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Galaxy S20 Ultra: 100x zoom and 108 megapixels, big numbers make strong desires


Almost two weeks have passed since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Unfortunately, such a unique product requires a plethora of tests, more time, and technical support to really understand how mighty it is. Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most impressive flagship smartphone up to now. Numerical indicators of the parameters and features have increased, and the story has gone the same way with the price. The $1400 Galaxy S20 Ultra shows great performance and wonderful productivity, but the cameras are engaging all of the attention. 108 megapixels is not new, and although Samsung had the 100x zoom first, it’s got some competitors on the market now – but it is evidence that there is still an empty space to fill.

Standard Resolution. Image credit: cnet.com

We accept Samsung with all of its failures and wins, and we can safely say that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is closer to finishing with a winning place rather than losing.

Samsung hits its limits. 108 megapixels and 100x zoom, do we need more?

Samsung makes huge efforts to keep competitive with everybody, and maybe this is the wrong card to play for them sometimes, but not this time. The 108-megapixel sensor is a cause to celebrate for great-looking photos and a good try to differentiate itself from the market leader, Sony. Maybe it’s a commercial attempt for Samsung to identify the company as an independent manufacturer.

108-megapixel photo crop. Image credit: cnet.com
108-megapixel photo crop. Image credit: cnet.com

But still, the company has broken limits and we can observe two exclusive camera specs for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. A 108-megapixel, high-resolution lens is like a greedy spider’s net, catching as much light and details as it can, gaining more structure and clearer image as a result. However, the camera has its own obstacles because it interferes with its picture quality. Each sensor has a bunch of pixels that are capturing the light separately from each other so as a result the chance to get polished, pure, and clear colors is reduced as the size of pixels increases in the high-resolution sensor. Despite some casual faults, the pictures will not deprive you of a lack of details.

What about the ultra zoom? I can’t confidently state that somebody will really need it in their daily life, unless you’re trying to see the price of a hot dog from the back row of the theatre, but nevertheless the 100x Ultra Zoom is an indicator to be proud of. In combination with a 108MP, high-resolution lens, it creates a capability to capture more details, it’s quite greedy in fact.

Standard resolution, Live Focus. Image credit: cnet.com
40-megapixel selfie. Image credit: cnet.com
Ultrawide-angle shot. Image credit: cnet.com

What they offer and what we get

The S20 Ultra’s cameras provide us with unique and exclusive specs, and it’s our responsibility to take advantage of them. Super cameras distribute a wonderful picture performance, plus Samsung supports low-light shots with a generous pack of brightness that makes pictures look more pleasant and gorgeous. The selfie camera doesn’t leave any evidence of a soupy image, as with Huawei, but be ready to retake pictures more frequently since it doesn’t skimp on the details.

The 100x zoom is practically useless because the image is full of noise (not as blurry as the Mi Note 10, but still a lot), making it seem like you can hear the image. *cue white noise* But there is a practical use for the ultra zoom. You are able to catch things that are hard to reach or are time-limited. I like Samsung’s example where a dog in sunglasses was sitting still and 100x zoom helped you to capture the moment from a distance. 

100x zoom. Image credit: cnet.com
100x zoom. Image credit: cnet.com

After all, Samsung has proved that it’s got plenty more tricks to impress us with. I can’t say that specs with three digits are completely extraordinary; in my opinion, the emphasis should be on the more useful features like glass protectiveness or the waterproofness. But, as was mentioned before, the camera is the thing that tightens up hands on the back, maybe it is a result of Sony’s hard work, but Samsung’s profitably has loosened a notch.

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