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Samsung event: Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20, all cards are on the table


It was short but informative. On February 11th Samsung, one of the tech giants, arranged its own event to demonstrate its innovations and hot models coming to market. Organizing an event is a bit like car racing, where you have a choice whether to add some speed and slip into a turn or hit the brakes and calmly turn on the next street.

Without any doubt and hesitations, and not waiting for MWC where other smartphone titans like Huawei and Xiaomi were going to present us their new models and foldables, Samsung managed to ignore that mass gathering and conducted their own show. All the better for us. We have enough expectations and some of them have already been met. In just one short moment we got four main gadgets and several accessories. Let’s go through them, one by one:

Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy: S20, S20+, S20 Ultra. Image credit: ixbt.com

Let’s push aside our skeptical thoughts and pointed remarks about the number 20 in the name, it’s ok. These three models have had some changes in the design, and I think Samsung have found their own golden middle. The look is stylish, smooth, well-polished, and just damn (can I use this word?) brilliant. On the back of the phone we can see the difference in camera formation and graduated diversities; it looks like the Galaxy S20 is me before Thanksgiving, the S20+ how I look during celebrations, and the S20 Ultra is me relaxing after all the food.

As for the general features, all models gain the ability to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape in 8K which is revolutionary for a phone. We didn’t have enough time to have a breather after 4K, and baaaam – here I am – 8K.  The same story is happening with 5G modems that are available in the new models; now you can download your TikTok video faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Galaxy Z Flip

Image credit: samsung.com

Oh my God! Is that a foldable smartphone that looks like Motorola Razr? No way! Actually, everyone could be down to play Nostradamus and have predicted something like that. But, the shape and the folding screen are not attention-grabbing features. All the miracles are in tiny details. The screen is made of super-thin glass which allows you to keep your smooth experience touching the screen. Moreover, you can fold and set the screen in multiple different positions, as a result, you have no need to lean your phone on your cup filled with your favorite tea. New sweeper technology means that every fold you make will be soft and smooth as if it’s the first time. Samsung takes care of you and your TikTok videos.

The features are not as lit as the Galaxy S20, but the Galaxy Z Flip still can impress with wonderful 4K video recording and photo shooting, and even more besides.

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Galaxy Buds+

Image credit: samsung.com

To tell you the truth, there is nothing innovative that comes with a new version of earbuds. But what was I expecting to see? Maybe they have everything we need, except for noise cancellation, but that is not the problem. They’ve doubled the battery life, and now you can listen to your TikTok videos and tune in your favorite Billie Eilish track for 11 hours, and extend that to 22 hours of battery life with the charging case. The sound is more clear and pure; that was predictable. The best defense is to attack, and they put three mics in to be sure nothing can spoil the quality of your conversation. The three microphone system creates a shield because the two outer mics work in harmony with the inner mic to hide you from the noisy surroundings. The more the better.

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