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Start-up of the month. December edition: Grammarly


You can do it; only your confidence and belief in yourself will dictate your actions. These phrases have become a real slogan of the 21st century. Self-expression has become a key task and core goal for the great majority of people. Many are guided by their own ‘can-do’ attitude, it is the fuel for our actions. The Internet is like an NPC in the game which helps us to find our soulmates who are ready to go along with you and share all of the challenges you come across. This is how the popular phenomenon known as the start-up arose. 

Gifted, talented, smart, and brave people surround us. There seemingly has been such a brilliant opportunity to create our own business as there is now. Right now, we can find enough resources to create ambitious projects. Global companies are interested in expanding their range of offers, and users are ready for new experiences.

Start-ups have become a common concept, one in which everyone can rule their own business. However, start-ups have a high level of risk and, as a result, the core idea is to prove that your product is differentiated enough to satisfy a target audience and possibly the whole world. The Ukrainian startup Grammarly successfully fulfilled this task. Users around the world have already learned to appreciate how useful and indispensable this product is.


In 2009 the company was founded by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider. They had untouchable confidence that their product would optimize communication and get rid of any existing obstacles. Grammarly is an innovative writing-assistant that works across multiple platforms and devices. Innovation is a direct point of evolution and Grammarly have evolved to a new level of advanced machine learning to reach the top in the natural language processing (NLP) arena.

The emphasis was put on students and their grammar and spelling difficulties. Over a period of time, the founders had accrued a real profit from their writing assistant. Genius is in the details, indeed. The next step was to assimilate and adapt it not only for students’ needs, in other words, they needed to enlarge their offering to a wider audience.  

The service practices a freemium format; nobody will let you swim in the open sea without a life jacket. A premium subscription strengthens the suggestions that Grammarly will provide you with. A subscription expands the range of benefits: you can check your readability; you will be offered vocabulary enhancement; a style check; and a plagiarism detector that checks over 16 million web pages. A small step for the user, but a giant leap for Grammarly. Since its foundation, the number of daily active users (DAU) has raised up to 20 million.

Wrapping Up

This AI-powered writing assistant improves your writing skills and wraps you in the supportive shelter of correct language. I draw a metaphor with League of Legends: Grammarly will occupy the support category and will accompany you throughout the battle that is your communication with other people. During the midst of events, it will remain in your shadow, yet the quality of your action will be under the protection.

Alex Rozhanskyi
Owner & Founder

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