Kickstarter is one of the most innovative places on the internet; a place where inventors and idea-mongers go to find people to buy into their products. In our previous trawlings, we’ve shown you doqo’s super-connected keyboard that changes the game for tablets, SkyTrek’s smart luggage that means you won’t miss a moment of productivity, and also given you the abridged history of Geeek Club’s DIY Robotics Kit to get your kids it’s robots. 

We guess you’ve come here for more? We’re not normally wrong about this, so here for your perusal are some of the latest and coolest gadgets you can support on Kickstarter.


Mantour X: The Lightweight Foldable Self-Balancing E-Scooter

Scoot in Style, Stroll with Ease

It may look like all the other e-kickscooters out there, but the Mantour X from FlowDot offers something more. Even when it’s folded up it will stay upright and balanced on its front wheel so it can still be rolled along as you walk. 

It’s nice and compact when you’ve got it folded away, with dimensions of 31.6 x 5.4 x 7.1 inches (80.2 x 13.7 x 18 cm). The Follow Mode uses a custom-made algorithm that will make the electric-powered kickscooter stay upright, making sure that your 16lb (7.3kg) gadget can be rolled down the street with “no effort required”. To be able to get aboard, the team behind the Mantour X says it can go from folded to ready-to-roll in less than five seconds. 

The motor sits at the front of the scooter, packs 240W of power and tops out at 12.4mph (20km/h). Each four-hour juicing that you give your e-kickscooter should give you a range of around 12.4 miles before needing another charge. You also get an LED headlight that’s built into the front shell and it even has IP54 waterproof rating. 

What you get with your Mantour X:

  • Lightweight with a carbon fiber pedalboard
  • Durable with an aluminum alloy body
  • Portable with its self balancing Follow Mode
  • Efficient with an in-built Sports Mode

The makers at FlowDot have opted to get funding through Kickstarter for their scooter, and they’ve already left their initial target for dust. Their goal was $10,066 and up to now, there’s more than $150,000 pledged, with the lowest funding amount being $320. Backers should see their e-kickscooter land at the start of March this year.

Mantour X. Image credit: Kickstarter

Roxie Karaoke Car Entertainment

Step Up Your Carpool Karaoke Game

Singing in the car is a guilty pleasure for most, but now you can share your tunes on your road trips with Roxie’s gadget that will turn your car into a karaoke studio. Every passenger, and the driver, can let rip their best sing-along hits.

Roxie from Carkit AI is powered by the cigarette lighter point in your car and is a long-range microphone that attaches to your dashboard and brings hours of musical joy. 

You just need to choose your tune of choice from a music or karaoke app from Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn, or whichever you want to use, plug it in through your aux cable, and you get your voice projected through your car’s speaker system. It doesn’t even need to be a karaoke version of a song that you use, The microphone automatically turns down the original vocalist and puts you right in the song instead. Who needs Beyonce anyway?

With this cool microphone you’re going to get:

  • Vocals from everyone in the car being caught
  • Feedback from the car speakers reduced
  • Long-range, with a highly sensitive and great performing microphone
  • Crooning handsfree

If all of that wasn’t exciting enough, your Roxie has a voice-activated Karaoke DJ mode that will help you choose songs and find your way around your music apps handsfree, so there are no driving distractions. 

Pre-orders are being taken on Kickstarter, with pledges of $100 required. It’s heading towards its goal of $11,045, with $11,000 already pledged and shipping is due in February this year. 

Roxie Karaoke Car Entertainment. Image credit: Kickstarter

Care Go™: Personal Alarm Designed to Save Lives

Keeping Track of Your Family

Sometimes, you need to do more than make a phone call in an emergency. When you really need to get the attention of your emergency contact, a Care Go™ will make sure that a critical alert is pushed through their iPhone, even if they’ve got it set to silent. Included in the notification will even be your up-to-date location pinned on a map so they can get to where you are ASAP. 

The batter in the Alphahōm Care Go will go for at least one year on a single, one-hour charging. 

To get access to the most important features, all you need to do is buy the Care Go and download the associated app; there’s no subscription. Upgrade to their premium package to get access to extra features like a history log that’s due in the near future.

You’re going to get the following when you buy a Care Go:  

  • Great range, speed, and reliability with Bluetooth 5 technology
  • Double security measures with use of private Google Cloud server
  • A device that can handle rain, splashes, and dust with an IP65 rating
  • Assured privacy, with no storing of location data

With a target of $5,144, the Care Go has achieved $79,000 in pledges so far with its Kickstarter campaign. It’s still open for pledges and for $61 you’ll get two meteorite grey Care Go devices, two USB-C to USB-A charger cables, and two guides on how to get started. The lowest level pledge that got you one device has finished now. Shipping is set to go in March 2020 for everyone who gets their pledge in. 

Care Go™. Image credit: Kickstarter

There are plenty of projects that cut their teeth on Kickstarter and went on to be household names, and loads more than never quite made it. If you want the inside track on what’s likely to be the next big thing on the site, make sure you follow us for regular updates, as well as other news from the world of tech and innovation.