When the Apple HomePod mini hit the markets, it was welcomed with open arms. As a tiny, more affordable, smart speaker that was compatible with other Apple devices, it brought with it the same convenience in a drastically scaled-down form. Win-win.

Apple HomePod mini
Apple HomePod mini. Image credit: endgadget.com

Capable of managing schedules as well as entertaining you whilst you worked it was a must-have item that plenty of consumers had their eyes on. 

Unfortunately, the miniature device has presented a few issues from time to time for some users. There are a few workarounds that help resolve the problems. It is just a case of knowing exactly what to do. 

So we have gathered some of the most common issues with the help of other informative articles, such as this one by Tyler Lacoma at digitaltrends, to help give you all the info you need on fixing your HomePod mini.  

Siri detects no internet connection

Sometimes your Homepod mini may get confused by a router that automatically switches between the different bands. This will cause Siri to insist you have no internet connection. You can solve this issue by rebooting your Wi-Fi router or find a way to turn off the band switching completely and then reboot.

On your Home app, you should find the option to restart under HomePod Mini Settings. If the issue is down to a different fault, you will be given pop-up information with a way to resolve or manage it automatically.

If the problem is occurring again, restore your HomePod factory settings and start it over. To do it manually, unplug the mini, and after 10 seconds plug it back in. Five seconds later press on top of the HomePad mini and hold it there until the mini’s lights turn red. Once it happens, press your finger down until Siri notifies you that the mini is about to reset and you hear three beeps.

It may also be that you’ve got a defective unit if all other devices connect to the internet but the mini keeps on having permanent issues. It may be even that some features work but Siri is still reporting issues. In this case, you’ll have to call Apple support and ask for their expert opinion. You may get a replacement under your warranty.

Voice command response issues

First things first, check if the mini is plugged in and turned on. Then, try tapping the top to make sure it hasn’t crashed and is responding. If there is no success with manual controls, head to the Home app, and HomePod Mini Settings to find the option to Restart the mini. If this doesn’t help, follow the instructions above to do a full manual reset of the device.

Sometimes the problem lies within Siri controls. In case your manual controls work fine press the responsive top of the mini, hold it down and say “Turn on Hey Siri.” if this option doesn’t bring you any results, go to the home app, select your HomePod Mini Settings, and then look for the option that says Listen for Hey Siri. Also, check if it is turned on.

iPhone Handoff problems

Handoff feature is aimed to instantly pass audio from your iPhone to your mini speaker and when it works it’s a great feature to use.

In fact, only those, who own iPhone 11 and up can enjoy the feature to the fullest. The older models don’t provide a reliable connection and may not function as well.

Getting an update for your mini may also fix the problem. To check if there are any available updates head to the Home app and check HomePod Mini Settings. Apply an update and see if it works better. Apparently, the 14.2 update has solved this issue for many people. Finally, restart the HomePod mini completely, and give a handoff feature one more try.

Wi-Fi network connection issues

HomePod devices have been picking up Wi-Fi login details directly from your iPhone or iPad since the iOS 12 update. Of course, that relies on your other devices also being up to date. If that isn’t the case you may find your HomePod mini brings up errors when trying to connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network.

So first and foremost, ensure your other Apple devices are all set with current Wi-Fi information then simply restart the HomePod mini.

Taking the mini from one room to another could cause wireless connection issues. If you are moving, give the devices some time to re-establish their connections.

Hotspots connections in cafes and hotels will also be problematic. They are what is known as a captive connection and incompatible. The HomePod will need a full factory reset after trying to connect to a captive Wi-Fi connection.

HomePod mini will not play music

Go to the Home app and find Settings to check if you haven’t installed some updates. If there are any, install and restart the device. It is another common issue that causes HomePod mini to bug. Getting the 14.2 update fixed for many people, especially when it comes to playing Spotify.

HomeKit scenes not functioning

Sometimes the voice commands are not picked up by Siri when you create scenes in your Home app. On occasion, this can be a simple case of positioning and proximity. So first try moving your HomePod closer to the router itself giving it a stronger connection and less interference. 

The  HomePod in general does seem a little more sensitive than other smart devices when dealing with a barrage of crossed signals. Most people find that while scenes work on their iPhone and iPad the HomePod is not as capable. You might find a factory reset helps but you also may not.

Moving audio causes AirPlay to crash

First, make sure all devices involved are updated. There are some reported bugs that prevent AirPlay from working with the HomePod mini. Apple is looking to update the device with patches. Ultimately this may be a waiting game. However, if it isn’t a bug-related issue there is a little check-list to go through. First, ensure that all the devices you are moving music from are up-to-date with everything. Then you can perform a minor reset. Basically, you need to shut-down your mini and sign out of your iCloud. Then turn everything back on, this could do the trick.

Mini is completely unresponsive

If you’re seeing a permanent spinning orange circle when you’re plugged the mini in, something is wrong. You have to make sure you’re using the power adapter that came with the HomePod mini in the same box. Even though other Apple adapters look the same, they aren’t compatible with the mini. So, as a result, you’ll see the spinning orange circle. Otherwise, just call Apple Support.

Can’t connect to your TV?

Only the original big HomePod can support compatible home theater systems, speaker bars, Apple TV 4K, etc. Unfortunately, the HomePod mini is not home theater compatible because it lacks the spatial and directional audio software which can make this connection possible. If you want to try to connect to AirPlay or Apple TV you can still do it but don’t expect impressive results.

Pairing your mini’s in stereo

When you set-up two regular HomePod minis they should be able to pair with each other automatically without any problems. If you are finding that isn’t the case try moving the two together with a quick restart. If the issue persists, try repairing them in a different environment. Move rooms and restart them all over again. Once they have finally found each other and paired without a hitch you can separate them and move them back to where you originally wanted them. Next time they should pair automatically.