A few years ago, I heard a discussion between a child and maybe his mother, I don’t know. The details don’t matter, but there was one interesting detail that kept my attention on that conversation; the child asked his mother why he had to go to school when he could find every piece of information on the internet. And it’s true.

Once, I purchased a premium subscription on Coursera, an online learning start-up, because I wanted to raise my English level and learn something new. Unfortunately, my subscription burnt through like an installation at Burning Man; I was too busy to check it out. But lately, I’ve read an article in Techcrunch that says Coursera’s valuation now is over $1billion. Pretty amazing. Here’s some more of what I’ve found about this online learning platform.

About Coursera

I’ve read enough information to tell you the facts, and it gives me genuine pleasure to observe how easy it is to pave the way into the unknown. The name of the project stands for its purpose; Coursera is the online learning start-up that was founded in 2012 by two Stanford computer science professors. They provide people with unlimited and fresh online study wherever and whenever you want to do it. It is almost free access to the world’s knowledge, over and above being a discoverer on Wikipedia, or getting lost in the jungles of the information.

Formerly, every teacher had the opportunity to expand the range of their craft and to teach more learners on the internet than they could ever reach in their classes. According to the official numbers, Coursera has reached more than 40 million people and 1,900 businesses around the world. Top instructors are like a virtual Gandalf, supporting you through providing free courses which give you access to on-demand videos, seminars, lectures, and even homework exercises as well. And of course, for the premium subscription, you will gain access to additional quizzes and projects, plus a shareable certificate upon completion.

Everybody has permission to change his or her life. Education is like the crack of the door letting in a sliver of light, it gives you confidence and a stable platform to continue living in the way you would like to live. Professional certificates on Coursera make you job-ready, plus these certificates are not just scrap paper, they are officially accepted. By gaining a certificate at the end of the course, you can transform your career with an online degree from a world-class university. Any whim or desires on the schedule is up to you because Coursera’s modular degree learning experience doesn’t pressure you into set time-frames. You can study your own program and graduate with an industry-relevant university credential.

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Where is Coursera now?

The project was promising from the very beginning. The system of education evolves as everything around us does. Yeah, an online platform can create some crucial actions which could be the catalyst of global changes, but we are living now and not in the future. Coursera is beating its own records and, according to TechCrunch, it has raised another $103million to scale up its business into new locations, subject areas, and products — a series E round led by a strategic investor, the Australian online recruitment and course directory provider SEEK Group, with participation from Future Fund and NEA.

It is an enormous step forward in comparison with 2017’s $64million series D. Nowadays, Coursera is placing a huge emphasis on building up special courses for companies and other organizations to help them engage more talented and qualified people. For every business owner, it is an additional tick on the list, because it can overcome HR tasks and optimize the tutorial process to give you well-trained staff.

As CEO of Coursera Jeff Maggioncalda states, the learning platform has another aim; to conquer the issue of job automatization. It’s another imperative beyond the noble goal of providing greater access to higher education. People should be ready to change their position quickly and gain high-quality education, while companies are getting ready to work and adapt with new employees.

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Coursera categories and other details

Coursera is a new branch in the history of education. Since a lot of people have shown their burning desire to upskill, the online platform offers you an unstoppable process of studying. There is no supplementary pressure from any angle, and you can do it wherever you want. Of course, the results depend on your self-motivation and control. But, when you are on the website you are already motivated enough to change your life.

Currently, Coursera offers different categories for studying, mostly in English, such as arts and humanities, business, computer science, data science, and others. There are 3200 various courses and 310 specializations with partners all around the world. Originally set up in North America, this online platform includes titles that have been developed in conjunction with leading universities worldwide. As was mentioned before, Coursera is developing partner programs to make a connection with big companies such as Google. Certainly, it looks wonderful for both camps. If you’re looking for a dream job in a no less than a dream company, you ought to finish some courses and apply for the position. The equation is easy, you want -> you study -> you get.

In addition, you have no barriers while studying because you are able to program your learning activities according to your lifestyle and your own timetable, to complement work schedules and to follow your progress. Also, your tech hardware isn’t an obstacle; you can access the online platform via a PC, tablet, or smartphone. It is convenient for modern people because, with the advantage of traveling, you can study on the move.

Wrapping Up

There are two sides to the coin. First of all, the establishment of the fresh, online learning platform covers all the tasks and everybody can nod approvingly since it was created directly for people who feel lost or are seeking new opportunities. Unfortunately, the flip side of the coin is like the dark side of the moon. The progress of Coursera can show people that finishing courses online is better than studying at school, college, or universities. If you have Shaolin monk levels of self-control, you ought to gain the same knowledge for less money, which can cause economic problems for teaching establishments and create a rivalry between professors and teaching staff. But, I think somehow it will be regulated, and it is the vision I’m hoping for. We will see.