The date when Apple is going to conduct its reveal event is still unclear. We’re not in a fuss, because there’s been enough reasons to postpone the show: the coronavirus outbreak, China’s lockdown, and protests across the US. Practically, any other unpredictable event could lead to further delays. Besides, according to the reliable Apple insider Jon Prosser: “Regardless of what you’ve heard elsewhere, we will not be getting it in September, iPhone 12 is delayed. We’re going to be getting it in October… [but] instead of having announcements in September and then it comes out in October, it looks like they’ll shoot for all of it happening in October.” 

The outcome can differ from the image. Image credit: forbes.com

While the date is clouded with mystery, another Apple insider, Sonny Dickson, has shown us iPhone 12 dummy units. And what did we get from it: there will be three size types for four possible models and they will be redesigned – fitting the original iPhone 5’s more square forms.

A possible Smart Connector. Image credit: forbes.com

Dickson told Forbes that the most interesting part of the dummy units is a massive sim tray which isn’t the standard trope for the iPhone. He believes it could be a Smart Connector. It’s a feature you might have seen on the iPad Pro for attaching accessories and charging the Apple Pencil.

There is no USB-C port nor headphone jack. Image credit: forbes.com

In the third photo, we can see that there’s a lightning port and no USB-C slot on the bottom of the phone. 

According to Dickson’s statement, the camera set is the same as on the iPhone 11, because it’s not the final version of the design; we hope to see a lidar sensor for augmented reality as a part of the new technology.

Until there appears clear facts about the iPhone 12 design, we remind you that, according to rumors and leaked details, the iPhone 12 will gain significant changes in internals as much as in the design. The upcoming Apple iPhone 12 should have a new lidar sensor, the same the iPad Pro 2020 has. The A14 chip will provide better performance. Taking into consideration Apple leaker Mr. White’s statement, the iPhone 12 line-up will come with a 20W power adapter.

However, recently, Ming-chi Kuo has claimed that due to the circumstances in the world, the iPhones will not get chargers or AirPods in the box. By the time people had braced themselves for the possible loss, MG Siegler remarked that the reasons why Apple could do that are weighty:

1) Margins. The next iPhone’s margins are going to be under assault due to the ‘5G’ components, amongst other new technology. And COVID has altered the supply chain immensely. The charger may not seem like a huge margin savings, but it adds up in aggregate. Also, there’s up-sell opportunities galore with the new faster charging bricks — or, even better, Apple’s inevitably still-forthcoming wireless charging solution.²

2) Shipping. You know what else adds up in aggregate? Shipping these units from China. If Apple can make these boxes more svelte, they’ll pack more in. This helps the environment, in a way, but it helps the bottom line even more.

3) Transitions. The next iPhone — the one after this one — is already rumored to forgo wired charging entirely. If that’s the case, it may make some sense to move people beyond the notion of including a wired charger in the iPhone box now. Force more customers to get ready for the wireless charging revolution.

4) Environment. This is on the list. But it’s the last item on the list. Not the first item on the list.