In just a few short weeks, the annual Apple developer conference, called WWDC, will be upon us. Hotly anticipated is the announcement of the features we can expect to see from the new iOS 14 for the iPhone. Before we get that far, there’s plenty of rumor and conjecture to push through and unpack.

Reports have abounded over recent months, reports Vanessa Hand Orellana for cnet, for across Apple rumor sites that they’ve managed to bag test versions of the new operating system for the iPhone, with details about how the look and feel of the interface and apps have changed. There’s a healthy pinch of salt to be had with the leaks, and even if the test version had certain features, there’s no guarantee they’ll make it to the final cut. Caution to be counseled, it’s still perfectly acceptable to get as excited as a giddy child about what’s coming with iOS 14.

Ready to launch

Apple planned to introduce iOS 14 at WWDC 2020, June 22. Yet, due to the latest events any certain plans for the future can not be made yet. Supposedly, the iOS 14 will still be announced at the virtual conference, during the keynote, which starts the event. Other major software updates may be announced as well. 

Before, right after the updates announcements, Apple released the developer beta. A few months later, the company also released the public beta alongside the official release of iOS at the iPhone launch event at the beginning of September. 

Yet, this year the situation is different. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is rumored that the next iPhone`s production may be delayed. Because of that, Apple may also need to postpone the launch event, as well as the iOS 14 release to October.

New home

The expectation is a very different home screen look with the iOS 14 update. 9to5Mac reckon that we’ll be given an option for a list view to add a new organizational scheme. It’s feature already available on the Apple Watch, with its alphabetical listing, but you can expect to be able to sort your apps by most used or number of notifications, too.

Reset to default 

Ever since the world was given the iPhone, Apple’s own apps that come with the phone has been the default for functions like Maps and Music. Things could all change with iOS 14, with the rumor mill churning out ideas that you could get the option for third-party apps as default. That could mean you can set Spotify rather than Apple Music, choose Google Maps or Waze as an alternative to Apple Maps, and even pick Chrome over Safari as your default browser.

Now you mention it

Following rather than leading, Apple’s Messages app is apparently going to take cues from the likes of Slack and WhatsApp and give you options to @ people in your group chats. MacRumors says that you might also be able to delete messages even after they’re sent and mark a message as unread just like you can with emails. The roster of emojis is expected to expand, too, with Animojis and Memojis getting some upgrades along the way.

Multitasking like a boss

The iPhone may finally get multitasking features with the iOS 13. Apple Leaker Ben Gaskin has a video on his Twitter feed of what’s apparently an iPhone 11 with a beta version of the new OS. However, it could also just be the current OS with a jailbreak; we just don’t know right now. The larger screen that’s expected with the iPhone 12 Max could function well with some of the features of an iPad, although just because it’d be nice doesn’t guarantee that it’ll happen, sadly.

Off on Safari 

You can already use the power of Siri to translate text for you, but with the new iOS 14 you might now be able to do on-screen translations. Over at 9to5Mac, they say the same translation offering that comes with Google Chrome, where you can switch between languages with a quick tap, should happen, even without data or WiFi. Apparently, it could also feature across some other Apple apps, too.

Apple Pencil may also get supported in Safari, giving you the chance to use it as a cursor for clicking and scrolling, plus note-taking and marking up pages.

Easy Access

People with hearing loss will be able to get such sounds as an alarm ringing, a baby crying or a bird singing into haptic feedback with the new accessibility feature, also available on iOS 14, says another 9to5Mac report

A new workout app

As to the rumors, there is also going to be a workout app with a bunch of exercise routines, coming with iOS 14 update. 

MacRumors states that the exercises will include cycling, various strength training, running, rowing, dance lessons, yoga, and a variety of other activities. Owners of AppleWatch will be able to enjoy the app too, as well as those who use Apple TV. Though the app will be free of charge, as to the report, Apple may charge a subscription fee for the service. Besides, it is said that Apple may include some premium content behind a paywall as it does with Apple News Plus.

Shifting reality

Rumors have it that Apple might introduce a new augmented reality app for iOS 14 too. So say 9to5Mac, the app will enable you to get more details about a particular physical product you’re seeing at a store without searching for it online. At first, Apple plans to incorporate the feature in Apple Store and Starbucks. Though, the report states that in the future it could be expanded to other retailers as well.  

Being compatible 

It is expected that iOS 14 will be compatible will all devices operating on iOS 13. The latest iOS update did not work for the older iPhone and iPad models, so this innovation is great for people who enjoy using their older devices and don`t want to get new ones.