Samsung demonstrates either a firm determination or a silly attempt to create something new and break the cycle of the unstoppable Samsara wheel. Our congratulations go to the new and possibly the most innovative smartphone of the year – the Galaxy Z Flip. The time has not been spent in the vacuum of space, and on February 11th the tech part of the internet was speculating on, thinking about, and criticizing Samsung’s new foldable phone. Galaxy Z Flip has mistakenly been said to be pretending to be the Motorola Razr but it is not. Although yeah, they have similar shapes and the same obstacles to overcome. I’ve seen this awkward situation somewhere before…

Galaxy Z Flip design. Image credit: gagadget.com

I appreciate Samsung attempts to create something new, something that can change a standard design and manufacturing pattern for modern smartphones. After their first great foldable catastrophe, the company could easily have changed their direction and stopped producing any foldable gadgets. Samsung is struggling to overcome its forces and technologies. I don’t know whether they are brave to experiment, or stubborn to earn some money, but the Galaxy Z Flip is the best foldable gadget out now.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a phone to show off and create viral trends like TikTok videos. You can fix the phone in several positions, and if you believe Samsung, the phone’s hinge part will successfully resist the constant folding of you and your little kids. During this folding movement, a special technology using nylon fibre will be on trial. The visible crease will stay there and when looking at the phone from a side angle you can see it, and constant scrolling will remind you about the existence of it. But it is not the biggest problem of the phone, actually it doesn’t have any minuses; it’s the most elaborate foldable phone.

Specs, features, and everything sweet about it

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has a 6.7-inch foldable screen without the function to become a tablet, it is not a transformer and it solves all necessary tasks a phone should solve. The big question is about how it’s similar in appearance and concept to the Motorola Razr, but we will put this topic aside because the Galaxy Z Flip has enough surprises to make us look on in wonder.

This smartphone has got the first foldable glass in the world, with better sustainability and is way out in front of its allies. There is no 3.2mm audio jack on the body, which means the era of the audio jack is almost over. When the phone is closed you can catch another tiny surprise in the form of the 1.1-inch AMOLED ‘Cover Display’. The tinier the thing, the cuter it is. Unfortunately, the usefulmeter correlates between 0 and Mi Band 3, but unlike the fitness tracker, the Z Flip’s screen is too small to see messages, but there is an alternative for notifications; you can tap on the Cover Display and see the full app waiting for you when you unfold your phone.

Galaxy Z Flip. Image credit: ixbt.com

The battery can’t flex its capacity. It’s only 3,300mAh, which isn’t much for an expensive phone. The amount of mAh and evolution of functions should grow exponentially. It seems that the phone is progressing and regressing at the same time. This can happen because of the foldable function and the lack of space inside of the phone, that’s why the engineers should sacrifice something in order to gain this flexibility.

The camera is not a thing to be proud of on this phone, but nobody has stated that it should somehow be a surprise to us. Galaxy Z Flip has a 12MP, ultra-wide camera. But it still shoots in 4K and can compete with half of the smartphone market or more. The photos look impressive, with a great balance of contrast ratio and very natural-like colors thanks to the OLED display.

Two cameras and tiny display. Image credit: androidcentral.com

Unlike its non-folding relatives, the Galaxy Z Flip has only one variant which comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal capacity. The storage seems to be big enough because the phone is not provided with an additional microSD slot, though it’s not a big deal because there are enough alternatives to expand the memory on the cloud services. Plus, it is the only model which is not rewarded to get 5G. After this, I put the price of the phone under the big question tag.

This engineering miracle costs $1,380 / £1,300. It is available now in the US and UK. A big oof towards a wallet, be strong and wish you a stark stamina.