Your wait for a peek into the best and brightest tech on Kickstarter is over; we’ve got the next installment ready to roll. A hackable smartwatch with a fully customizable OS was on our list last week, and we’ve brought you a robot buddy for your kitty in recent articles. 

And now…

Kickstarter is stuffed with the weird and wonderful, direct from the brains of inventors, and we know you love to get the inside track on the hottest tech on the site. Today, we present to you a gadget to keep your body as cool as you are, a pocket-sized phone stand to bring added convenience to your phone use, and a tool to get work done on your home like a pro. 

Let drill down into the details…

Chilling with Cool Human (TM) Portable Body Cooler

When things heat up you need to cool down with the Cool Human™ Hands-Free Portable Body Cooler. Sweat isn’t only damaging for your clothes, getting too hot is pretty hazardous for your health, too. Clip the Cool Human™ to your belt or waist of your pants and get instant, cooling relief. 

How does it work?

Cool, fresh air gets blown straight up your shirt, offering instant relief from running sweat beads. There are three different fan speeds to get the right level of cooling you need, and the smart design puts the vent right behind the clip, meaning the air keeps flowing even when it’s under your shirt. You’ll get up to 14 hours of cooling air per charge, which will see your Cool Human™ survive through even the stickiest of days. It’s also nearly silent, so you won’t be swapping heat agitation for noise annoyance during your working day. 

The good stuff of Cool Human:

  • Charging is possible through most phone or computer chargers
  • One full juicing lasts for 12-14 hours  
  • Comes with three settings; low, medium, and high
  • Plenty of styles to choose from, including plain, retro-style circuit, and futuristic social media
  • Lightweight enough to use when running
  • Added LED light for extra safety 

The original goal was set as $1,279 and it’s already achieved $3,000 of pledges and there’s still 21 days to go on the campaign. Delivery is expected in April 2020 and you can get yours for around $22, but check your country is on the shipping list.

Portable Body Cooler. Image credit: Kickstarter

Increase Your Viewing Pleasure with the Lookstand Phone Stand

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or an Android snob, the Lookstand attaches to the back of your handset. Once there, the stand extends up to 7 inches to give you the perfectly ergonomic height for your viewing pleasure. It works in both landscape and portrait orientations so you can be comfortable and productive from all angles. 

Sounds handy…

When you’re not using it, the Lookstand tucks away through a few folds and sits at the back on your phone. It only adds a puny 1.58 ounces to the weight of your phone – think the weight of ¼ cup of water. Now, you don’t need to be packing loads of other add-ons that you need to set up every time you want to use them.

Why you want a Lookstand:

  • Top to bottom, on an iPhone 11 Pro you get a height of 10.4 inches (26.5cm).
  • Ergonomic design relieves more than half the pressure from your neck and shoulders 
  • Takes the strain from your wrists that would normally be holding your phone
  • Very stable with two folding legs; your phone won’t topple or slip

At this point, there is one day left to pledge and there’s already been $35,000 funded when they only wanted an initial $5,000. You can order your Lookstand now for $34, which is 12% off the expected retail price, and for an extra $5 you get a detachable mount included, too.

Lookstand Phone Stand. Image credit: Kickstarter

Stay Accurate with the PANFEE V1 Pro

If you’re a tinkerer around the house, or even a home improvement pro, the PANFEE has been designed for you. It’s a cross-line level, laser tape measure, and digital inclinometer all in one little device that’s not going to weigh your toolbelt down. 

You’ll find it useful…

When you’ve got a project on your hands that involved remodeling your home, interior redesign, exhibition design, general home improvements, or any other hands-on tasks that need you to be accurate in your measurements. 

With the PANFEE you get:

  • An ultra-bright, easy to use green laser light
  • A 6.4-ounce device that’s even lighter than your iPhone 11, it’s super portable
  • Real-time voice broadcasting rather than having to check the screen each time
  • Water and dustproof so it’s durable on-site
  • Recharging through a USB cable

The goal for the PANFEE was £12,811 and it’s already hit more than $35,000 and there are still 28 days left to get your pledges in. The basic package comes in at $36 for limited usability, and the higher spec one is priced at $41. International shipping is planned to start in March 2020. 

PANFEE V1 Pro. Video credit: Kickstarter

That’s our round-up of everything you want to be checking out on Kickstarter this week, ready for you to consider pledging your dollars to. With fresh ideas landing on the crowdfunding page daily, make sure you follow us so you always know what’s hot on the site. Catch you again!