Hunting through Kickstarter for new ideas and inventions is one of our favorite things. Recently we’ve come across a lightweight, foldable, self-balancing e-scooter from Mantour X and gazed on in wonder at the Indestructible Notepad with Titanium Cover and Stone Paper by PLEI DESIGN.

Since we spend so much time checking out what’s hot in the world of innovation, we might as well do something useful with what we learn. Here’s your next installment of our regular series looking at the best gadgets and interesting bits of tech off Kickstarter.

Let’s do this…

WALSUN: World’s SmalIest Fingerprint Disc Lock

Bike theft be gone

World’s SmalIest Fingerprint Disc Lock. Image credit: kickstarter.com

The makers tell us that this is the smallest fingerprint disc lock in the world, ready to keep your bicycle safe from theft. The Walsun is lightweight, coming in at a little less than 7.8oz (220g), and will unlock with your fingerprint in less than half a second using the advanced sensor. You can jettison your bulky locks and chains now; this device is similar in size and weight to a cell phone.

Investing in the Walsun gets you:

  • Fingerprint unlocking
  • A device for bicycles, motorbikes, and e-bikes
  • A portable 7.8oz lock
  • IP65 waterproof certification
  • Anti-theft integrated structure
  • Storage for up to 40 fingerprints
  • 3-month standby battery life

The lock fits over your bike’s disc brake so should fit most bicycle as well as motorbike and e-bike brakes, as long as they’re no more than 0.23 inches (6mm) thick. It’s designed to not cause damage even if you forget to remove it before starting off on your journey.

We also love the auto-lock feature of the Walsun, which works in a similar way to your phone’s “wake up” feature; if you don’t use the lock for 20 seconds it will lock itself up. Since it stores more than 40 fingerprints, you can easily share the device with your family, friends, or roommates, making it a sound investment.

This lock has more than doubled its initial target of $7,983, with pledges of $16,000 in the can so far. The early bird offer is still available for the Walsun on their Kickstarter campaign. For $60 you get the disc brake lock and a charging cable, as well as free shipping. You can expect your new lock to land in April 2020.

LilNob: Powerful GaN Adapter at 1/2 Size of a Credit Card

The petite power up

“It is so tiny”. Image credit: kickstarter.com

The LilNob is an adapter for your computer and USB devices. Just plug in this device and you can connect a range of devices for charging. It’s powered by GaN, or gallium nitride, so it can be small: half the size of a credit card small to be precise. The maximum power output is 65W when a single port is in use. You can charge a whole range of devices, such as Macbook Pro, laptops and PCs, Nintendo Switch, iPhone XS and Android phones at top speed.

Some of the cool features of the LilNob are:

  • 65W power output on a single port
  • Three ports – 2 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A
  • Multi-port charging compatible
  • Powerful and compact
  • Can charge a phone and Macbook simultaneously

With the multiple ports the LilNob has, you can juice up more than one device at a time. You can use the 45W output to charge your Macbook and at the same time charge your iPhone 11 at 18W. The GaN ((Navitas NV6115 chip) makes this cool device super compact, energy-efficient, and really heat resistant.

Looking for power solutions for your devices? The lowest pledge amount is $41 on Kickstarter, a 20% discount off the future retail price. Their initial goal was just $2,767 and they’ve mustered $11,000 so far, and if all goes to plan international shipping will start in April 2020.

Bike to Work Backpack for Fearless Commuters

Cycling smart

Image credit: kickstarter.com

When you choose to commute to work via bike, it can be a challenge to still rock up looking smart. The Shellback backpack will get your suit or other formal clothes to your destination, crease-free. The design of the bag means that you get compartments for your shoes, laptop, toiletries, water, jewelry, and other accessories, so you can still go all out on your outfit. The bag also features a Grab Handle, so you can whizz past it on your way out the door and pick it up quickly.

Some cool features include:

  • Shoulder and hip straps with padding and ventilation
  • Straps for chest, hips, and shoulders fully adjustable
  • Zip pulls to make opening and closing a breeze
  • Perfect carry-on size for most major airlines
  • Waterproof compartment for your laptop or documents
  • Section to put your 1l water bladder

The side compression straps mean that you can adjust the size of your bag so you can keep the contents stable and make sure the weight is evenly distributed whilst you’re on your bike. There’s also safety fabric and piping that reflects light at 420 candelas.

Need more? They use a suspended mesh with moisture-wicking properties so your perspiration gets kept away and your load doesn’t sit directly on you. The fabric used is also water-resistant, and as an added bonus, there’s even a waterproof poncho that stows into a bottom pocket.