If there’s only room in your life, apartment, or relationship for one console, then you probably should invest in a PlayStation 4. Actually, go the whole hog and get the Pro version if you’re going for it. 

Since most of the world is housebound and self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, why not show your PS4 the love that it deserves and get bingeing on some games. Mark Serrel put together a list of the best games for your console for cnet, where this article appeared in its original form. 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by Activision

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The chatter on the internet is all about how difficult this game is. That may be so, but Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is still in the category of masterpiece, brought to you by the creators of Dark Souls: From Software.  

What made Dark Souls such a compelling game has seeped into Sekiro, yet it’s still a unique beast of a game. It’s as far away from the Souls series as Bloodborne is. You’ve going to get skilled up as you play the game, especially in the art of parrying, and the learning curve is well worth it.

Expect to see this on Game of 2020 lists.

God of War by Santa Monica Studio

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This game comes from one of the most consistent franchises on the Playstation platform, and yet it’s a complete reinvention at the same time.  

God of War is very, very good.

There is a new combat system that you’re going to spend some time figuring out and mastering, but once you’ve got it down then you’re good to go. To understand what the PS4 can really do, this is the game that shows it all off. Head to Settings and amp it up to 60 frames per second and you’re going to have a very enjoyable quarantine. 

Spider-Man by Insomniac Games

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After Batman: Arkham Asylum, Spider-man is probably number two in the list of best superhero video game list. It might be a tad derivative, but the game is extremely well made and polished within an inch of its life. It’s well worth checking this one out.

Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games

Image credit: epicgames.com

Could you not have this game on a list like this? 

It took some time for Rockstar to give us a new video game, but when Red Dead Redemption 2 was released our patience was duly rewarded. The details ooze out of the game once you get yourself past the slow start. This game is truly engrossing and up there as one of the best video games made, ever. 

Assassins Creed Odyssey

Image credit: microsoft.com

It’s time to lock yourself down on your sofa and be ready for the five hours of opening credits that come along with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The game itself is pretty big, with twenty hours of gaming before it really even gets going. 

Once it does get going, man does it go. It’s going to take time, but you have plenty, so dive in.

Apex Legends

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Hands up who saw this one coming? No one? Not just me that was blindsided then. 

Fortnite was once the ruler of the universe in battle royale gaming culture, but that was back in 2018. Apex Legends has stepped up to be the biggest challenger to that rule, and rightly so.The team that brought you Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as well as Titanfall, have also designed this game. Their input has made Apex Legend feel great in every minute of gameplay. This game isn’t going anywhere fast. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games

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When you’re looking for Video Games: Greatest Hits, you want to get Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The mission structure is sprawling, just like The Witcher 3; the scanning style is reminiscent of Metroid Prime; the bows and arrows and survival will take you back to Tomb Raider.  

*Dr Evil voice* there’s even frickin’ laser beams and frickin’ robot dinosaurs.  

Amongst all of that, woven into the action is a high-concept story that is surprisingly compelling and will hit you in the guts with the great writing and layered characters.  

It’s easy to argue that this is the best game out on PlayStation 4.


Image credit: playstation.com

There is no such thing as a bad video game from FromSoftware. There are, however, plenty of stone-cold classics that have streamed out of the studio for years. 

In amongst the gold is a FromSoftware diamond, Bloodborne.  

You get a new universe, a combat style that’s fast-paced, environments with amazing scenery, and enemies that are well designed too. Bloodborne isn’t going to be easy, but there’s plenty of satisfaction to be had. It’s worth noting that if you want to get into “Souls” as a genre, this is a good starting point.

The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt Red

Image credit: allkeyshop.com

The only word I can find for The Witcher 3 is glorious. 

This is an open-world world that’s going to bend your mind without compromising on the depth. The visuals are where you find the glory. The writing is great and there’s a structure to it that makes the expected side-quests feel like there’s some meaning to them.

You will hand over whole chunks of your life to this behemoth of a game. 

Persona 5 by Atlus

Image credit: polygon.com

Are you looking for a game that’s a high-school drama, spans dimensions, and is anime based? Do you want handsome teenagers that battle against demons from different universes? 

Ladies and gentlemen, I have what you need. 

It’s Persona 5.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Image credit: microsoft.com

If you’re a fan of good story-telling, you might not want to look at the brutal, unfinished mess that is Metal Gear Solid V.  

But try not to be fussy, because it really isn’t a problem.

At the heart of Metal Gear Solid 5 is the cat-and-mouse sneakery of guard evasion. That heart beats strong and fast, the mechanics of the game are sold and shiny. 

This incarnation of the Metal Gear Solid series is very accessible, as well as more complex. They’ve trodden a fine line in a way that’s not easy to understand. 

Get playing.


Image credit: store.steampowered.com

Bizarre, wild, and spectacular are the three words to use for the video game Control. It’s a big-budget game that is packed with ambition and interest. If you’re into X-Files and Twin Peaks, this is a game that you’re going to love.

Mortal Kombat 11 by NetherRealm Studios

Image credit: mortalkombat.com

It’s been around as a title for what seems like forever, and Mortal Kombat is still kicking better than ever. No longer the underdog to the wonderful Street Fighter II, this game is a strong and spectacular fighting game all of its own, and it’s definitely the best Mortal Kombat game you’re going to play. 

Rocket League by Psyonix

Image credit: rocketleague.com

Playing soccer with cars is an interesting concept, and a market cornered by Rocket League. In such a broken world, something so wonderful shouldn’t rightly exist. 

The popularity isn’t as high as when it first came out, when everyone seemed to go nuts for Rocket League. There’s still a large, hardcore community that has stayed around the game. 

You’re going to be entertained immediately with this game. What more reason do you need to play it?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Image credit: playstation.com

Maybe not as strong as the seminal Uncharted 2, Uncharted 4 still holds the benchmark of excellence in visual story-telling. 

There are some faults around the length of the game and a few too many shooting scenes, but there are still plenty of ground-breaking story-telling techniques in Uncharted 4. 

What’s more, it really is up there with the best in terms of beautiful video games. 

The Witness by Jonathan Blow

Image credit: playstation.com

You’re going to feel like a complete idiot when you play The Witness, and it’s by design. 

This is no bad thing.

Remember how Metroid and Zelda take your hand and guide your progress, handing over items that are the keys to moving through the game? 

This is sort of what The Witness does, yet the keys you get to train your brain through masses of puzzles. 

You’re definitely going to like this game. 


Image credit: playstation.com

Experienced video gamers should be playing Undertale.

That’s no bad thing. There are in-jokes, tropes are subverted, and the sharpness is genuinely funny. As an RPG it’s actually interesting and it really deserves to be played.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus by Bethesda

Image credit: ageofgeeks.com

Otherwise known as Punching Nazis: The Video Game.

2017’s best game was most definitely Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, packed with cultural relevance too. 

What Remains of Edith Finch by Gamespot

Image credit: epicgames.com

Your interest is going to be piqued by this unique game that is all about the story. It’s for you if you liked playing Dear Esther, Gone Home, and other such games. 

You’ll get a narrative drive, short and snappy game that will touch your soul with What Remains of Edith Finch.


Image credit: nintendo.ru

Everyone knows Doom, and that it’s always been good. Fact. Knowing the history, it seems impossible for the new version of Doom to be this good. It’s filled with nods to old-style first-person shooters. You get up close to the monster and splatter the guts across floors covered in blood. 

Fill your boots. 

Nier: Automata by Giant Bomb

Image credit: pcmag.com

Sharing a release year with Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is tough, yet some would still argue that Nier: Automata was nevertheless the best game of that year. 

You may disagree, but getting close to that calibre is a decent achievement. You really need to give some loving time to Nier: Automata. It’s definitely worth it. 

Resident Evil 7

Image credit: microsoft.com

There’s a league table for Resident Evil games. It goes a little something like this.

Resident Evil 4: amazeballs

Resident Evil 2: amazing

Resident Evil 5 and 6: not amazing

Resident Evil 7: what’s better than amazeballs? 

This franchise is the grandaddy of the video game horror genre and it’s back on top. Brace yourself for a wild ride. 

Titanfall 2

Image credit: ea.com

If you think first-person shooters are banal and lacking innovation, you’ve not played Titanfall 2. You get to do double jumping, wall running, and turn into a humongous robot… Not quite standard then.

There’s nothing samey about this shooter. That’s why you need to play it.

Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment

Image credit: ultimategeeknews.com

Of course you know what Overwatch is.  

It’s best played on a PC, but you’re going to be very happy playing this on a console as well. It’s a tremendous online shooter, packed with great character design and the game-play is wonderfully balanced.  

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Image credit: microsoft.com

Was Destiny one of your favorite games? Are you into replaying the same level again and again, grinding through them with unwavering dedication with your buddies? Fan of disappearing out of reality searching for more ephemeral pleasures? 

Strap in for the game that was practically designed for you. 

We’re only vaguely joking. Destiny 2 was very decent, and Destiny 2: Forsaken is even better than what came before. 

Dark Souls 3

Image credit: gamespot.com

Just like its Dark Souls predecessor, Dark Souls 3 is one to grow on you. Once it has grown, there’ll be room for nothing else in your life. 

Dark Souls are really great games. 

The great thing about Dark Souls 3 is that it’s modern and refined and the clunky bits of previous incarnations are gone. The level design is the best of any of the “Souls” series. 

INSIDE by Playdead

Image credit: nintendo.ru

Short, disturbing, and haunting for a while after. That’s INSIDE for you. 

The experience of playing this game will be tough to forget. It’s not really right to say too much more. Be assured the game is smart, polished, interesting, and unique. You need this experience in your life, it’s that well-made. 

Monster Hunter: World

Image credit: microsoft.com

Introducing the new fish in the pond: Monster Hunter: World. 

It’s really an important milestone for the Monster World series, which has been a big hit in Japan and is now heading for success in the Western world.  

Many gaming conversations are about Monster Hunter nowadays, and it’s easy to see why. What you love about Monster Hunter is made more accessible, and, well, bigger. You’ve probably seen it on low-powered handheld gaming units. Now it’s come to the big-boy consoles, Monster Hunter is going to hit new heights. 

Resident Evil 2 by Capcom

Image credit: fanatical.com

As remakes go, Resident Evil 2 is the best you’ll find. It’s evocative of the spirit of the original game, yet it’s not dated and creaky. Whether you’re familiar with the original game, or wet behind the ears when it comes to Resident Evil, this game will work for you. As a reworking of a style of game that’s not so common now, it’s a brilliant reworking.