When you take a gorgeous photo, the first thing comes to your mind: I want to share it with others. As a result, you tap on the Instagram icon and upload your photo there. The logic chain is clear here; let’s take the other example. Imagine your head is full of thoughts and like an overfilled barrel it spills a lot of unclear thoughts around. As a result, you open your Facebook or Twitter account and share your thoughts with your friends. 

But hell, I’m a music addict and I’ve got a song I have been listening to for 157 hours in a row, where can I share it? Okay, with some extra effort, I’ve found out that my friend likes it too, but I’m using Apple Music when he has Spotify. Too many extra moves to share one song.

Dylan Baijanuth — a student at McMaster University, faced the same lame situation when his roommate and he were trying to share music playlists. Dylan had the idea that it’s not fair you have to break through so many obstacles to share a playlist. 

“Sure, we could have just downloaded a playlist converter but we wanted something easier,” Dylan told 4promedia. 

He came up with an idea and it’s as simple as a white wall – to create a social media app that would be like Instagram is for photos, but instead of pics, you share music and playlists with your friends. 

When the idea is ready — it’s time for somebody to bake it. Dylan has teamed up with several students from other universities throughout Toronto, Canada and they’re on their way to creating the first social media for music addicts.

Young, ambitious, with a straight aim – these words are suitable for both Dylan’s team and their social media app: MySound

MySound app interface.

I like how they pitch their app, by saying:

If Twitter and Instagram had a baby, and that baby was raised by a music streaming service.” 

MySound functions

MySound has got the typical functions you can see on almost every social media app. That was designed to deliver the familiar sense of scrolling so your fingers slide within the app like you’ve been doing for so long now. 

There’s a Homepage where you can see songs and playlist your friends have posted. Also, there’s a re-share button and a heart button to like the content. 

When you open a Discover page you’ll see the search bar, where you can find friends. Besides that, you’ll find the most liked playlists and songs of the week below. You can share these creations as well.

How to make posts? There are two buttons on the Post page where you can choose which streaming platform you would like to share the song from: Apple Music or Spotify. When the post is ready, you can check out your profile and see what you’ve liked earlier.

But that was only a warm-up. Since every user of MySound will meet a lot of changes, it will learn new things about itself and evolve into a grown-up. Dylan and his team are working on expanding MySound functions and soon they’ll add a comments section where you can leave your comments about how good that song is, or not, as the case may be.

What has to be done

North America will be the initial launch for MySound, but Dylan and his team have a plan to launch it globally by the end of 2021. Dylan hints that MySound has a plan to develop its own streaming service which will be available for a premium subscription, though it’s not the core idea – “MySound is developed to connect the music world for free. We won’t be forcing our streaming service.”

Some of you will feel a flashback that Deezer had got some kind of community inside the app. Communication between people within the app was not the main instrument that Deezer would like to develop. Here is where MySound catches all the rewards because it does its best to connect people. 

MySound currently covers only two streaming platforms: Apple Music and Spotify, and primarily the app will be available for Apple users. However, Dylan and his team are planning to develop the Android version of the app right after the initial launch on iOS. That means that Apple Music and Spotify are not the destination point; MySound will be available to satisfy people who are using other music platforms. 

Wrapping up

Some might think that the MySound app is too simple and it isn’t worth paying attention to. I don’t want to disrupt your thoughts, but Instagram is a simple idea too and, according to Statista, it has got 845 million users as of right now. 

As for me, I am very glad to spectate the development of such an app, and I’ll be very glad to use it. Last year, my friend and I had a habit of sharing three random songs every day. I liked that tradition because I could enjoy artists I hadn’t heard before. Unfortunately, the tradition was ruined because we were making too many moves to share songs (my friend got Apple music and I use Spotify): we were screening three songs, sending them in WhatsApp, and retyping into our streaming platforms. Sad.

Right now Dylan and his team have got a Kickstarter campaign where you can support MySound and get some bonuses. Lets meet in MySound!