IBC is a leading tech expo, with the cream of international innovators coming to show consumers where the future is headed. From demos to talks, concepts to showcases, it was all there to understand, with the people behind the product on hand to ask lots of questions. We had a great time strolling around the massive, themed halls, and here’s our favorite launches and demonstrations that we came across.

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini

Hot on the heels of their Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K camera, comes the next big innovation from the antipodean visual arts company. They made a big splash at IBC with their new deck of magic. The next big thing for YouTubers is their array of buttons and switches that allow you to switch up your camera angles mid-stream. The ATEM Mini debuted at IBC 2019 and set Twitchers, Steamers, Youtubers, and Facebook Livers on tenterhooks wanting to get hold of the device. There are inputs for up to four different cameras and is super wallet-friendly with a price tag of just $295 when it goes on sale in November.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (Image: © Future/Basil Kronfli)
Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini (Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

VisualOn Adaptive NightVision

Were you left squinting at the screen watching the third instalment of the final season of “Game of Thrones”? Fans were left up in arms over what they thought was poor lighting in “The Long Night” when it was broadcast back in April. Those who came out worst off were fans who watched the episode on their mobile, since there are generally fewer options to optimize playback, such as contrast and blacks adjustments. Enter, stage right, VisualOn. They’re a tech start-up out of San Jose, California, specializing in streaming technology and have come up with a system called Adaptive NightVision for watching film on your phone. The NAB exhibition in Las Vegas got the first look at the new system, but IBC got the iteration that allows users to add it to current video players and apps. Harnessing the power of ice and fire, they used the now-infamous “Game of Thrones” episode to showcase their new wares to eager consumers at IBC 2019.

Aximmetry Studios

Keeping even the most hardcore content creator happy, Aximmetry gave the first viewing of their new editing suite. The freshly-launched package encompasses hardware and software for visual studios without breaking the bank, and their stand stood out to us in the Future Zone at IBC 2019. The full shebang includes the software package, chroma-key, the hardware, a camera, lighting, and a green screen, and all come in comfortably at less than €3,900, allowing you to set up your own 3D virtual studio. 

The node-based editor is set up to be calibrated to your project needs, whether you’re looking for broadcast production, pre-visualization, or any other type of production. Tech heads will revel in the capabilities to make interactive scenes, control camera movements in a virtual studio, change the lighting at the touch of a button, and play with augmented reality. Aximmetry knows what it’s the audience is looking for and puts it all into one package, no need for expensive extensions and expansions to your purchase – 2D graphics, a 3D virtual studio, projections, and video wall displays are all in the bag. The biggest plus point comes when you see that the content you create can be streamed live, straight to YouTube or Facebook.

Aximmetry Studios. News Room. (Image credit: Aximmetry)
Aximmetry Studios. HirTV Asia. (Image credit: Aximmetry)
Aximmetry Studios. (Image credit: Aximmetry)

Telestream Wirecast Gear

Live streaming innovation seemed to be where a lot of the cool stuff was aimed at the IBC 2019, and we loved what Telestream had to offer. At their booth we got to check out the next generation of their live video streaming production hardware, called Wirecast Gear. Awards for their previous tech are well-won, and their latest offering comes replete with powerful tools for media producers to get their content on the screen without the worries of device compatibility. 

Their system is quick to get set up, having you streaming live in minutes. The tech is ready out of the box, no fussing and getting a million apps ready to go and miles of wires plugged in. Streamers, broadcasters, YouTubers, anyone who wants to get their message out to the world will be engrossed with this product.

Telestream Wirecast Gear (Image credit: Telestream)
Telestream Wirecast Gear. Production (Image credit: Telestream)

wTVision’s New Screen and Stats Packages

wTVision were also present at IBC 2019, showing off their software that allows for interactive, on-screen information in broadcasts, social media integration, and highlighting items and showing stats, all mid broadcast and using a touchscreen. The Interactive Touchscreen has been designed with sports broadcasting in mind, but the features are easily adaptable for any other type of entertainment delivery. The latest system can be used as a complete PCR workflow, or as a standalone tool.

FootballStats CG’s Single Operator Edition is also coming to the European market for the first time. It’s a compact version of wTVision’s SportsStats Suite and can collect and integrate data ready to be skinned over a broadcast, using one intuitive interface. It’s great for users working on smaller productions and can easily be managed by just one operator.

wTVision’s station. IBC 2019 (Image credit: wTVision)

Viaccess-Orca Addressable TV

One of the biggest concerns for content creators is how to successfully monetize their work and get paid. Viaccess-Orca were on hand to demonstrate their Addressable TV solution to make sure adverts are relevant, thus increasing the value of them. Their showcase included their end-to-end, targeted TV and video advertising solution that’s been developed in partnership with SMART. VO offered up their household-level targeted marketing that even works in multicast homes. As an added bonus, we got to check out the plans for the data of TV viewership being used to monetize through a programmatic ad ecosystem.


“5G mobile phone networks” is one of the big buzzwords in tech at the moment, and the BBC R&D department did a great job of showing off what it’s capable at this year’s IBC. We were definitely impressed. In partnership with Bath and North East Somerset Council and Aardman, they’ve been working on building an AR rendering of Roman baths. By tracking the movements of users to find their position and orientation, visitors can look back into the past at how the space was once used. 

Harnessing 5G means that the images can be rendered on a Mobile Edge Compute server and then streamed back to an AR headset. The system means that high-end phones with top-spec graphics aren’t necessary in the set-up, making it much more accessible. The BBC are working at the forefront of creating a flexible, reliable, and portable version of mobile content.

BBC 5G Broadcast Modern (Image credit: BBC)

Shure Twinplex™

Whether you’re looking for audio solutions to big productions, or want to make your Insta streams pop, TwinPlex™ was the stand to visit at IBC 2019. They’d already launched their top-end microphones at the NAB exhibition in Las Vegas earlier this year, and this time we Europeans got a chance to check out their offering. 

Their headset microphone is subminiature, at less than 5mm, and is designed with durability in mind. It’s patent-pending, and is packed with best-in-class tech for even the most diverse vocal needs. Everything can be packaged away discreetly and it’s not going to get in the way of busy costume changes. We saw audio folk from theatre, TV, movies, and corporate events checking out the TwinPlex stand as we were milling about.

TWINPLEX™ TL46 BBC 5G Broadcast Modern (Image credit: Shu.re)

Wrapping Up

The future was there to behold as we had our minds regularly boggled at IBC 2019. The big players in media and broadcast were on hand to show us what they’ve been working this last year, and we fell in love with quite a few of them, from the addressable TV to the tech to do streaming like a pro. Discover the latest trends and innovators in our next articles! ‘TIl next time, fellas!