Sony started PlayStation 5 sales on Thursday, November 12. While you’re waiting for your console to arrive, or you’re just thinking of purchasing one, you should take into account the list of accessories for the PS5. They can help you to squeeze all the pleasure out of the next-gen console.

PlayStation 5 controller

The Verge, in its article, puts the controller in first place, and it’s obvious why. Every PS5 comes together with one DulSense controller in the box. A brand new controller overwhelms the Dualshock controllers in all features. The design is sleek and more futuristic, though it has only a two-color scheme and it fits your hands more ergonomically. The DualSense has much more to impress you: adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and haptic feedback. It’ll be a novelty to get used to the new functions but your impression palette will get new colors. 

Moreover, you can now connect the DualSense to an Android device wirelessly. The same thing you can achieve with your PC with Bluetooth support. Not got Bluetooth on your computer? Use a USB cable. 

The new controller has a higher price of $70, compared with its predecessor, but you’ll notice that the bigger price is fully justified by the new specs. It’s fact that the PS4 controller will work with your PS5 console, but it’s compatible only with PS4 games.

DualSense contoller. Image credit:

HD camera

The PS5 HD camera is a must-have buy for users who want to live-stream video games or broadcast gameplay with friends. For only $60, you’ll get a dual 1080p lens and a better video quality than the PS4 camera has. 

Talking about digital accessories, Sony will launch the PlayStation Plus Collection. This service is a digital library that will contain all the most popular PS4 titles. To enter the library you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus subscription. Visit Eneba to catch a one-year subscription for $29.

PS5 HD camera
PS5 HD camera. Image credit:

Media Remote

Coming back to physical accessories, you can buy a media remote to manipulate your PS5 console like a device for movies and videos. When you get your new console, check the app library. You’ll find a bunch of streaming apps including Apple TV Plus, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. With all that, a media remote will be a useful gadget. 

PS5 Media control
PS5 Media control. Image credit:

Unfortunately, there are no details about the SSD expansion support. Sony has remarked that the extra SSD port will not work on the PS5 console from release, but this problem will soon be repaired.