Kickstarter is probably my second favorite platform – the first one is Reddit – where I can spend the whole evening procrastinating over innovations. It’s so inspiring to scroll the feeds and watch the enthusiasts who’d like to make their contribution in the world. You can donate a sum of money and get different perks from developers. But it’s up to you. Nobody points a shotgun at you and forces you to open your wallet and insert your credit card information. 

When you find the developer you’d like to support, you’re probably the luckiest person in the world. It’s so cheerful to get an early bird device and realize that you’re that lucky minority that got this exclusive. 

Since I’ve been spending so much time surfing Kickstarter, I wanted to use all the information usefully, so I’ve decided to share it with you. Perhaps you’ll find that device, the chosen one, you’ve been waiting for so long. All right then, the first trio is here. Enjoy.

MILO — The Action Communicator

MILO — The Action Communicator

Milo caught my attention very fast. It’s the first wireless action communicator, with a Kickstarter campaign that gathered the target amount of money on the first day — but I could be wrong here. Developers have done everything right and only this matters.

Milo was designed in the style of our modern times. It’s tiny, with a minimalistic look and powerful hardware. You can pair gadgets with your friends and communicate during the action without any distractions, so your eyes always stick to the surroundings. It’s easy to wear and easy to use. Clip your device, pair it with your friends’ communicators, and set out on adventures.  

Milo has got a waterproof IP67 rating.

The best way to describe Milo is to say that it’s the iPhone from 2007 but for traditional walkie-talkies. And that’s true, because Milo does without an outdated usage scheme. You don’t need to hold a button to talk, the audio quality is close to ideal, there’s wind noise suppression, and it is very ergonomic. 

You can find more information about Milo right here. As a conclusion, I’d like to say that Milo is a wonderful investment in your comfort and stability during a journey. You’ll get rid of bulky radio stations, which are not useful during action. 

Milo tech specs

FARO — Stylish Smart Helmet

More and more people prefer to use bikes, scooters, and different e-transport over cars. At the same time, eco-drivers are more vulnerable than car drivers, and I think you know why. Saving people’s lives is a priority for governments, that’s why you should wear a helmet and have reflecting signs —  so car drivers can see you when it is dark. However, not everybody has got a reflective light surface on their clothes, but the helmet is a strict rule. 

The company, UNIT1, has designed the most sexy helmet I’ve ever seen. It is called Faro — the smart helmet. It’s got lights on the front and back, a stylish urbanistic design, and a vent system. Its minimalistic design is the thing that grabs my attention; it looks attractive and simple, without aggressive curves or acid colors. In one word — lovely.

More light for better visability.

Faro helps you to stay visible all the time. More light for a bike driver means more safety. A lot of car accidents happen because car drivers simply can’t notice a bike driver on the road. That’s because regular lights on bikes are too small and are kept in a low position.

There’s a fabric zone on the back of the helmet and it is not without purpose. Under the fabric there are hidden lights you can control through an app. You can change the color and flashing pattern that helps you to be more visible. Car drivers can’t read thoughts, that’s why cars have got a complex light system. It’s  the same thing bicyclists should have. 

UNIT1 sets a high bar for helmet makers and, at the same time, they do it with a style. Faro could save somebody’s life and that’s not a statistic but a fact. You can see more information about Faro right here.

Faro specs

Bolt — A modular heated mug

Bolt is the cutest innovation of the week. First of all, I like cups. Moreover, I have a separate place in my bag for my take away cup, so I’m always armed with one. Also, it looks fancy and these matte colors drive me crazy. Okay, let’s get to the point.

Bolt — A modular heated mug.

It’s a wonderful present for yourself, relatives, your love, friends, basically for everybody who drinks warm liquid. Bolt is completely portable, easy-to-use, and rechargeable. I feel a little envious because the mug has more battery capacity – 5400 mAh – than my phone.

You can control the temperature of the mug using one-touch controls. Also, thanks to the unique construction, Bolt can do two things simultaneously: heat liquid and keep the existing temperature. Normally thermo cups can do only one thing. How do you like that? 

You’ll never know that you need this mug until you get it. I’m sure once you try to heat your coffee, you’ve forgotten about, Bolt will heat your heart and the coffee. More information about Bolt can be found here.

Bolt specs