Coronavirus gaines pandemic status

The World Health Organization has announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic. Pandemic is the elder brother of the epidemic who comes to fight with a bully after school. Epidemic — a rapid development of some random disease in a short period of time and spreading on the large amount of people in the random region, while pandemic is a disease that has occupied a large region, a country, for instance, multiple continents, or worldwide. 

Recent news about actively spreading coronavirus shows that a lot of countries are closing their borders, bus stations and airports will not cruise till the end of the March in order to slow down the spreading of the virus. As well as take necessary safety cations toward cafes, restaurants, gyms and all places where mass gathering is possible because strict adherence of all rules can bring us to overcoming the global crisis. 

More and more EU countries are switching on the quarantine mod and warn their citizens about not leaving their houses without acute necessity. All grocery stores will work as regular and the food will be delivered in those regions and countries where the situation is the worst — Italy, Spain, and Iran. Those companies who can afford it, tell their employees to work remotely to avoid being infected. Schools, colleges and universities are sending their students to their homes with a further online teaching. Isolation is the only way to reduce the growing number of infected people and take care of those who have already caught the virus. Introverts and children are extremely happy of quarantine (if to believe social medias), so maybe it is not that bad.

People’s reactions are lit

Massive quarantine is a complex set of pills required to be safe, but the side effect is loneliness and the nagging feeling of boredom. Different sources all around the world are trying to soothe people recommending variants on how to entertain themselves. Minute of original humor or wonderfully performed marketing campaign: Pornhub is opening its premium subscription for everyone who lives in Italy and absolutely for free. It will be appropriate to recall that it is not the only successful charity campaign of Pornhub, for example — Pornhub tried to get rid of plastic and clear up beaches with a campaign called Dirtiest Porn Ever.

Meanwhile, people are not losing their optimistic mood even staying isolated. Hands are free from work and there is more spare time to spend it with a hobby you ought to do but never had time for it. TikTok is the most popular platform for short-form mobile videos (an offspring of vines). Since the modern generation of children is more digitized there aren’t any brothers for them to stay in touch through the internet, as according to The Center for Parenting Education — kids and teens between the ages of 8 to 28 spend about 44.5 hours each week in front of digital screens. In TikTok, they create their reactions to the ongoing pandemic, share their thought and of course a stock of handwash dances. It is not bad, as they have where to spend their creativity, energy, and youth. As well as educating and dance videos there is also a pack of meme TikTok videos with black humor inherent to modern children.

However, TikTok is only the beginning. Music is a magnet that is picking all paper clips together. Music is an instrument to control people’s emotions and behavior. It can insist on doing something, reacting, reaching your feelings, connecting strangers people as if they had known each other for a hundred years. 

It is difficult to imagine lazily passing your favorite restaurant in Barcelona, where you use to have paella with seafood and not hearing Spanish motives, or enjoying the cloudless evening on the square where no street musicians are playing. Spain and Italy citizens have found the way how to enjoy beloved rhythms even being isolated:

Singing streets in Italy.
Gratitude to medical workers.

Panic around COVID-19

Panic is a condition caused by different factors: economical, geographical and social. There are even more reasons to create panic, but none of them can explain the chaos around toilet papers. Due to the ban on movement between cities and countries the government inform people not to leave their houses without need, and, logically, people want to buy different goods for one time. Antiseptics and various hygienic staff are must-have things to have at home. And I am repeating that none can argument why people are buying boxes of toilet paper.

Welcome back to the TikTok, where people with humor approach the toilet paper situation.

A new currency. Thanks to @destormpower
Test your luck. Thanks to @jackneel
Safety is a comfort.

Wrapping up

If not to take into consideration exhilarating smell of the fresh toilet towel or hand-made sanitizer with subtle hint of berry, we are in the unstable state between panic and hysterical meme generation. Both variants show that people are worried about the situation in the world, and the less we can do is to reduce contacting with people around and follow the rules of the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

Wash your hands and love yourself!