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PlayStation 5 it is almost here, a few more… months?


Today Sony is going to hit Microsoft back with a countersuit and reveal another portion of information about the upcoming PlayStation 5 and its inner hardware body in a special event on the PlayStation Blog. This event has to see by PS fans who are tired of waiting. The event will be done in the manner “how it is working” where Mark Cerny tells us more about “PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.”

Coronavirus spreading is a threat, but in this case, it’s only the annoying fly flying over the ears when it comes to the battle between two giants Microsoft and Sony. According to The Verge, all we know about Sony’s next-gen console – PS5 and some tech characteristics. It will use an eight-core CPU (which is based on AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line) and a custom GPU based on the AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware. Sony also supports 8K resolutions, 3D audio, 4K gaming at 120Hz a lower power consumption option, and it’s including an ultra-fast SSD inside the new console.

The shape, design and even the color of the PS5 are still unrevealed, while recently Microsoft has demonstrated the full specs for the Xbox Series X console. So, as a result we know almost every detail about Xbox: the fridge shape, black meditative color, technical specs were predicted and you can find additional information about them right here.

Hennadii Kotov
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