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Hot on Kickstarter: Crowdfunding’s Best Tech. Part 3


Keeping up with our regular peek into the best tech and coolest gadgets you can invest in on Kickstarter, we’ve got our latest update on what’s fresh on the crowdfunding site. Last week we brought you a smart robot to keep your kitty content and a few weeks back we made your schoolhood dreams come true with an electric-powered paper airplane. Knowing what you love to read about we’ve dived back into Kickstarter and found for your perusal: a gadget to make your phone into a microscope, a kickboard to get you swimming faster, and a nifty piece of kit that makes your phone into a submersible camera. Let’s check them out…  

Have a peek at a smartphone microscope

Whether you’re an actual scientist, or just morbidly curious, DIPLE have come along and made your phone into a piece of lab equipment. It gives your camera up to 1,000 times magnification so you can really get to know the microorganisms, bacteria, and even blood in your life. 

It comes in a pretty compact set up, about the size of a smartphone box, and can do three magnification levels of 35, 75 and 150x which can be further enhanced by the zoom on your phone’s camera lens. DIPLE’s makers over at SmartMicroOptics reckon you’ll get a magnification of up to 1,000x before there’s any pixelation, although this does depend on your phone’s capabilities too. To see what you can do with the DIPLE, check out their Instagram page for some cool images. 

If you want to get in there at the bottom, early bird prices come in at $40 to get just 35x zoom, or you can go all the way up to $120 for all three levels of zoom and a cool stage that will help you get the best results. The price is pretty high when compared to the BLIPS that was just $30, so this newer version will actually have to measure up against actual microscopes now. 

Diple. Image credit: Kickstarter

Faster flows with a powered swimming kickboard

When you need to power your way through the water quick-smart, you can now use the SWIMN powered kickboard for zooming through pools or the open sea. It comes with a 250w motor and will have you cruising at up to 2.5mph, or 4km/h, top speed. It’s designed to work with kids or grown-ups and works whether you’re a rival to Michael Phelps or usually sink like a stone, and will be great fun for everyone. It’s designed to work perfectly in water, with a sealed ring and an encapsulating adhesive giving two guarantees the battery isn’t going to get damaged. 

This week saw the initial launch of the SWIMN S1 on Kickstarter and early birds can dive in with a pledge starting at $169, which is 32% cheaper than it’s going to retail for when the funding round finishes. Plans are for shipping in March 2020, so you should have it in plenty of time for summer holiday adventures.

SWIMN. Image credit: Kickstarter

Submerge your photography skills

Got an avid diver in your life? Love nothing more than kitting up and going SCUBA diving in your free time? Diveroid have just made your dreams come true with their gadget that makes your phone into an underwater camera and attaches a dive computer to boot. Your phone will be able to capture all the coolest moments of your dive, as well display the stats for your session. Most smartphones should fit into the housing and there are three buttons for controlling your new dive buddy.  

There’s an app that connects up to the dive monitor that’s included and your phone’s screen will show you your depth, dive time, and details about water temperature as well as giving you tips about ascent rate and decompression cautions. It also takes control of the camera on your phone and works with ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lenses, retains zoom functionality, still lets you snap a selfie, and does video mode too. Everything will work great up to 60m and you even get a depth stamp on every pic. 

The Kickstarter for the Diveroid has racked up pledges ten times higher than their initial funding goal, and you can still pledge $249 to get one before they jump to $418 on general sale. There’s not long to go for shipping, with February 2020 as the current target. 

Diveroid. Image credit: Kickstarter

That’s our pick of the fun and useful things you can get pledging for on Kickstarter this week. Along with the strange things people want to get funding for, there are always these super interesting gadgets that make you wonder, “why has no one done this yet?”. Who wouldn’t want to zoom a thousand times with their phone camera? There’s always plenty more popping up on the crowdfunding page, so make sure you follow our updates to learn about the best tech and gadgets featuring on Kickstarter. See you soon!

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