Apple showed off some of its latest new platform features at its WWDC keynote speech on Monday. There are so many exciting developments coming to its platform that the company didn’t have time to show off everything coming iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Fortunately, release details in their preview pages had plenty of information to offer and we have meticulously been through it for you. We also took a moment to do a bit of research online and comb their Twitter feed to see exactly what was missing from their recent presentation.

Upcoming iOS/iPadOS 15 features

The majority of iOS and iPadOS coming features that were not mentioned at WWDC are in the form of notification updates. This might sound trivial but in actuality presents a host of improvements that will make life easier. The platforms themselves will function better providing added convenience. FaceTime has been given extra focus- no doubt as a result of the socially distanced age we are living through and multitasking will be much more of a doddle to boot. Let’s take a closer look at what is being tweaked:

  • Memoji updates; Accessibility options have been improved and there will be new avatar outfits available with the next update too.
  • FaceTime will now notify you if you speak whilst your microphone is muted. You will also now be able to zoom in using your back camera if you want to show off your surroundings without getting off of the couch.
  • CarPlay is getting the same treatment as Airpods; Your phone will now be able to read texts to you whilst you drive with the inclusion of the same Announce Messages feature.
  • iOS 15 security updates will now be non-exclusive to a full update, so if you are data conscious you can hold off the full overhaul but still benefit from the security upgrades.
  • Some users will be able to track iPhones when the power is off and even post-factory resets. At present we don’t know which models will specifically be able to support this feature but it will be undoubtedly useful if a phone is stolen.
  • Print dialog has been improved and will provide more options to users.

  • Apple is offering a complimentary 3-week temporary iCloud storage for help transferring to a new device.
  • Planning trips will be easier within Apple Maps as the company is adding a leaving and arrival times feature.
  • Flipping your phone will be a thing of the past when it comes to iPhone apps for iPad which will be able to run in landscape view with update 15.
  • Rain predictions will be a push notification option.
  • HomeKit devices will be scheduled with Siri letting you turn on your bedroom remotely.
  • The pull-to-refresh mechanism found in Mail and other social network apps is coming to the Safari browser.
  • Text size, contrast, and other accessibility preferences can be set for individual apps.
  • Photos will now include EXIF data giving you the details of your camera and lens info.
  • The date and time settings of your photos will also be adjustable from now on.
  • The Apple TV remote software has had a new revamped design that is more in -line with the modern hardware version.

  •  iPhone 12 panorama shots have been updated and adjusted to prevent distortion, improving them tenfold. 
  • Photos will be updated to learn that specific photo subjects should not appear in the Photos widget or Memories; handy for privacy.
  • Users will be able to access Spotlight directly from the lock screen and Notification Center.
  • Brazillian customers will be receiving the same Spam-filtering update that India was privy to last year. Spamming in the country is rife at the moment, so the feature will no doubt be a welcome extra.
  • Cross-app dragging and dropping will make it easier to transfer files from app to app.

  • Gender pronouns coming to Spanish language operating systems. Your iPhone will now refer to you with masculine, feminine, or neutral wording.
  • A new home widget for your Mail is coming, in addition to a widget that reports how well you slept!
  • Tab through your texts with your iPads like you can on Macs and within Safari to save time and effort.
  • An eye-tracking hardware update to iPads to help with improving accessibility. Users will be able to control a cursor using nothing but their eye movements.

Universal controls; MacOS Monterey

As Mitchell Clarke went over in his piece for The Verge one of the more interesting parts of Apple’s keynote speech was the impressive Monterey demo of its new Universal Control features. Apple also went over Shortcuts that have been developed for macOS operations. Aside from the complexity of the machine capability upgrades that were demonstrated there are a few ‘fun’ little extras on the less serious side that we have to look forward to this coming fall.

  • The use of Memoji’s in place of a user profile picture, an unnecessary addition but cute and fun to see it shake its head if you mistype your password.

  • Your menu will now display a notification to let you know when an application is listening to you with a new software microphone indicator light.
  • The ability to pause and resume transfers within the file copy interface.
  • User data, settings, and apps can now be easily deleted without having to reinstall the OS, perfect if you are selling your Mac on.
  • System Preferences will include the options for managing saved passwords and allow you to import the data from elsewhere and vice-versa. 
  • Cursor customization; Change the color of the outline and filling.
  • Automatically resize windows if you move them to a secondary monitor when you move them to another monitor.
  • Easily integrate shell commands with a new simplified shortcut.
  • A Go To Folder dialog has been added in ‘Finder’ for easy exploration.
New features in iOS 15
Image credit: theverge.com

Cross-device Apple operation updates

In addition to the device-specific updates, we have listed there are many things available as part of the coming update that will affect the entire Apple ecosystem. So here a handful of attributes that Phones, iPads, and Macs will all sport alike:

  • Much like Google and Authy, the systems will all now feature a one-time use integrated password generator.
  • Safari will detect HTTPS support automatically on web pages just like the HTTPS Everywhere extension made useful.
  • MacOS and iPad will benefit from a power-saving mode for when your battery has low power letting users stretch out and make the most of their MacBook Pro use.
  • A tags feature, similar to the one that Notes uses, is coming to the Reminders app.
  • Visual Look Up details will be displayed in the Photos info pane.
  • DownTime will be able to be initiated whenever you please, allowing you to focus.
  • A Windows extension for Edge on that supports iCloud Password usage.
Fresh watchOS update
Image credit: theverge.com

What to watch out for on WatchOS 8

WatchOS was covered pretty extensively onstage at WWDC. It seems apparent that Apple’s wearable tech wasn’t at the heart of any major updates this time around. So we will have to stay content with the tweaked always-on display support, multiple timers, and time complications.