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Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: An epic battle has finished without even starting

Razr vs Galaxy Z Flip. Image credit: androidauthority.com

What can I say? It was too easy. I hadn’t even noticed the slapping noise of the folding phone. On February 11, Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip, its second attempt to achieve something, anything, with a foldable phone. The previous try, or experiment, was a tiny foldable disaster and I thought of it as a nice example for every company to learn to stop exploiting our nostalgia and move on. But no. The release of the Motorola Razr caused a sweet, blooming longing with a bitter drop of sadness. It wasn’t a remarkable reanimation for Motorola, because within a few short months another tech giant – Samsung – announced the same phone, with the same design, minus the super chin). And, of course, an epic battle concluded before it barely got going.

The look is confusing

Almost the same design. Image credit: androidauthority.com

Both devices are approximately the same size, but the Razr has the classic chin just like the old fashioned model used to have, while the Galaxy Z Flip is cosplaying as a little cigarette case that easily fits in my shirt pocket. If you open both of these phones you’ll notice that the Galaxy Z Flip’s touch screen is a bit taller at 6.7 inches and is OLED, while the Razr has a 6.2-inch display. I can understand why Motorola has chosen such a design; it’s reminiscent of the classic look of their most famous model, but doubts creep in when you look at the Samsung with the same concept.

Besides their look and size, there are no more similarities; the Galaxy Z Flip has stepped over the Razr without breaking a sweat. As you’ll probably note, Samsung have provided their new foldable phone with a screen made of glass, which in turn should gain more points for design rather than the plastic screen on the Motorola.

On the Z Flip, you can see a crease that isn’t noticeable on the Razr, but when folding the latter there is an empty gap between the hinge and screen. The Z Flip doesn’t have such a problem, moreover, there is a special fiber inside the hinge to get rid of dust.

When both phones are locked, they’ve got displays on the front panel, although the size of the Razr’s secondary display is more comfortable; it’s a 2.7-inch Quick View display and there are no bonus quests for your eyes, plus you don’t have to make extra effort to see notifications. Samsung has got a 1.1-inch display which helps you to see that you’ve received a notification, answer a call, and take selfies, though it’s quite tough.

On the inside

It’s not just on external features where the Galaxy Z Flip holds a dominating position, but the inner specs can also easily beat the Razr with one hand behind its back. Samsung has equipped its foldable model with the best hardware, but a little less than their S20 models. That doesn’t matter when we’re talking about foldable phones. The Galaxy Z Flip has got 3300mAh battery capacity, which is not exciting for modern smartphones but it is more than Razr has – 2510mAh. Besides, Motorola has built in, to my surprise, a very weak processor in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 (2.2GHz, octa-core). It’s difficult to decide what exactly should impress us here. Samsung has provided its phone with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, and at the same time, the Razr has only 128GB and 6GB RAM, putting the Razr’s performance under question.

What about cameras? On this topic, Samsung actually gains a raw win, without needing an additional round. The Galaxy Z Flip has got two 12-megapixel, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras, plus a front-facing 10-megapixel camera. The Motorola has a less wonderful 16-megapixel external lens (f1.7, dual pixel autofocus), and 5 megapixels internally.

And the cherry on the cake is the price comparison. The Galaxy Z Flip costs $1,380 in the US while the Razr costs $1,499.

*mic drop*

Folding up

The Galaxy Z Flip wrests an instant win from the claws of the Razr. Maybe Motorola should be more meticulous about what they do; when you come back with a surprise cake your product should be solid enough to blow everybody’s minds. According to the Verge, the Motorola Razr has faced its first serious problems with the touchscreen. Unfortunately, there have been no comments from the company up to now.

Finally, the Galaxy Z Flip is a wonderful telephone with perfectly balanced hardware to go with it. But, it’s still not worth buying it; it’s the model only to show off what they can do. If you’re looking for top performance and a smooth and meditative screen, you ought to choose another phone.

Hennadii Kotov
Hennadii will proudly tell you that he’s a dreamer, floating in the ether, surrounded by ideas and the dreams of others. He connects with the idea of water; being part of a bigger ecosystem. Even as a kid, he immersed himself in the realms of others; growing up with video games and computers, knowing them to be cool even back then. Writing is cathartic, even meditative for Hennadii; a dip in the chaotic stream of innovation that flows forth from the world of tech. This virtual hippie is here to tell you about the latest gadgets over a cup of marshmallow filled chocolate.

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