CES saw some really cool announcements about the laptops that were coming in 2020, including the first one with 5G wireless capabilities and another with two screens. There have been some, somewhat inevitable, delays and product shortages, but most of what we were promised has now hit the market. Testers at cnet, including Joshua Goldman, have looked at the ones they’ve tried out so far in 2020 and come up with a list of their favorites.

Only a select few have made it on to the list out of the many that have been tested this year. We’ve looked at the internal specs, the external design, and whether it’s value for money when deciding which computers make the cut. Check out the six that we’ve picked for this year so far.  

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13. Image credit: i2hard.ru

All of the XPS laptops for 2020 are rather nice, even the XPS 15, but the XPS 13 is the real standout. It runs of Windows and super easy to carry around, and the 2020 version is even better, with Dell increasing the screen size whilst making the casing smaller; the display is 13.4 inches now. To look at, it’s all screen and keyboard, and inside you get a good performance and a long battery life to boot.

Apple MacBook Air 2020

ED I T O R S ’ C H O I C E

MacBook Air 2020. Image credit: Appleinsider.ru

Mainly because Apple switched over to the new Magic Keyboard, the 2020 Air comes out on top of our list. Did anyone actually like the butterfly keyboard? Some went as far as ditching Macs completely, so this new laptop is a definite improvement. The starting price is also a manageable $999, making the least expensive Apple laptop just a little more accessible.

Maingear Element

Maingear Element.

Maingear collaborated with Intel to produce this Element gaming laptop that measures 15.6inches. The black slab of computer weighs in at 4 pounds and is actually rather stylish and cuts a slim figure. For the size of it you get decent specs under the hood – a 144Hz display, either a Nvidia 1660 Ti or RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics card, and an optomechanical keyboard complete with per-key RGB lighting. What you see is what you get with the OS, too, there’s no bloatware to be found, and Maingear’s support staff are great to deal with.

Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15

Asus Rog Zephyrus Duo. Image credit: pcnews.ru

One of the first dual-screen laptops has been brought to us from Asus, with the ROG Zephyrus Duo 15. You get a standard secondary screen touchscreen that sits just over the keyboard, whilst you can choose your 15.6-inch primary display. Having that second display is definitely worth it, particularly if your work and play space is too compact for an external display. The internal have an Intel Core i9 processor and the graphics card is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q – it packs a lot of gaming power. It does come at a price though, the price tag starts at $3,000.

Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook

Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook. Image credit: itzine.ru

This is a rather sweet little two-in-one computer with a detachable screen and keyboard and cool magnetic keyboard cover. It’s 10.1 inches and $299, making it easy to move around and good for around the house tasks or to get work done on the go.

Lenovo Yoga C940

ED I T O R S ’ C H O I C E

Lenovo Yoga C940.

Ok, the C940 was actually technically announced in 2019 – our bad. It got reviewed by Goldman in March 2020 so it made the cut. There’s not a whole lot that differentiates it from the Yoga C930, what has changed makes it a pleasure to use. For something that’s got a few less bells and whistles but still looks the part, you can also check out the Yoga C740.

Testing has just gotten underway on some of the laptops that hit shelves towards the end of June, and initial reports are promising. Take the Gigabyte Aorus 15G, you get a gaming laptop from just $1,699 that’s kitted out with a 15.6-inch Pantone-certified display, a chassis made of aluminum and inspired by sports cars, and Omron blue switches on the mechanical keyboard.

The newest AMD Ryzen chips are making their way into more laptops, the 13.3-inch HP Envy 360x is one example and you can get it for just $699 with any one of three Ryzen 4000-series processors and a 1,000nit-display. Another one would be the 14-inch Acer Swift 3 that was announced at CES that comes with the Ryzen 7 4700U and is great value at $650.     

Have we missed your favorite laptop of 2020? Let us know about anything that we’ve overlooked in the comments and we’ll check out your suggestions for out next laptop roundup.