David Attenborough, an English broadcaster and natural historian, once said a very nice thing: “We’re not throwing our waste away because there is no away”. If you’re both a tech lover and eco-guardian you will share his philosophy. Can you see where we’re going? The least you can do to help yourself survive is to stop trashing your waste. A team of developers from Germany has implemented the same philosophy into their kitchen composter — KALEA.

What is KALEA?

It may seem that KALEA is an ordinary composter that makes soil from food litter. That’s almost true; it is surely a composter, but not an average one, as you’ll see. A big boxed construction. which looks like a PC setup, can automatically chop, mix, dry, and produce nutrient-rich compost. That is head and shoulders above its competitors with appliances that produce only shredded organic waste and not compost. In easy words: compost feeds — waste kills. 

Ready-to-use compost
KALEA produces ready-to-use compost

KALEA solves a common problem that affects people’s decisions to sort and recycle organic litter — the bad smell. Even just with this advantage, it’s reason enough to purchase the smart composter. However, you’ll be more impressed when you know that it takes up to 48 hours to recycle organic waste for KALEA. That’s because, inside the machine, there are the perfect conditions for microorganisms to make compost. Inner-sensors and a control system make a perfect environment for microorganisms by combining an optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation inside the appliance. As a result, KALEA is the first composter that cuts the composting process from an average of six weeks down to just 48 hours.

Shred, recycle, compost

The big size of the KALEA is definitely its drawback, isn’t it? As noted above, it’s the first composter that can cope with the task in just 48 hours, rather than six weeks. It is logically that developers sacrificed the tiny size in order to reduce the recycling time. There are three bins inside the KALEA that are actually three steps to transforming your food scraps into real compost. 

Three steps to make compost
Three steps to make compost out of your litter

Step 1: Put the KALEA right next to the surface you’re cooking on so you can throw all waste inside the composter. Don’t be humble, you can load it generously because the machine can overcome the weekly organic waste volume of a typical four-person family — approximately two cycles of 10 litres. The shredding machine will greedily chop and dry every piece of litter, even nutshells and small bones. 

As a nice bonus, the KALEA doesn’t produce crunchy sounds that could bother you. 

Step 2: In the composting bin, there are many sensors that control every millimeter of the environment for the microorganisms inside of it. A perfect combination of temperature, humidity, and aeration makes this composting bin a real horn of plenty; that’s why KALEA reduces composting time to just two days.

Step 3: Your compost is ready for use. Treat your plants and flowers with a fresh portion of “food”. Compost is so wonderful for plants because it contains all the essential nutrients every plant needs. Besides, you can use the compost anytime you need it because it stays fresh for up to two years.

In only three steps, you get rid of natural waste, fruit flies, and bad smells. What’s more important, you help nature along the way.


You can take the composting process under your control with the KALEA app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. When you open it, you’ll see three different tabs: Garden, Compost, and Impact. 

In Garden, you can find composting and gardening tips about how to take care of plants. When to plant a carrot, where to plant tomatoes, and how much compost they need is all covered, and more. It’s all available, just a tap away.

KALEA is the first kitchen composter that literally chops your litter
Garden tab shows important information about planting

In Compost, you can pay attention to essential indicators that show the machine is working correctly. 

Check working indicators

In Impact, you can see your own eco-achievements, how many kilos you’ve reduced this month, and the amount of CO2 saved by using KALEA.

You observe your eco-achievments

“With KALEA, we want to increase the comfort in dealing with kitchen waste at home, and at the same time, make a sustainable contribution to the environment. By solving the annoying disposal of kitchen waste, not only do we obtain nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants, but we also avoid the generation of climate-damaging methane gas,” says Dr. Johannes Luschitz, Head of Tech at KALEA. 

How composting can help you and the Earth

Bio-waste, unlike plastic litter, is rottable. Annually, EU citizens produce 76.5 and 102 million tonnes of food and garden waste respectively. All this litter produces methane gas if it’s not recycled correctly. Methane is 20 times more harmful to the climate than CO2. When using KALEA, you’re making a contribution in your life, if we can still call it life instead of surviving. 

Wrapping up

KALEA is a gorgeous eco-device to have at home. It is indeed big, but you can fit it in almost any place at home because the design is sleek and minimalistic. It doesn’t produce noise, there are no annoying fruit flies, and your conscience is free from thoughts about ecology. With KALEA, you can become a part of the natural circle. Produce compost; not waste. To purchase your own KALEA smart composter just click this link.