Hot on the heels of last week’s review of Kickstarter’s top gadgets and fresh tech, here’s the next instalment of our regular check-in on the crowdfunding site. Previously, we’ve drawn your attention to some smart curtains that let you open and close your drapes on-demand and gave you a potted history of the smart garden that lets you grow up to 90 plants in your home. Sticking to what we do best, here’s some more of the latest stuff and things from Kickstarter, including a robot for the feline in your life, and DIY robot kit to get kids learning, and a lean and mean air purifying machine. Here we go… 

Ebo: A Robot for Your Cat

Cats have been worshipped by humans for thousands of years, so it makes sense that we now have a robot to keep them company when we’re not around too. Ebo is the smart robot to keep your demanding and aloof feline happy, and is evidently needed when $195,500 has already been pledged, dwarfing the $5,110 they set out for at first. Readying to keep the purrs coming and the meows at bay, Ebo can:

  • Keep your cat exercises and not let it get fat – did you see the video of the cat in the treadmill?
  • Let you watch your kitty’s antics with HD video and sound monitoring through an app
  • Capture and store videos and pics of your cat for social media posting
  • Virtually connect you and your puss with livestream video
  • Move autonomously with in-built collision sensors
  • Help you edit your cat videos and get them onto all the social platforms you need
  • Head home to its charger when running low on battery
  • Keep an eye on your cat’s weight and activity levels
  • Understand when your cat is grumpy, moody, or catty, and even learn its play style

You can get in with an early bird pledge for $158 which gets you a Standard Christmas version of Ebo – it includes a reindeer and Santa suit for you to dress the robot in – and is set to ship by December. If you’re not feline festive (see what we did there?), there’s a standard pledge option which is the same price, and $20 more gets you a matching collar and they’ll be shipping on March 2020. There’s a pro version coming in June which will be priced at $198 or with a collar it comes in at $217.  

Ebo. Image credit: Kickstarter

Geeek Club: Even Kids Can Build Robots

It’s an oft-opined missive that coding is the career of the future, and if you buy into the idea then you want to get your hands on Geeek Club: DIY Robotics Kit for the children in your life. The original target on Kickstarter was just $7,000 and they’ve gone more than three times over that with pledges currently standing at $25,000.

In the box you’re going to get seven mini-robots that need assembling from pop-out PCP boards, coming with all the components needed to make a cool interactive robot. All you need to bring to the party is some soldering know-how, and the kit will teach:

  • About structural engineering and artistic design using the printed circuit boards
  • Details about hardware engineering, like what components and joints make robots move
  • Electrical engineering and soldering skills like SMD, SMT, and tough holes
  • Understanding of vibrating and oscillating components and how to engineer with them

A pledge of $49 on Kickstarter will see one of the kits land with you during April next year.

Geeek Club. Image credit: Kickstarter

AIRBox: for Clean and Powerful Breathing

When a product hits 100% of funding within two days, you know it’s probably pretty special. Now, the AIRBox has gone over double its original $10,000 target with $22,000 sat in the pledge coffers at this point. The AIRbox has all the technological specs you want in an air purifier: advanced photocatalysis nanotechnology and negative ion technology, and will clean your air better than the standard HEPA bits of kit. The patented filter is washable, keeping your long-term costs at practically zero with this small and mighty machine. It’s as useful in your car as your kitchen, when you’re earning or snoozing; wherever you are the AIRbox will have you breathing lovely, fresh air. The tech in this air filter:

  • Is effective at breaking down viruses, bacteria, and mold
  • Minimises effects of cigarette smoke, pet smells, and mildew
  • Rids the air of toxic chemicals
  • Is environmentally friendly, with washable filters
  • Produces no Ozone; even better for the environment
  • Keeps to a very low noise level of 25dB
  • Makes it only 4.5 ounces 

You’re out of luck on the Early bird pledges, they were $79 but are sold out. You’re next choice is the $89 option which gets you one AIRBox in a choice of two colors. The product is expected to be shipping by February 2020. 

AIRBox. Image credit: Kickstarter

There’s never a dull week on Kickstarter, although it can take time to trawl through the zanier stuff to get to the gems on there. Luckily, you’ve got us doing the leg-work for you, and these are what we came across this week. We love checking out what ideas people have had on the crowdfunding site, so make sure you follow our updates to learn about the best tech and gadgets featuring on Kickstarter. See you soon!