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Take Alexa Under the Covers at CES 2020, for Only $5k


If you drew “luxury bed” in your office sweepstake for “what’s Alexa jumping into next?” it’s time to collect. Here at CES, there is, indeed, an Alexa enabled bed at the 2020 show, with the king-size option carrying a price tag of $4,950.

Cnet’s Ry Crist dived into the details of where Alexa is popping up next during CES 2020.

Thinking about it, Crist struggled to come up with anything with Alexa built-in that was more expensive, other than Alexa-enabled cars. He got a nudge and reminder about the $7,000 Alexa toilet, but the bed does come in a strong second.

Produced by the Swedish luxury bed maker, Dux, you can get the bed in queen, king, and California king sizes. Purchases can be made from their online store or from Duxiana stores across the US starting this May. You still get the uber-fancy design that the brand is renowned for, plus an Alexa speaker stuck to the underside to give your bedroom some much needed AI assistance. 

The Full Bedroom Experience

“Too often tech is a distraction at bedtime, but with the launch of our bed that has Alexa built into it, we’re changing that,” said Ed Curry, president of Dux North America. “Our goal is to combine our expertise in sleep science with voice-activated technology that delivers seamless — and effortless — bedtime routines.”

You can control compatible smart home gadgets from the Duxiana app, or create bedtime routine that you trigger with a quick Alexa command. Dux + СNET

Carrying out that commitment, Dux now has its own app that syncs with a range of smart home kit to create said routine. The app works with items like the Molekule Air Purifier, the iRobot Roomba, and Philips Hue smart lights to allow you to design and implement your nighttime routine all through one simple Alexa command. 

The actual speaker that comes attached to the bed is from Stelle, known for their luxury speaker products. Nothing has been clarified about any tech tweaks to pick up your commands or give clear sound from its position under the bed. However, this isn’t the first Alexa speaker that the company has made, so it very likely knows what it’s doing.

Image credit: Dux + CNET

Sleep Time Partnership

“We know those 15 to 30 minutes right before bed are so important, as you start to unwind and get ready to sleep,” Curry said. “The partnership with Stelle is the first step in positioning Dux as a bedtime concierge that handles everything from dimming the lights and guiding your evening meditation, to changing the temperature for ideal sleeping conditions.”  

With 90 years or sleep science to their name, Dux offers a responsive spring design along with the Alexa tech. The top pad is also replaceable, you get adjustable lumbar support, and leg design and heights that are fully customizable.

Crist had the new bed in his sights as he roamed the CES halls, with a promise to give it a test if possible. Watch this space for further reports of how this bed could fit into your smart home experience.

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