A quick look through Kickstarter will confirm that it’s a strange place, filled with wonderfully wacky inventions that have spilled forth from the minds of inventors directly on to the internet. Getting a rundown of the highlights of the site is what you’re here for, right? This time we bring you a padlock that needs your fingerprint, a notepad that uses stone paper and has a titanium cover, and a nifty device to turn your iPad Pro into a MacBook. 

Let’s drill down into the details…

doqo | Turn Your iPad Pro Into A MacBook

The Super Connected Keyboard

If you’re looking to get more functionality out of your tablet, the doqo is here. It’s a keyboard that looks like it belongs on a MacBook, with aluminum housing, ready to plug into your iPad Pro and have the best of the laptop and tablet worlds. It’s only been on the site since January 14th and it’s already hit the minimum funding target. 

Tucked into the sleek and slim aluminum casing there’s everything you need to be more productive:

  • 4300 mAh built-in battery works as a power bank for your devices as well as letting you get through a full working day
  • Full-size backlit keyboard looks like it belongs with Apple devices, and the scissor-switch keys make your typing feel very laptop-esque
  • Ingenious 7-in-1 hub allowing you all kinds of connectivity, plugging in USBs, HDMI, and plenty more
  • MacBook-size trackpad gives you access to loads of multitasking features like multi-touch and gesture control

Equipped with two USB Type C ports, USB3.0, TF/SD reader, HDMI, and plenty more ports besides, it can solve most of your connectivity issues for peripheral devices. 

You need to get moving if you want a piece of this keyboard action

doqo. Image credit: Kickstarter

For a pledge of $119, you get the keyboard for your iPad Pro shipped in May, but this level is quickly running out. If you get there just a tad too late, you can get the next package which is $139 and this one also ships in May. When the deals are done, a standard pre-order of the doqo will cost you $156.

An Indestructible Notepad with Titanium Cover and Stone Paper

Take Note: the Trees are Safe

Notepads can be notoriously flimsy, losing your scrawlings during a downpour or running out of pages when you need to log your ideas most. Luckily, PLEI DESIGN, based out of London, is launching their Nanobook 2.0, a fire-resistant, waterproof, refillable, and all but indestructible notepad. After launching on January 2nd it’s received pledges of more than $31,000 after an initial request for $3,908. 

This cool notepad is designed to fit comfortably in your hand when you’re out and about. It’s made from grade 5 titanium and stone, and with everything being inorganic you are guaranteed that no trees were chopped down to make this notebook. 

The makers proudly profess the notepad to be toddler-proof, sweat-proof, and hacker-proof and reckon it can be used in some of the most hostile weather environments without getting damaged.  

The features of the Nanobook 2.0 include:

  • Cover made from grade 5 titanium
  • Stone paper used on the inside
  • Ready for a lifetime of use with refillability
  • Water-free production, no trees are harmed
  • Works in all weathers
  • Resistant to fires
  • 2 sizes available: ST (2″x 3″) and MT (3″x 5″)
  • Two paper formats: blank or dotted grid

Even more impressive is…

You don’t need to use a standard pen to make notes in this book, you can use anything from a coin to a key, and even a bullet if you’ve got one to hand! Because of the way the pages are made they’re super environmentally conscious, using no bleach, acid, water, or trees in the production process. 

In the Kickstarter campaign for the Nanobook 2.0 PLEI is offering a range of pledge packages. To reserve a unit you can pledge as little as $24 and expect it to be shipped by April 2020.  

Nanobook 2.0. Image credit: Kickstarter

Fingerprint Padlock With SOS Assistance

Security at your Fingertips

When you need to make sure your bags and luggage are completely secure, DYX has a waterproof, fingerprint padlock for you that also comes with SOS assistance built into it.  

The small and light lock is Bluetooth-enabled and can hold up to 100kg at full strength. The lock has launched on Kickstarter this month, aiming to get enough support to go into full factory production.  

Some of the really cool things that we love about the DYX padlock include:

  • Up to 10 fingerprints can be recognized on a single lock, allowing up to 10 users
  • No battery is no problem, it still remains locked even without charge
  • You can get up to five months of battery life on standby
  • The SOS alarm sounds off at 110DB, raising an alert to those around you instantly
  • The simple fingerprint unlock takes around half a second, compared to a minute unlock time on key-operated locks
  • Fully waterproof
  • Great temperature operating range, working anywhere between -10°C up to 45°C

If you get in there early, you can save 30% off the recommended retail price, which will be $85, and you can expect your lock to be shipped by February 2020. 

Fingerprint. Image credit: Kickstarter

That’s this year’s first roundup of the best of Kickstarter as 2020 gets going. There’s a plethora of amazing, strange, random, and useful bits of kit that go live on the site every day, be sure to follow us to save you digging around, we bring you the best from the site each week.