’s answer to ComicCon, so you’re going to notice the lack of Avengers here. DC characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are all part of the DC universe, so if you’re a fan of them, this one was for you. In the event of August 22, everything from across DC was covered, including comic books, TV shows, games, and movies. What you’ll get during September 12’s event is likely to be very similar.

In sadder news, there were reports before the convention of mass redundancies within DC. One in three editorial staff have been laid off, says the Hollywood Reporter, along with team members from DC Universe, the streaming service, and over at its parent company Warner Bros, attention has been moved to the launch of HBO Max.

Get your brain excited with new on streaming, superheroes, memes, and video games.

Best Bits

Here’s what we thought were the best bits of the August 22 event. 

The Batman

We’ve learned loads more about The Batman from director Matt Reeves. We’ve also had an intriguing trailer even though there’s only about a third of the film in the can at the moment. Stars of the movie are Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz playing Catwoman.  

We won’t be watching it in the cinemas until October 1, 2021, yet there’s already a spinoff TV series covering the Gotham police department with Reeves taking on production duties.

Wonder Woman: 1984

The sequel to Wonder Woman has a cast including Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, with Patty Jenkins in the director’s chair, all of whom were at FanDome to chat about the movie and show off the trailer. 

Catch it in cinemas from October 2. 

Justice League: The Snyder Cut

DC’s Justice League movie landed in 2017, but the original director Zack Snyder bowed out of the editing process when he lost his daughter. There was disappointment among fans when Joss Whedon took over, and many are desperate to see what Snyder would have done if he’d retained full control. 

Placating these requests is The Snyder Cut, which will be on HBO Max soon. DC FanDome got a teaser trailer for the movie, which will be shown in four one-hour long sittings. Expect it on your screens in 2021 sometime, with Snyder promising they’d find a way to get a global release on it, too. 

Gotham Knights

Batman: Arkham Origins’ developer revealed its next game – Gotham Knights. It’s a co-op adventure featuring Robin Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood working to protect Gotham after Batman apparently dies. There’s a gang of villains called the Court of Owls to contend with, along with familiar rogues from the Dark Knight canon. 

It’s not the same universe as the previous Arkham games, and you can get your hands on it next year.

The Flash

Image credit: dccomics.com

During a panel, Barry Allen showed off his new costume – one that was designed by Batman. Andy Muschietti and Christina Hodson, director and screenwriter respectively, also told us that we’ll see the fast one move through time to make adjustments to the DC multiverse. Expect to be watching it around 2022. 

There’s a chance that DC movie classics might get a fresh take since the theme to Danny Elfman’s Batman was the background music. The Flash seemingly worked with Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight in some concept art – you can see the logo from 1989’s Batman on the costume.

Separately, the boss of Arrowverse, Greg Berlanti noted that he wants to get more characters from DC movies to crossover on to TV. This comes following Flash played by Ezra Miller meeting Grant Gustin’s version during Crisis on Infinite Earths last year. 

The Suicide Squad 

We found out every character in the next Suicide Squad movie from James Gunn. Bloodsport is played by Idris Elba; there’s John Cena playing Peacemaker; and Blackguard played Pete Davidson of SNL fame.  

A teaser was also released, showing us some footage from the movie and some behind-the-scenes shots, too. 

The movie has been scheduled for release on August 6, 2021. 

Gunn was the writer and director for the first two installments of Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel universe, before signing up to DC and The Suicide Squad after being fired for some badly worded Tweets. The new film isn’t a straight-up sequel to 2016’s version, although there are characters returning with the same cast. The titles are just a little confusion, not the “The” in the more recent version. 

Suicide Squad video game from Rocksteady

Taskforce X action abounds. The British studio Rocksteady, creators of the Batman: Arkham series, launched a trailer for the new Suicide Squad video game at DC FanDome.

Gameplay allows up to four players to co-op and it’ll be available of the Xbox Series X, PC, and PS5 in 2022.  

Black Adam

Black Adam has been in development for what feels like forever, and we got a teaser from Dwayne Johnson that shows Noah Centineo playing Atom Smasher and the debut of the Justice Society of America all in one movie. There’s been no casting confirmed as yet, but we know that Hawkman, Cyclone, and Dr. Fate will feature as characters. 


Image credit: time.com

Over on the Aquaman panel, there was a tease for the Aquaman sequel. James Wan will be directing and he noted that it’s going to be “a little bit more serious, a little bit more relevant to the world that we’re living in today.” A tentative release date of 2022 has been penciled in. 

Shazam 2

Image credit: cinemablend.com

We learned that the title of the Shazam sequel will be Shazam: Fury of the Gods, when it’s released on November 4, 2022. There was also an extended appearance from Sinbad, without much clarity on whether he’ll be in the movie itself or was just there for some comic relief. 


Image credit: dccomics.com

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman was confirmed for release on Netflix last year and we got some extra details teased on a panel on Saturday. Gaiman himself confirmed there is ongoing work on the Sandman project for Netflix, with an interpretation that’s “slightly looser, but still faithful” to the books. With the pandemic, there has been more chance for the scripts to be worked and the story has been altered around the work in a different time period. 

“What we’re doing with Netflix is saying, ‘OK, It’s still going to start in 1916, but the thing that happens in Sandman No. 1 — the point the story starts — is not 1988, it’s now,'” Gaiman said. 

You can check out the recent Sandman adaptation for Amazon Audible with an incredible cast if you’ve not listened yet, too.

Titans Season 3

A flagship series for the streaming service DC Universe, Titans had a teaser for season three during DC FanDome. In this series, it’s direct to Gotham City. Jason Todd, played by Curran Walters morphs into Red Hood and Robin is left behind. 

Batgirl, or Barbara Gordon, becomes the Gotham City Police Department Commissioner and we see a return of Dr. Jonathan Crane, or the Scarecrow as you might know him. There’s not been a casting announcement for either of the roles yet.  

We don’t yet know when you’ll be able to watch season three, but you’ll catch it on HBO Max when it does land. 

The Flash season 7

Coronavirus shortened many TV shows this year, The Flash among them. We did get a sneak peek into the Arrowverse and the seventh season, with the teaser picking straight up from season 6. We had left Iris West (Candice Patton) in an alternate universe where she was faced with madness or survival. 

You can expect to watch series seven in January 2021.

What’s going on in September?

Set a reminder for September 12, when we get the second virtual installment of DC FanDome which will kick off at 10am PT. Titled DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, you get to make your own schedule using an on-demand service.