Driving can be one of the most enjoyable – or nerve-racking things to do. Gone are the days of no car seats for children, using a fold-out paper map and tape players. 

Although perhaps the tape players should make a comeback. 

But for the most part, technology makes driving and traveling in any vehicle safer to do – and more enjoyable.

Tech That Makes Driving Safer


A couple of non-tech basics should be in your car at all times. 

  • The owners manual, make sure it is in the glove box at all times
  • Tire jack, spare tire
  • Certificates and memberships to breakdown companies and auto-rescue
  • First aid kits
  • Reflector triangles or cones

These items can help in an emergency and help to keep you safe should you break down on a drive. 

Signal Booster

Although many new cars come with some type of signal booster for your mobile, it’s not uncommon to travel and find you have no phone signal. 

While often this doesn’t matter – if you break down and have no signal, you’ll wish you had a signal booster. 

Smartphone holder

Most people use their inbuilt car satnav in newer vehicle models; however, your phone is usually the next best thing if you don’t have it. 

It might be tempting to purchase a cheaper option, but the reality is on long drives, it might lose suction or move. If you are on a highway and going at speed and close to your turn-off, but the holder slips – you don’t have time to correct it. 

A clamping smartphone holder with great suction or a magnetic plate is a great option. 

When fitting it, make sure that charger cables have enough length and don’t interfere with your view. 


You might be driving alone most often and won’t need a charger block with many ports. A simple car-phone charger that plugs into your car’s in-built USB or cigarette lighter socket is perfect. 

Ensure the wires are long enough to reach the tablets or phones in the car without interfering with your driving ability. 

If you prefer not to have your phone plugged into the car, then a portable charger block with long battery life is usually enough for most drivers. 

Car battery boost

A dead car battery is something many people don’t see coming. But let’s say you’ve pulled into a gas station to get snacks and some gas. 

The car just won’t start up again. 

It’s a nightmare situation and one of the most common reasons that recovery companies are called. 

You can avoid this by having a portable (and charged) car battery booster. It will start your dead battery and help you get to your destination. 


A dash can be one of the essential items in your vehicle; no matter what you are driving – car or truck – having a dashcam serves several purposes. 

Look for a dashcam with front and back view, this will give you the most coverage, and if it is time to call a truck accident lawyer you can trust – they’re going to need all the footage you have. 

Most accidents aren’t as clear-cut as you might like hope, and the footage can be vital. 

Even if you aren’t the one in the accident, your footage can help other parties. 

Smartphone apps

You won’t be using your phone manually when you are driving at any point. However, you can load your phone with applications that can make driving safer and more enjoyable. 

Navigation applications like Google Maps or Waze will highlight the best route for your to use. Waze has features like showing you nearby attractions, gas stations, and if there are any accidents or broken-down cars to look out for. 

Most breakdown services will offer a mobile app. This app will help them to locate you and already has much of your car’s information. It can be as simple and tapping three buttons to get help on the way to you. 

Tire Inflator

If your tire blows, then no, you’re going to have to replace it there and then. If your tire is just a little worse for wear after a long drive or feels a little soft as you drive, then this one is ideal. 

A portable tire inflator can usually plug into the cigarette lighter and have your tires at the correct PSI in a few minutes. 

Opt for one with an LED light display so that if you need to use it at night, it’s no problem. 


If sipping hot coffee as you drive is your idea of a perfect drive, then the Handpresso in-car espresso machine is perfect. 

It plugs into the lighter socket and makes a hot coffee as you drive. Preferably your passenger makes it as you drive, though. 

Aside from those tech and tech-adjacent items, all you need is a great playlist!