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Hot on Kickstarter: Crowdfunding’s Best Tech Part 5


With New Year fast approaching and time to get something delivered in time for the 25th quickly dwindling, we present you the gift idea that doesn’t need to arrive just yet – the latest gadgets on Kickstarter. You can pick up something cool and quirky for your loved one knowing that it won’t be ready to ship for a few months, without landing in the doghouse. Last week, we introduced you to the portable body cooler, and for the science lover in your life, we’ve previously showcased a smartphone microscope.


We’ve got a gadget that’ll have you riding waves like a pro, a bullet-sized lightning speed hard drive, and a tool kit to make sure all your horology needs are up to spec. 

Let cruise through the info…

Up Your Surf with Boost Surfing Fin

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need massive waves to surf, as long as you’ve got the right type of board – nothing revolutionary there. But now, you can morph your favorite board into a powered surfboard; a totally new concept.

Quite likely the first electric surfing fin, the Boost Surf in a motorized fin that runs off electric and should fit snug to pretty much any board you’ve got, making it motorized. Just bear in mind, you’re still going to need some waves when you use it. 

It’s designed to help with the paddling, so you can go faster and longer to catch the break without hitting burnout so soon. You should be able to catch more swells in each session.

Top speed should hit 11mph, or 18km/h, and it should keep going strong for at least four hours on the in-built rechargeable battery. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s definitely going to give surfers hours of extra fun and get you spending the energy on the surfing rather than paddling.

The target of $50,000 has been nearly doubled with current pledges standing at $94,000. You can place your pre-order now with packages starting at $149.  

Image credit: Kickstarter

Shoot through your data with the Bullet SSD

Solid-state drives are the latest in data storage, and the Bullet SSD is the newest development in the tech. This external hard drive is super light, has a capacity of 2TB, and has read and write speeds of 500MB/s. They’re definitely shooting from the hip… 

With the impressive transfer rates you can whiz things over to your computer super fast, but even better; you can work on your photos or videos direct from the drive without having to transfer data first. Great if your internal storage is bulging at the seams already.

It’s perfectly mobile, with it fitting easily onto your keychain. It weighs in at less than ⅔ of an ounce, or 18g, and measures 2 x 0.6 x 0.3 inches, making it the world’s smallest, high-speed SSD. The casing of the Bullet SSD is hewn out of aerospace-grade aluminum to keep the weight down and the looks sleek. It also comes with IP67 certification, meaning it’s water-resistant and you’re not losing your data after the first rainstorm comes along.  
The team behind the Bullet SSD was only looking for $6,413 and have received a whopping $238,826 in pledges to date. Never fear, there are still early-bird discounts available, priced at $149 for 1TB or $249 for the 2TB version.

Image credit: Kickstarter

Watch It Fix: Watch Repair Kit

When you like tinkering with all types of technology, you need a toolkit for all possible watch-related problems. The Watch It Fix is designed to keep happy horologists and owners of timepieces that can’t be replaced; being the ultimate watch tool kit.  

The case is stylish, with leather and canvas coverings that hold 158 tools and components. Those who appreciate such things will be filled with joy at the Philips and flathead screwdrivers, case openers, opener pins, band removers, spring pins, and watch holders and mounts. 

Multifunction is key in this kit, and everything that’s included can perform plenty of watch-related tasks. There’s a diverse range of tools that will make it compatible with just about any wrist or pocket watch; perfect for those who take pride in what adorns their wrist.
At this point, they’ve achieved $4,500 in pledges from an initial request for $2,400, and there are still early bird kits going for $26, 35% lower than the expected price at retail.

Image credit: Kickstarter

That’s the best gadgets on Kickstarter for another week, with something for tech heads and beach bums alike. With new little bits of genius looking to hit their crowdfunding goals each week, make sure you follow us for your regular digest of the best available. Catch you again!

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